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Blaming the Victims. Murder trials postponed to showboat March primaries. Where shady dog kin lie.

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Sardis, TX:

Cherokee County, Texas and others have smeared another homicide victim at the hands of Cherokee County deputies. Namely former Lufkin detective Allen Wallace who was gunned down over his mother’s grave in Sardis, TX in September 2007. Police blog sites describe Wallace as ‘unstable’ in an article sent in and titled “Cherokee County (Texas) Deputies Shoot and Kill Nutcase Former Lufkin Police Officer Allen Lee Wallace over his Mother’s Grave” Typical Cherokee County, TX propaganda; Mr. Wallace was not a “nutcase.” The above mentioned article cites that in 2000 the retired detective had a verbal confrontation with a home builder that was investigated by authorities. However it does not cite the fact that the contractor Wallace was accused of threatening, according to Angelina County district attorney investigator Ron Brandon, was sentenced in 2002 on deceptive practices charges and placed on 10 years probation for mishandling Wallace’s construction account.

Friends and loved ones of the Allen “Stinger” Wallace family also paint a different picture of the gunned down retiree, suicided at the hands of Cherokee County, TX deputies. This is what is called playing both sides of the fence: passing the case onto the Texas Rangers for a verifiable examination of the shooting, yet smearing the deceased as a “nutcase.”

Similarly, in 2005 Jacksonville, TX resident Jennifer Hester was described as “drunk and passed out in her apartment complex parking lot” after a night of “celebration” after graduating from nursing school. She was struck by a vehicle and killed steps from her front door, the driver No-Billed by a Cherokee County Texas grand jury and the homicide investigation potted. Shows you how easy it is to get off when you’re related to the right people in Cherokee County, TX. If the driver of the vehicle had, let’s say, run over an actual transient drunk sleeping under a bridge in Dallas County, then certainly charges would have been levied: involuntary manslaughter.

Former Jacksonville, TX police officer Larry Pugh’s rape victims were also portrayed as homeless drug addicts by the media. No inquest needed for their timely disappearances in the Angelina National Forest prior to Pugh’s federal trial.
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Convicted Jacksonville, TX police officer Larry Pugh

Apparently it’s easier to smear victims in the media than it is to follow the letter of law.

Anderson and Cherokee County, hand-in-hand and out of sync with the rest of the region, will be losing out in $50,000 federal grant monies to its Rape Crisis Centers due to an “error on the application.” The Crisis Center of Anderson and Cherokee Counties was seeking extra funding made available for peripheral expenditures for state operated rape centers. The same centers had their state funding completely cut earlier this year. By losing the funding, these local crisis centers can return to not being able to collect a local rapist cop’s DNA, while their compromising policies and procedures remain hidden from government oversight. Losing all state and federal funding is nothing to be proud of. Articles posted on the same day show that Cherokee County, TX is more interested in its stray dog problem, than with funding for female victims of sexual assault.
That is of course if the problem is illegal dog fighting or killing neighbor’s cats, then the Cherokee County Texas county attorney and sheriff can ignore the problem and reassert PETA’s position that Cherokee County’s Project Got to Fool ‘Em Everyday (when your relatives get caught) is hiding behind fictitious legal statutes. Excuses excuses.

Rusk, Texas: 42-year-old Gordon Mathis sentenced to 8 years in federal prison for child porn in Tyler’s federal district court.

Gilmer, Texas: Upshur County Sheriff’s Deputy Richard Louis Bridgewater, 29 from Big Sandy, has been charged with child indecency after an 11-year-old female came forward with allegations that the deputy had inappropriate contact with her multiple times at his home. Deputy Bridgewater admitted to the charges during an interview with the Texas Rangers. The molestation had been going on for over a year.

Palestine, Texas: Owners of the fraudulent oil and gas investment scheme Caddo Creek Productions, Inc. were sentenced December 7, 2007 in federal court. Donald and Cheryl Douglas of Palestine, TX have to pay over $1 million in restitution to the victims they defrauded. Mr. Douglas faces over 3 years in federal prison; Mrs. Douglas was sentenced to 5 years probation. The Palestine, TX couple conned East Texas investors by claiming non-existent oil and gas drilling production and leases in the area, but used the money for personal expenditures. Mr. Douglas had been indicted on State charges in Anderson County, TX.

Jacksonville, Texas: Just in the nick of time, another murder trial for the Cherokee County District Attorney to champion, Bernie Lucas, 52, held police at bay during an hour-long standoff at his Jacksonville, TX home in October 2007. Lucas will be on trial for the murder of 43-year-old Shelia Gray, also of Jacksonville, who was found shot to death during the standoff.
Still no murder investigation into the missing federal witnesses against ex-Jacksonville, TX police officer and convicted rapist Larry Pugh, nor the witness’ remains found in the Angelina National Forest.
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Terri Reyes (l) and Shunte Coleman (r) missing Cherokee Co. TX residents.

However a December 1, 2007 article in the Tyler Morning Telegraph shows that other state agencies are quick to charge potential murderers after the disappearance of citizens, even without a body covered in DNA. People go missing, suspects are arrested, and that is in counties other than Cherokee County, Texas. Prosecution witnesses go missing before a decorated Jacksonville, TX police officer’s federal trial; instead they are reported as homeless drug addicts that deserved the euthanasia.

Rusk, TX: For December 2007, it is again reported that convicted murderers Buenka Adams and Richard Cobb had their appeals rejected, to keep the trial fresh on the minds of those voting in the Cherokee County primaries (and to make it appear Cherokee County tried more than 1 murder case in the last 3 years)
The Tyler Morning Telegraph : reports in December 2007 the same thing that was reported in June 2007: death row inmates Adams and Cobb have lost their appeals. Nothing has changed since then; no federal appeals on the horizon for Richard Cobb. So the Tyler, TX news agencies get a quick blurb to go over the same Cherokee County trial that took place 4 years ago? The article reports, without a timeline or date, that Adams and Cobb lost their appeals in the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Adams was denied a writ of habeas corpus that his attorneys filed in November 2007.

Cherokee County Texas media reported in June 2007 that both Adams and Cobb lost their direct appeals in the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. The end. So every 3 months up to March primaries, reports of the same rejected appeals to give the impression the Cherokee County TX district attorney’s office is hard at work? The point is Buenka Adams and Richard Cobb’s latest appeal was lost in June 2007. No date of the rejection is provided by staff writers of this article that is reprinted every time they are told to.

The fact is Texas death row inmates Beunka Adams and Richard Cobb really lost their last appeal 6 months ago and have been sentenced to death. Their execution dates have not been set yet. Both Richard Cobb and Beunka Adams have depravity points of 21 according to the American Judicature Society and certainly deserve to die by lethal injection. So report that when it happens.
The murder rate in Cherokee County, TX unfortunately for those seeking “victim’s rights awards” is 1000% lower than neighboring counties. 1 murder reported in 2004 and ZERO homicides reported in 2005 according to City Data.
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death row inmate Beunka Adams

Beunka Adams and Richard Cobb were convicted of robbing a Rusk, TX convenience store, kidnapping and assaulting two female employees, then murdering a third male hostage.
The above-mentioned trial of Beunka Adams and Richard Cobb took place in 2004. An Anderson County jury sentenced Adams after a change of venue sent the final phase of the trail to Cherokee County’s sister jurisdiction.

In October 2004, the now defunct Dogwoods Trail Narcotics Task Force indiscriminately arrested 72 Anderson County, TX residents during the failed crystal meth roundup of the century. Same Tulia tactics used, resulting in the shooting of an unarmed black man wanted on an unrelated though outstanding marijuana arrest warrant. If defendants are black or indigent, no evidence needs to be reviewed by Cherokee County or Anderson County juries; they are presumed guilty. It’s the “hang ’em high” mentality that can’t be shaken easily after decades of corruption and racism ingrained in the region. And rest assured, these innocent people’s appeals never make it to local papers. Only when appeals are favorable to incumbents, are they reported ad nauseum. If the district judge makes a ‘judicial error’ then the case itself will not be published by the 12th Court of Appeals and the precedent hidden from legal research. And let’s be honest here: East Texas prosecutors don’t have to prove anything when the jury is stacked with kith and kin.

Cherokee County, TX has not had a murder trial to grandstand since the Beunka Adams/Richard Cobb sentencing. Michael Harris of Jacksonville was given a plea deal after killing his ex-wife because his bail was set repeatedly for the same offense, the driver of the pickup that struck and killed Jennifer Hester also of Jacksonville was given a No-Bill, and Jacksonville, TX police officer Larry Pugh was only given 12 years concurrent state time on top of his 12+ federal years for rape and retaliation. Murders and homicides have taken place in Cherokee County since the Buenka Adams/Richard Cobb trial; however they are neither reported nor make it to a judicial hearing. But Cherokee County is gearing up another ‘once in a lifetime’ murder trial to make waves and the headlines with Bernie Lucas at the helm. And each step of the appeal process will be repeatedly reported as if it just occurred. To make it look it like everybody at the Cherokee County Texas courthouse is busy. Busy as cats in a litter box.

Rusk, Texas: In a county of less than 50,000, the reports on the Cherokee County, TX county attorney’s office is that the staff is ‘overwhelmed with case loads’ and had to hire an assistant county attorney. The article cites the multitude of Child Protective Services’ citations and Crisis Center protective orders being issued throughout the county. A good decision to hire an outsider to handle cases, this way Cherokee County judges can avoid being reprimanded for backlogging the local docket as they pursue their side jobs as visiting judges in other counties, you know, clearing mental health commitments out of their jurisdiction. Does the backlog of cases for the Cherokee County’s county attorney include the arrests made by convicted rapist and ex-patrolman Larry Pugh’s?

Last year, there was enough time for Craig Caldwell’s office to try Larry Hinton of Jacksonville, TX with misdemeanor charges of “interfering with Larry Pugh’s police investigation,” even though the charge is a felony. Hinton was acquitted in county court and settled with the city of Jacksonville, TX on Larry Pugh’s excessive force. Hinton’s wife was beaten and tasered during the Tomato Bowl melee and Hinton’s teeth kicked in during Pugh’s arrest. The Cherokee County district attorney’s office did not get their hands dirty on the Larry Hinton court case; they let Craig Caldwell take the credit.

Upcoming murder trials have been pushed back on the Cherokee County Texas docket, right in time for March’s elections. No real need to go out and buy election signs when incumbents are installed in their positions for life and they run against, well NO ONE. Cherokee County Texas rarely has challengers, even in opposite political parties, for Sheriff, Judge, County Judge and/or District Attorney. However, other neighboring counties actually trying to clean up the corruption in their respective agencies see more names on the ballot. And they don’t use murder victims to ham up the local media.

Henderson, TX: In Rusk County, after episodes of police corruption were exposed in the Rusk Co. Sheriff’s department, retired law enforcement vie for Sheriff of the beleaguered county.
The candidates pledge to clean up Rusk County, Texas after June 2007’s suicide of retiring Lt. Fred Dunlap, investigator Michael Davis’ insurance fraud conviction and Deputy Kenneth Martin’s child porn possession. In May 2007, Lt. Johnny Davidson, Jr. and Chief Deputy Dusty Flanagan pleaded guilty to sexual harassment of a female coworker. Current Rusk County Sheriff Glenn Deason has not filed for re-election as of December 2007. The issue of official oppression and political corruption is being openly addressed in the media and amongst voters.

Repetitious reports of the same murder trial that was settled in 2004, as in the Beunka Adams and Richard Cobb death sentence, won’t convince Rusk County, Texas voters to continue with the same old patterns of police misconduct and deceit. So if you are voting in the Cherokee County Texas primaries, make sure you avoid the booths that are serving ‘nature’s brownies.’
That’s the staple of life for the incumbents.


Rape and Perjury for Jacksonville, TX cop. Redneck Games. Nacogdoches Deputy facing child porn charges…Frontal lobes needed.

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The Cherokee County District Attorney’s office has decided to charge federally convicted rapist Jacksonville patrol cop Larry Pugh with something. This comes after district attorney Elmer Beckworth predicted months earlier to the Jacksonville Daily Progress that Larry Pugh would merely “have to register as a sex offender” after his jail time. Following Beckworth’s suit of offering probation as plea bargain to sex offenders and the local media ignoring the sentencing.

It was decided after Larry Pugh’s exhaustive 2 weeks worth of plea bargains (no Federal appeal on the horizon) that it was in the vested interest of the little community to finally bring state charges against the rouge officer. Pugh buckled under the federal indictments and convictions, even though the District Attorney continued to seek charges against several of Pugh’s victims .

How long should we hold our collective breath for 369th District Court bailiff and Constable Pct. 3 Randy Thompson to have state charges levied on top of his 12 year federal drug sentence????

Something like that might actually make it into the local papers and no one needs to know about a Cherokee County district court bailiff selling crank to an undercover federal agent…to “feed his babies” and supplement his child support.

I mean good ol’ Randy Thompson’s appeals haven’t been exhausted and there’s a thin chance he’ll win his appeal, unlike poor ol’ Larry Pugh. The bodies are starting to pile up.

 Post script: the Tyler Morning Telegraph ran a two-part series on ex-Jacksonville, TX patrol officer Larry Pugh titled “One Bad Cop” regarding 2 missing federal witnesses. Unfortunately, they portray Pugh’s victims as streetwalkers; secondly Cherokee County has had more than one bad peace officer. Wonder if an expose’ will be published on 369th district court bailiff Randall Thompson, convicted of intent to distribute meth…. Hats off to the Tyler Morning Telegraph for showing concern, yet following Pugh’s and the Cherokee County district attorney’s talking points. Larry Pugh was partly responsible for the Tomato Bowl riot at the Jacksonville high school homecoming in October 2004. After being assaulted by Pugh, Larry Hinton of Jacksonville was charged, tried and acquitted for “interfering with an investigation.” Hinton later settled out of court with the city of Jacksonville for an undisclosed amount. Larry Pugh’s last rape survivor was awarded $300,000 with more federal law suits on the way.

The city of Jacksonville, Texas and the police department are facing numerous civil suits because of the actions of one out-of-control officer in their brotherhood and cult of confession.

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The decomposing bodies of Larry Pugh’s complainants scheduled to testify at his federal trial also recently surfaced in the Angelina National Forest. Remember folks, as the former Jacksonville, TX police chief stated “don’t jump to conclusions,” even though Larry Pugh was hired directly from the Athens, TX PD amidst allegations and investigations of 20 other rapes.

Perfect man for the job of East Texas traffic enforcement in the wee morning hours. As the Tyler Paper online cites Pugh’s “exemplary police record,” and laments on how such a “good cop” with a wife and children could turn to easing his boredom in such a small town by tracking down AIDS infected drug addicts, just to have unprotective sex with them in dirty cemeteries.

Here’s the heads up: Larry Pugh, like those before him, sought out the most illegal thing he could do, short of child pornography, and get away with it every day. He got a kick out of getting away with it in front of his beautiful wife and children, so he could wipe his and Cherokee County’s collective ass on the law. The locals are to believe that Larry Pugh acted alone in disposing of his federal witnesses. The guy was out on federal bond and he was monitored. How can someone with a federal indictment have access to personal records of his complainants (located at the Jacksonville, Texas city hall) via the Freedom of Information Act?

No charges were ever filed on Officer Pugh by Cherokee County until he pled guilty in federal court and was sentenced. The Cherokee County media paint Pugh’s victims as “transients” and drug addicts, while feigning public sympathy, as in the Jacksonville Daily Progress articles citing the missing Shunte Coleman and Terri Reyes.

This is a common Cherokee County tactic propogated by the District Attorney’s office, a la’ the hit and run homicide of Jacksonville, TX resident Jennifer Hester  who, according to Elmer Beckworth et al, was drunk passed out in the parking lot the night of her nursing school graduation. Why didn’t Beckworth bother to convene a bonafide petit jury for the mother of a 2 year old? Elmer Beckworth, the city of Jacksonville and Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell told the Hester family “they couldn’t investigate a homicide in a private parking lot .”

Instead they collectively claim Jennifer Hester was only a transient alcoholic. Just like they claim Larry Pugh’s rape victims are merely homeless drug addicts. Unfortunately, local media outlets follow suit and report nothing on the 9 other rape complaints.

Terri Reyes body was found in September 2006 after she was reported missing by her mother, during the time police officer Larry Pugh was released on federal bond.

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Terri Reyes, missing – remains found in Angelina National Forest

Shunte Coleman, mother of two, went missing after leaving a friend’s home.

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Shunte Coleman, missing

Both were potential federal witnesses against Pugh, while Pugh was out on federal bond between April 2006 and August 2006. We are to believe that Larry Pugh acted alone in his crimes and the locals hope the case is closed without further scrutiny.

If only Cherokee County had the ACIM alert system earlier to locate Larry Pugh’s witnesses who were going to testify against him.

Only in Cherokee County, Texas can law enforcement pat themselves on the back when their citizens go missing (when their own is out on federal bond) and then have the nerve publish their negligence.

Larry Pugh has pled to 12 federal years for his sexual assaults he committed while patrolling the streets of Jacksonville, Texas; he gets to serve his state time concurrently for only raping “a female inmate.” Easy math.

Not to be outdone by the county that hired and defended ex-officer Larry Pugh, the US Attorney’s office has decided to add another 5 years to Pugh’s 12 year sentence for his perjury. On top of Pugh’s 3 federal charges of sexually assault and retailation, Officer/Defendant Pugh lied during the civil rights trial brought on by one of his surviving victims. The lawsuit was brought on by nine (9) women Larry Pugh raped “at their homes, abandoned apartments and a cemetery.”

According to Cherokee County newspaper outlets, such as The Jacksonville Daily Progress, Pugh’s victims were all “homeless” and drug addicts—-yet 9 of his victims lived in actual homes in the area. Again, the most recent of Larry Pugh’s assault victims was actually awarded $300,000 (they’ll never see) in a civil suit filed after his incarceration, AGAIN NOT ACCURATELY REPORTED BY CHEROKEE COUNTY NEWSPAPERS.

These ‘news outlets’ did report the unfortunate decision by a federal judge not to hold the city of Jacksonville, TX monetarily responsible for hiring the convicted rapist cop. Despite the documented record of excessive force and sexual crimes. Many, many more civil suits are in the works against the now Federal felon Larry Pugh and his entire Cherokee County law enforcement support group. Certainly none will be published, unless favorable to the city and county.

This typical lying and propaganda either deliberately or ignorantly reported will be dissected at the end of this blog. Dont confuse us with the facts.

If only the Jacksonville, Texas Rape Crisis Center wasn’t running a funding deficit of over $150,000 because the state cut them off. Maybe then a local officer’s victims could have DNA rape kits ran as unimpeachable State’s evidence against the rapist cop.

Henderson County, TX:

In other news, Larry Pugh may have cellmate in federal prison with the indictment of Malakoff, TX police officer Horace Poullard, in neighboring Henderson County. Poullard is also accused of raping a female traffic stop while she was in custody.

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Another example of arrested for ‘Driving While Female’ in the backwoods of East Texas.

That won’t stop the East Texas girls from attending the Texas Redneck Games  as reported by Cherokee County media outlets.

 And there we can find the tiny little story about Jacksonville, TX police officer Larry Pugh getting tossed overboard by his buddies at the Cherokee County district court.

The East Texas Redneck games recently held in Henderson County is being investigated by local police for permit violations and the raunchy debauchery taking place. Such events like the “Butt Ugly Butt Crack Contest,” “The Spam Eating Contest” and the “Mattress Toss Off” have been spotlighted and advertised. Complete with a Wet T-shirt Contest.

This is not an event for minors or minorities.

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For several years the white trash convention and redneck rodeo has been held in neighboring Cherokee County’s Shiloh Ridge outside Alto, TX, amidst complaints. The last rowdy tobacco chewin’ event took place August 4-11, 2006 in Alto, TX and was greeted with open arms by the community. However, the good people of Kilgore, TX chose to distance themselves from the misleading advertisement of the Alto, TX Redneck Games by banning signs promoting the ATV event.

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In more sordid news, Nacogdoches County, TX Sheriff Deputy and jailer Michael Paul Kennedy age 32, has been indicted by a federal grand jury for accessing child porn on the internet. And storing the illegal images he purchased with a credit card on his personal computer. Kennedy had worked for 8 years in the Nacogdoches, TX jail, being the second Nacogdoches County jailer this year to be indicted on Federal child pornography charges. Ex-deputy Brian Sowell faced charges in early April 2007, after his wife caught him chatting on the internet with underage girls.

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   Deputy Sowell- Nacogdoches, TX deputy

Deputy Sowell was immediately suspended by his superiors in Nacogdoches, TX when the case broke. Unlike Larry Pugh’s counterparts in neighboring Cherokee County who continued to employ the patrolman (until Nov. 2005) as they prosecuted Pugh’s victims and women he falsely arrested and raped in his patrol car.

Nacogdoches County Sheriff Thomas Kerss has publicly admitted he is “sickened and disgusted with the department.” Hopefully Sheriff Kerss can clean house. Certainly both Kennedy and Sowell deserve the benefit of the doubt of being innocent unless proven guilty. At least they have been caught and not promoted.

                     Now for the record, let’s look at this week’s Articles of Disinformation:

Let’s begin with Cherokee County’s version of events reported about convicted rapist, ex-Jacksonville, TX patrolman Larry Pugh, as reported by The Jacksonville Daily Progress:

The article is found at URL: http://www.jacksonvilleprogress.com/local/local_story_220144351.html

“Pugh pleads guilty to state charges”

By Kelly Young, reporter for Jacksonville Daily Progress

Former Jacksonville Police Officer Larry Pugh pled guilty in state court Tuesday to one count of aggravated assault and two counts of forcing an inmate to have sex with him while in custody, according to District Attorney Elmer Beckworth. Pugh, 34, was sentenced to 12 years in state prison for the assault charge and to two years for each of the sex charges.Pugh had previously been sentenced, back in March, to 12 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to forcing two women to have sex with him while on duty. He also admitted to retaliating against one of the victims when she began cooperating with the Jacksonville Police Department’s investigation into the matter.The federal and state sentences will run concurrently. Pugh’s sentencing Tuesday marks the end of his federal and state cases, though he still faces three pending sexual assault civil cases and one excessive force case.

1.   “He (Pugh) also admitted to retaliating against one of the victims when she began cooperating with the Jacksonville Police Department’s investigation into the matter.”

FACT: Larry Pugh did not use the Freedom of Information Act to gain inside knowledge from the Jacksonville Police Department. Secondly, Pugh’s last victim did not “start cooperating” with the Jacksonville Police Department. The victim(s) tried to file charges with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department, the FBI in Tyler, TX and those agencies in turn notified the Cherokee County District Attorney. They (the victims) probably went straight to the Crisis Center for a DNA/pregnacy test after their trip to the hospital after being beaten and raped by Pugh.

Larry Pugh was probably told by these entities that they had filed rape reports, hence the sudden media reporting on the lack of funding for the Jacksonville Crisis Center. Sounds fishy. 

2. The excessive force case mentioned in the tiny minded article fails to mention that the same District and County Attorneys who offered up Pugh’s plea bargain on State charges, actually filed charges and went to trial on those same trumped up charges against several of Pugh’s victims.  Read all about it above.

3. The biggest misdirection by the Cherokee County District Attorney is to charge ex-officer Larry Pugh with having forced sex with an “inmate,” while totally ignoring Pugh’s other 9 rape victims during his late night traffic stops. Then implying it was only an “inmate” he retaliated against. Larry Pugh’s last rape victim was not retaliated against while she was in custody; Pugh stalked her down after she notified the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department and the FBI. The woman owns a home, she is not a drug addict and was probably not ever in Pugh’s “custody.” Although she was already a complaintant in an open federal case against Pugh and the City of Jacksonville. Larry Pugh was out on federal bond when he tried to drag this woman kicking and screaming into a van.

Larry Pugh was recruited and hired by Cherokee County and the city of Jacksonville, TX despite multiple complaints against him. He was bought and paid for and given free reign to terrorize the population. As stated earlier, these renegade cops are paid from the taxpayer’s coffers to possess weapons and operate police vehicles, while simultaneously perpetrating violent criminal acts upon the citizenry.

Just because the former Chief of Police Mark Johnson resigned in May 2006 after Pugh’s actions and indictments, doesn’t mean the entrenched buddy system left with him. Officer Pugh’s charges began as misdemeanors in February 2006 to a 12 + year federal sentence in May 2007.  During this time period, the Cherokee County attorney and District Attorney prosecuted several of Pugh’s arrests/victims. Larry Pugh was also acting out on his federal retaliation charge while out on bond.

Former Jacksonville police chief Mark Johnson was scooped up weeks after his resignation and hired as a Cherokee County constable for Precinct No. 3.

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Cherokee County Pct. 3 is former 369th bailiff and convicted drug dealer Randy Thompson’s old stomping ground. Johnson and fellow officer Ray Bouman left the Jacksonville PD “under FBI scrutiny and accusations.”

Tyler, TX:

Look at this guy: Randal Roark, 49 from Tyler, TX.

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He is under indictment after jail time for harassing people and now allegedly impersonating a Smith County District Attorney Investigator. He supposedly attempted to gain personal information on employees of the Tyler based East Texas Medical Center by posing as an investigator. What gave him away? Now Mr. Roark faces 3rd degree felony charges in the 241st District Court. According to the article, he may have a brain tumor, but at least he has an excuse for his pathological lying.

The Cherokee County District Attorney’s office may need to hire this guy before his state ordered lobotomy.

Jacksonville, TX: Convicted rapist cop linked to missing witness’ remains, while JPD gets awards for crime reporting; Floods bring FEMA.

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Despite the fact that former Jacksonville, TX police officer Larry Pugh has been sentenced to 12 years maximum confinement in federal prison for rape and retaliation, local Cherokee County media outlets appear to be in damage control. Officer Pugh is also linked to the skeletal remains of one of his sexual assault complainants, found in the Angelina National Forest last year. Newspapers out of the county report that two women slated to testify against Pugh in federal court went missing after Pugh made bond before his Civil Rights trial. Only callous reports of the dead witnesses by Cherokee County media, referring to the missing women as drug addicts and homeless bag ladies. Repeating Larry Pugh’s perjury in print.

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Former JPD Larry Pugh

But just for argument’s sake, let’s ask ourselves: So what if these women were homeless addicts. Our nation’s creed is justice for all. Not justice only for those with heavy wallets and fancy houses. Yet the deaths of those women were disregarded by local law enforcement as though they were nothing more than roadside litter. You can bet your bottom dollar that if those two now dead witnesses against Officer Pugh had instead been connected to Cherokee County’s version of high-class families, the mystery of their deaths (before they could testify about Pugh) would have been top priority for all the county’s ‘justice’ officials. No homicide investigation required in these missing women’s cases.

Blood stained lies.

Lies are created by corrupt justice officials because public corruption at its basest, most indispensably fundamental level requires deception as its cornerstone. And perpetuation of that deceit into infinity, often with the help of small town newspapers and the old wives club. The inherent nature of the lies propagandized by corrupt law enforcement authorities requires habitual creation of new lies while simultaneously embellishing their old ones. In order to daily successfully gull the lay population, these very dangerous men AND women must never ever cease toiling to maintain their virtuous façades. And their first choice methodology is always smear mongering, reputation-pulverizing those who are able to expose their covert illegal activities.

The survival of their cult of confession is dependent upon their criminal activities remaining unknown and hidden from public scrutiny/accountability. So they destroy the credibility of anyone who places them at risk to be discovered. They are literally sociopaths who cannot allow those outside their cult to gain enough momentum to topple their slimy underground criminal world. Therefore they tell one lie, then another and another ad infinitum, ad nauseam. Thousands, and thousands and thousands of times. They have chosen to damn themselves into a netherworld of constant lying in order to feed their addiction to their creed, which is: “How many can we fool today?” “What can we get the local media to print this week?” Lies times ten thousand.

And, like true sociopaths, they find lying about those outside their cult of confession invigorating, exhilarating FUN. These men and women are comparable to serial killers in that they ENJOY destroying others. Example: the person(s) responsible for the deaths of those two missing material witnesses against ex-Jacksonville police officer Larry Pugh. The local media shows no remorse they can no longer testify. The killer is happily sated until, like Jack the Ripper, the urge to silence the next victim becomes uncontrollable again. In the interim, the killer and others in Cherokee County’s cult of confession will do what they do best: Lie as often and as effortlessly as they blink. While they occupy pews in the local churches and attend sorority luncheons and Lions Club functions. All the while maintaining constant vigil that somebody else will step forward and take the place of the murdered witnesses whose testimony would doubtless have further ruined that rapist/federal felon/Cherokee county ‘law’ officer AND his cohorts. This is standard operating procedure and has been for decades.
Ironically, ex-Officer Larry Pugh’s former employers, the Jacksonville, TX police department got a recent rave review by the Texas Crime Information Center. In a strange stroke of luck, the TX Crime Info Center did a quick audit this month of Pugh’s former employers and gave the Jacksonville police department gold stars for their 911 dispatch and crime reporting.

As a follow up from the May 12, 2007 posting regarding the Rape Crisis Centers operated by Anderson and Cherokee County after Larry Pugh’s attacks have been reported in the following:
First a “change in funding” to the Jacksonville based crisis center, the one Pugh’s last rape victims checked into. And another article on the loss of federal funds for the Jacksonville, TX Rape Crisis Center. That explains the city’s apparent inaction in helping Pugh’s victims and gives the story a nice little bow on top to explain away Larry Pugh’s retaliation sentence —he was convicted of raping a woman, then tracking her down in a van.

The Cherokee County safe house has an apparent poor rating with the East Texas Council of Governments, so its someone else’s fault the Jacksonville based center can’t collect a local police officer’s DNA.

To win back the hearts and minds of the locals, The Jacksonville Daily Progress does report in its July 6, 2007 issue that the Jacksonville PD, along with the DEA, seized 127 grams of methamphetamines from a local crack head. Quite impressive given the fact that just last year Cherokee County’s district court bailiff Randy Thompson (369th Judicial District) was sentenced to 10 years for having his own meth lab, while milking the county for gas money as Constable Precinct 3.
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Another tactic by local East Texas media outlets is to put drug busts out of the area on their front pages, like The Tyler Morning Telegraph‘s July 22, 2007 issue that states “Agents Find Field with 10000 Marijuana Plants.” You have to read it to find out the marijuana field was in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, not anywhere near Tyler, TX 150 miles away. Drugs seized in East Texas rarely make it out of the local precincts or are reported to the DPS.

Rusk county, TX: Nearby, the Tyler Morning Telegraph does report that neighboring Rusk County’s Chief Deputy Daniel Flanagan admitted to beating a handcuffed prisoner back in November 2006 as part a plea agreement. Ex-Chief Deputy “Dusty” Flanagan faced US District Judge Michael Schneider after being investigated and charged with assault by the DPS office and Tyler, TX FBI.
Two other Rusk County deputies involved in the police brutality were not charged. Flanagan and Rusk Co. Sheriff Glen Deason are also involved in a sexual harassment suit. After decades of corruption charges and multiple federal investigations, the good people of Rusk County are starting to clean house in the Rusk County Sheriff’s Department.
There has been a litany of charges against the Rusk County Sheriff’s Department from civil rights violations, stealing drug seizure monies, child pornography and insurance fraud.

Local: Both The Jacksonville Daily Progress and Rusk’s Cherokeean Herald plaster their front pages in the month of June and July with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals decision to uphold the murder conviction and death sentence of local dirtbag Beunka Adams, the easiest to prove capital murder case in Texas history.

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TX death row inmate Beunka Adams

Each week a new update on the 2004 murderer’s death row appeal—-The only reported murder in the county in 3 years. The murders not championed or reported on are the ones of 2 missing women waiting to testify against Larry Pugh, Cherokee County and the City of Jacksonville, Texas. Where’s the victims’ advocacy for Officer Pugh’s rape victims?

The Beunka Adams capital murder case has been reported so many times by the Cherokee County media (trying to keep it fresh in the minds of the readers) that one would think it happened in 2007.

The Jacksonville Daily Progress does lament on the fact that the population of Cherokee County only increased by 300 people in 2006 in its July 6, 2007 issue. Still, no mention of Jacksonville PD’s Larry Pugh or his victim’s body being found mutilated and decomposing. Maybe that explains Cherokee County’s zero population growth…
No mention that this missing woman was to testify against Pugh, after her rape complaint was passed on by the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office. It takes the Tyler Morning Telegraph to mention it.

Perhaps this why intelligent business people are fleeing the corrupt county at record rates.
The article cites that the city of Rusk gained 22 people and Alto, TX gained 1 citizen. That gives local law enforcement only 23 new illegal phone drops to install. Just like the good ol’ days.
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And another mediocre drug bust to champion, via an illegal phone drop on the local Jacksonville, TX crack dealer
or as Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell calls it: “intelligence gathering.” Everybody looks good after busting their drug informants and users.

According to the same article
in a few years Cherokee County may actually have 50,000 residents; meaning about 250,000 illegally registered voters. As they say in Cherokee County during the primaries, “Vote Early and Vote Often!”
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The months of June and July 2007 have seen record breaking rain events, with substantial flooding in the East Texas region. Smith County Judge Joel Baker (Tyler, TX) will be seeking federal relief funds for road and infrastructure repairs after the deluge. The city of Jacksonville, TX has been granted close to $100,000 for issues unrelated to flooding; mainly for fire safety and hydrilla problems in Lake Jacksonville. Creeks may have swollen to floodstage but you’ll never read much about it in the Cherokee County media, because it might require county funds to address the issue (and matching county funds). Neighboring Smith County has a more observant media that will track the federal monies and hold their elected officials responsible for repairs.
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In good ‘ol Cherokee County to the south of Tyler, TX , county road and bridge repair will take the backseat for more effacacious uses for the grant money. Frequent rainfall in the months of June and July have produced broken sewer systems, contaminated well water and highway closures, however nothing is reported in the Cherokee County media, other than the opposite : “the rainfall has been good for hay bailing.”

Despite the obvious county road closures  and utility damage caused by the flooding, Cherokee County will barely disclose (in the fine print of a strategically placed front page picture) the fact that it too, is seeking federal disaster relief. People in northern Cherokee County, around Lake Jacksonville and the Texas State Railroad, expect their officials to use FEMA money to fix their neighborhoods after the deluge. The Jacksonville Daily Progress reports that Cherokee County is declared a disaster area because County Judge Chris Davis
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has filed the paperwork with Gov. Rick Perry’s office. It is reported that FEMA will set up shop in Jacksonville, TX and panhandlers and insurance defrauders alike are encouraged to register for the government handouts.
Neighboring counties have had actual loss-of-life, but for Cherokee County, Texas FEMA is sounding the dinner bell. Unfortunately, FEMA is basing the assistance on population, instead of ACTUAL RAINFALL AMOUNTS as reported in the following counties: Archer, Bell, Brown, Burnet, Cherokee, Comanche, Cooke, Coryell, Denton, Eastland, Grayson, Hamilton, Hood, Lampasas, Llano, Parker, Runnels, Smith, Starr, Tarrant, Travis, Victoria, Webb, Wichita and Williamson.

According to the local experts, Lake Jacksonville is a whopping 6 inches higher than normal. And besides, other counties to the north such as the ones actually hit the hardest are seeking federal aid packages. More financial assistance for Cherokee County is the request.

The focus on assistance by the local media is on the residents surrounding the flooded Lake Jacksonville, not the county bridges and roads in the outskirts of the county.

Editor’s note: The Rusk, Texas Cherokeean Herald has not reported on the Larry Pugh case, despite the fact that Cherokee County District Attorney Investigator Joe Evans ‘testified’ at the Pugh civil rights violation trial. No mention of Pugh’s actions against Jacksonville business owner Larry Hinton and no mention of Pugh’s sentencing.

Why didn’t the Rusk, TX Cherokeean Herald print the fact that the 369th District Court bailiff had been sentenced to 12 years for intent to distribute meth?
As far as any federal disaster relief, that money is obviously going to be made available to the rain soaked county.

Post script, the August 23, 2007 Cherokeean Herald online reports that Cherokee County will receive $445,000 in federal flood aid issued by FEMA to 223 people living in the county. Their names will be linked to for the readers’ perusal. Neighboring Smith County and the hardest hit only collects $340,000. Cherokee County has a population of less than 50,000 based on the 2005 census and Smith County dwarfs them with 180,000 residents. Do the math.


Jacksonville, Texas police officer sentenced to 12 years for RAPE and RETALIATION; Victim put on trial by County Attorney, Other Awarded $300,000

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Jacksonville, Texas, the economic center and largest city in Cherokee County, faces several lawsuits from the actions of convicted rapist and former police officer Larry Pugh. Not only did the rogue officer sexually assault several of his traffic stops during the course of working for the city of Jacksonville, he beat and tasered a black gentleman and his pregnant wife during the 2004 “Tomato Bowl Brawl.” Pugh was recently sentenced to 12 years in federal prison for sexual assault while in uniform and retaliating against a witness after the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department alerted him to the federal complaints. Despite nine (9) of his alleged rapes being ignored by the city of Jacksonville, Texas and the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department, the city will not be held liable by Pugh’s last victim who barely survived being attacked a second time by the predator cop.

Jacksonville, TX exemplary policeman; months later convicted rapist and linked to missing Athens, TX woman’s corpse.

The retaliation charge comes from Officer Pugh being notified about his last victim’s plea to the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office. DA Investigator Joe Evans comments at Pugh’s civil trial that the rogue officer was “one of the coldest interviewees in Evans’ 40 years of law enforcement.” Articles suggest Pugh had over 30 women throughout East Texas file RAPE charges against him; the first investigation began with the Department of Justice. No investigation required by Cherokee County; the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office waited for Larry Pugh until his federal indictment a la’ Bailiff Randall Thompson (sentenced to 10 + years for making meth for distribution).

According to the May 24, 2007 issue of the Jacksonville Daily Progress, U.S. District Judge Michael Schneider saved the city by blocking a civil suit brought by Pugh’s last victim (a total of 8 women claimed rape in the lawsuit). The case against the City of Jacksonville and the chief of police was stopped by Summary Judgment. Investigator Joe Evans began to “interview” the other 8 victims. Evans later testified he interviewed over 30 of Pugh’s victims.

Victim statements were created after Larry Pugh’s racially motivated beating of Mr. Larry Hinton of Jacksonville and Hinton was exonerated after being put on trial by Joe Evan’s bosses in the Cherokee County court. Despite Pugh’s federal indictments, Cherokee County brought charges and tried one of Pugh’s victims.

The Tyler Morning Telegraph reports on June 20, 2007 that Officer Larry Pugh had  been linked to the skeletal remains of a missing Athens, TX woman who moved to Cherokee County and disappeared in May 2006. The article cites that another missing woman that encountered Pugh has yet to be found.

Nacogdoches, TX:
The Daily Sentinel
confirms that remains found in the Angelina National Forest are in fact those of one of Jacksonville Texas patrolman Larry Pugh’s victims who was slated to testify against the rapist Cherokee County officer, while Pugh was out on federal bond (pending his federal rape and retaliation trial). No reports on the woman’s remains by local Rusk or Jacksonville, TX newspaper or media outlets. Last year, the new Jacksonville, TX police chief Daniel Reese defended Larry Pugh to the Jacksonville Daily Progress, saying the victims that “disappeared under suspicious circumstances” was “speculation” on the part of out of region media. The fact is Larry Pugh probably did not act alone in his disposal of federal witnesses. 

Additional civil suits are still pending against the city, however due to former Jacksonville police officer Larry Pugh’s illegal activities. You have to do intricate internet research to find out a federal trial actually took place in the federal courts and that the jury voted in favor of the victim in U.S. District Judge Schneider’s trial. The jury would have also voted to hold the city of Jacksonville, Texas and Cherokee County liable had the judge allowed it.

The Wednesday June 13, 2007 issue of the Tyler News reports that former JPD officer Larry Pugh’s last rape victim was awarded $300,000 in punitive damages. Hard to collect from a convicted ex-officer.  Cherokee County District Attorney Investigator Joe Evans testified at the federal trial about “investigating” Officer Pugh’s other rape victims. Obviously the Rusk, TX Cherokeean Herald will not mention the victim’s victory in court in the June 13, 2007 issue keeping the simple norm of NOT reporting anything negative about the Cherokee County District Attorney office’s failure to render aid to victims of violent crime.

Despite Pugh’s past, he was employed by the city of Jacksonville, TX as a peace officer. Despite over 35 complaints of sexual assault throughout Pugh’s law enforcement career, Cherokee County law enforcement produced DA Investigator Joe Evans at Pugh’s sentencing. Officer Pugh was said to had used the Freedom of Information Act to locate the majority of his complainants, several he had arrested on drug charges in the past after he raped them. Evans testified that he had “interviewed” the majority of Pugh’s victims, however it took the federal government to actually stop Pugh’s appetite for destruction.

Remember, Cherokee County does not arrest its own officers for anything; Pugh was therefore assisted by local law enforcement in locating those who had filed police reports or visited the Rape Crisis Center in Jacksonville, Texas.

Larry Pugh would not have been also been charged with RETALIATION had he not been personally informed about the multiple victims’ complaints to the Jacksonville Texas police department and the FBI. Pugh’s police brutality sanctioned by Cherokee County, Texas does not just include raping homeless drug addicts living on the streets; those are easy prey. Pugh focused his attention on less prominent black residents in the community, where he could start a violent incident at random when finding his victims in a public place, knowing the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department would back his every move.

The “Tomato Bowl Brawl” was a race riot that occurred at the Jacksonville, TX high school football stadium and homecoming in October 2004. What began as juvenile rough housing, turned into a full blown race riot, complete with tasers, pepper spray and billy clubs. Fellow officer Larry Pugh beat several black attendees in the parking lot. A gentleman named Larry Hinton escorted his pregnant wife to their car, when the fighting broke out. He was by attacked and tasered by JPD Officer Pugh, his front teeth knocked out and his pregnant wife maced. Mr. Hinton was later charged with “interfering” with a police round-up. Mr. Hinton was actually put on trial by the Cherokee County attorney Craig Caldwell.

Mr. Hinton and others filed a federal lawsuit and excessive force suits against the city of Jacksonville. Jacksonville recently “settled” the lawsuits pending from Larry Pugh’s actions during the Tomato Bowl Brawl, after the exoneration of Mr. Hinton and other black citizens filed class action police brutality suits. The Cherokee County media reported on Larry Hinton’s “public misconduct” trial after concerned citizens took to the Rusk, TX courthouse steps in protest. During the same time Cherokee County District Attorney’s office was “interviewing the 25-30 witnesses, including women who claimed they had been raped by Pugh and people they had told, including ministers and police officers, which substantiated their claims.”

The bogus Larry Hinton criminal trial took place AFTER Officer Larry Pugh was arrested and incarcerated for sexual assaulting women while in uniform. Mr. Hinton was later acquitted, as was a 13 year old girl, the center of the altercation. Cherokee County officers had “arrested” and kicked the junior high girl, when fellow citizens jumped into the fray created by Cherokee County officers. Mr. Hinton had simply refused Officer Pugh’s request that he lay down while his front teeth got kicked out. Hinton’s wife was punched and knocked down during the melee. Supporters for Mr. Larry Hinton took to the steps of the Cherokee County courthouse to demonstrate the community’s zero tolerance for police brutality.

Cherokee County Attorney Craig Caldwell, who tried Larry Hinton, stated to the media that the Jacksonville Police Department “got control of the situation” and “they did a good job for the city that night.” Caldwell’s statements come after Hinton’s acquittal and officer Pugh’s federal indictments for rape.

Craig Caldwell’s statements come after Mr. Hinton’s testimony on how his jaw was broken that night in October 2004.

These statements on what a “good job” the Cherokee County peace officers did that night inciting a race riot. A riot the taxpayers of the city Jacksonville, Texas will be paying for years to come. Very little mention of the fact that Officer Larry Pugh pleaded guilty to one count of retaliation and two counts of civil rights violations in the local media. Those following the case will have to go to the Department of Justice’s website and press releases to find out that Larry Pugh was sentenced to 12 years confinement in federal prison. The case was prosecuted by the US Attorney’s office. One complaint by a white woman whom Pugh threatened to kill after having forced sex with her, apparently got the attention of the US Attorney’s office; several excessive force complaints were ignored, including his actions during the October 2004 homecoming beatings.


Missing rape victims Shunte Coleman (l) and Terri Reyes (r),  of Larry Pugh’s “good job” according to County Attorney Craig Caldwell.

The good news is that city of Jacksonville, TX and the family of Larry Hinton “settled” the civil rights class action suit for an undisclosed amount and Larry Pugh is settling in good at the federal prison where he can continue to “do a good job” for Cherokee County. And Pugh’s last rape victim, though unable to collect a settlement from a convicted rapist, was awarded $300,000 for pain and suffering. After being raped and then almost murdered after Pugh was notified and totally cognizant about her complaints to the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office. Pugh actually testified that the rape victim “had a bad reputation.”As a footnote, the Palestine Herald-Press almost gets to reporting about Larry Pugh’s federal civil rights violations in neighboring Cherokee County and indictment in 2006.

The Tyler News also reports that entire incident from both the victim’s perspective and Larry Pugh’s arrogant denial of the charges. He states he took the federal plea to spend 12 years in prison “to protect” his family, while denying the fact that other federal witnesses (including Cherokee County DA investigator Joe Evans) testified about being raped.
Read at URL: http://www.tylerpaper.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2007706130312
The Jacksonville Daily Progress was recently awarded three (3) AMPE prizes for its coverage of rogue elements within the Jacksonville  Texas Police Department. Good going Daily Progress, the light is beginning to shine. The National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH) has established a hotline and a secure website for victims of teen dating violence, for situations like those ongoing in Cherokee County. The Helpline is available 24 hrs at 1-866-331-9474 (TTY 866-331-8453) and at http://www.loveisrespect.org/

It took the US Attorney’s office and the FBI to stop Jacksonville, Texas police officer Larry Pugh for continuing his sexual assaults on women driving through Cherokee County. According to the National Census of Domestic Violence Services (NCDVS) Survey show the counties of Anderson and Cherokee have miserable ratings based on the number of victims’ service requests.

As a footnote, The Jacksonville Daily Progress reports in its May 24, 2007 issue that Larry Pugh’s rape victim cannot proceed with her federal civil suit against the city of Jacksonville, TX.

Jacksonville, TX police officer Sentenced to 12 years for Rape and Retaliation

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“Jacksonville Texas: you’re gonna love what happens to you.”

The City of Jacksonville, TX keeps accused rapist cop on the payroll and on his beat at the behest of the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office.

Accused rapist cop Larry  Pugh on patrol

Nine (9) Cherokee County, Texas women filed federal law suits over the alleged sexual predator cop Larry Pugh, formerly with Jacksonville, PD. This guy was arrested by federal agents back in 2006 for molesting women during traffic stops. While out on federal bond, Pugh stalked his complainants and attempted to dispose of a Jacksonville, TX woman that filed rape charges.

Officer Pugh is accused of running his belt around her neck, pulling her into a van and trying to haul her off. The “retaliation” was an obvious attempt at permanently silencing his latest rape victim. Just a simple retaliation against a druggie he arrested and was facing charges in the Cherokee County District Courts. Not an attempted murder on a federal witness. See how things are reported and handled in East Texas? Attempted murder would result in lawsuits that would break the back of the city of Jacksonville, TX.  After the FBI began there investigation of Pugh on October 21, 2005, Officer Pugh was suspended with pay.

As mentioned in a U.S.C. § 1983 action filed in the US District Court, the policy of tolerating police misconduct goes beyond the doors of the Jacksonville police department. The DA’s office was made aware of Officer’s Pugh excessive force misconduct in October 2005 when a black man named Larry Lacey (also a former Cherokee County peace officer) was accosted by Pugh during a fabricated traffic stop. Lacey was beaten with police batons and peppered sprayed in the face for “failure to signal required distance” and having an expired registration sticker.

Cherokee County, the city of Jacksonville and especially Officer Larry Pugh have maintained their innocence of the entire matter.

The Cherokee County District Attorney’s office, the local Sheriff’s Department and the City of Jacksonville has been sheltering rouge elements in its midst for decades. Larry Pugh wasn’t the first and he won’t be the last.

Officer Pugh has pleaded guilty and will face a few years in TDC where he can be on the receiving end. Jacksonville City Attorney Joe Angle of the Gordon, Thrall and Angle lawfirm (Elmer Beckworth’s lawfirm) offers no comment on the coming lawsuits against the city of Jacksonville. The object will be to deflect, diffuse and portray the victims in the worse possible light.

Finally report by the Jacksonville Daily Progress on April 1, 2007: Larry Pugh has been sentenced to 12 years in federal prison on 2 counts of sexual assault and retaliation.

View Officer Larry Pugh’s final appeal at: http://www.ca5.uscourts.gov/opinions/unpub/07/07-40662.0.wpd.pdf