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Child porn, sex assault, aiding and abetting arrests of Cherokee County school faculty. Medical Board reprimands equal bad medicine.

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This month: Lon Morris coach Barry Griffin pleads guilty in federal court of child porn possession and distribution in Cherokee County. Troup ISD coach fired for texting students; second Troup teacher arrested for hiding fugitive in classroom.  Rusk ISD nurse arrested for sexual assault and having an unlawful relationship with a student.

Any of this sound familiar? All this disgusting behavior in local schools during the last week of January 2009. This is why parents should think twice about relocating into this area and having their children attend Cherokee County schools, either private or public.

Lon Morris College golf coach Barry Dean Griffin faces ten years in federal prison and an unsympathetic US Attorney’s office in Tyler, TX.  According to the Tyler Paper

Assistant U.S. Attorney Mary Ann Cozby said the defendant’s sentencing guideline range could be enhanced because the child pornography involved children younger than 12, involved sadistic and masochistic material and involved more than 600 images.

Griffin is incarcerated pending his sentencing date. He was arrested last year after his Jacksonville, TX home was raided by a task force composed of the Longview TX police department and the Department of Justice. The Cherokee County District Attorney’s office and Lon Morris Board of Trustees were unavailable for comment.

Rebecca D. Blankinship a.k.a. the district nurse at Rusk ISD was charged with two felony counts of sexual misconduct with a student. “Becky” Turlington Blankinship, a recent Rusk High graduate, bailed out of Cherokee County jail on January 27, 2009 after posting two $25,000 felony bonds. In the vested interest of the little community, the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office did not release names or sordid details. Or to avoid embarrassing the Third Grade class taught by the offender’s mom? The district attorney always can be counted on to protect the local bridal shower committee, consisting of all the above and investigators’ wives. Especially in cases of incest or homo-erotism. Guess the field trip to the courthouse will be canceled this year.

In Troup, TX, the school district suffered a double blow last month with the resignation of a coach after text messages to a student were discovered. A teacher’s aide was arrested for hiding her wanted sister in a classroom. Again, names have been withheld to protect the guilty.

In 2005, Troup ISD coach Samuel “Tony” Sutton was arrested for sex assault on two female students which he originally denied. Sutton had worked for one year for Troup ISD and was hired by the current superintendent Marvin Beaty. DNA matches from Coach Sutton’s saliva were found in two students’ ears. Sutton faced additional and separate rape and aggravated assault charges in Smith County and was eventually sentenced to 35 years. Another black male pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 years for participating in one of the sex assaults.

The mother of one of Sutton’s female victims spoke out about the hiring process of the Troup ISD, a process defended by the Troup ISD superintendent during the trial.  (Source KLTV)

In February 2006, Alto, TX ISD principal Charles Weeks was fired after six months on the job. The then Alto ISD superintendent Lawayne Sheffield “declined to release the reason for Charles Weeks’ termination.” Local newspapers followed suit, leaving room for speculation. (Source Daily Progress)

The Golden Rule : Lie through your teeth and get away with it.

The lesson to be learned from Cherokee County educational institutions is that this behavior is a direct result of the so-called highest legal authorities operating in Rusk, TX. District court bailiff Constable Randal Thompson was recorded by federal authorities during a drug sting threatening to kill any and everyone attempting to stop him from bringing drugs from the Mexican border into Cherokee County. Jacksonville police officer Larry Pugh dragged a federal witness into a van with a belt around her neck because she went to authorities after she was repeatedly raped by him at gunpoint. Other witnesses against the Jacksonville, TX police department have simply ‘vanished’ even after their remains have been found in neighboring counties.

Let’s not forget District Attorney Elmer Beckworth lying to State Legislators in 2005 on how he couldn’t rescind the bond of one Michael Harris, prior to Harris murdering his estranged wife Faye Bell Harris– not because Michael Harris was a drug snitch for Beckworth’s investigators and because Cherokee County never filed a protective order against Harris. No, it was because the Texas Constitution somehow would not allow Felony Bail revocation during escalating and repeated domestic violence. Similarly, Cherokee County CAN set the bail for parole violators such as Brandon Robertson, even though Robertson was stopped with a gun and crystal meth by the DPS. Is it any wonder respectable teachers are fleeing the county and resigning in droves? What about victims of domestic violence committed by members of the Rusk Chamber of Commerce? What about the men and women beaten up during the Tomato Bowl Riot of 2004 being put on trial- while the arresting officer / State Witness is sitting in a federal holding block on multiple Rape and Retaliation charges?

What about $25,000 being stolen from the post office in Alto, Texas by a US Post Master? What about the missing $150,000 stolen from the Rusk, Texas Water Department?

Outsiders begin to make sense why the smallest county in the area has the worst voter fraud and minority rights violations in the State. This is where sexual deviants, wife beaters and licensed professionals with multiple disciplinary actions can reside under the radar. It is a place where unlicensed police officers such as Michael Meissner can be hired to conduct surveillance on political enemies. And drunks, pedophiles and purveyors of child porn can participate in Elmer Beckworth’s jury pools. Many of these jury members have faced or are facing criminal charges themselves, unless they follow the district attorney’s lead. You can bet they are the best friend a prosecutor could ever have, because they will say and do just about anything to taint the entire judicial process. In Cherokee County, TX, that isn’t an understatement.

Elmer Beckworth and his former investigator Randy Hatch made good friends with a convicted felon who testified against soon to be executed death row inmates Richard Cobb and associate Buenka Adams. So good, they both wrote a letter to the convict’s parole officer and would’ve written the governor for a pardon if need be.  Another caveat Cherokee County newspapers wouldn’t dare share with its readers.

Cherokee County is a haven for those seeking a refuge from licensing authorities and willing to take a 200% cut in salary. If these “doctors, lawyers and such” play the game just right, they’ll be lauded for decades in the newspapers even though their professional degrees aren’t worth the paper they wipe with.



Let’s make a quick recap of Rusk, TX’s beloved medical professionals reprimanded and/or suspended by the Texas Board of Medical Examiners, yet given oodles of accolades by the Rusk Cherokeean Herald over the years:

• CALDWELL, TROY A. JR., M.D., Rusk, TX, Lic. #E8372
An Agreed Order was entered on 12-7-01 suspending the physician’s license; however, the suspension was stayed and the physician was placed on probation for five years under certain terms and conditions. Action due to nontherapeutic prescribing or treatment.

• PEYTON, JOHN C., M.D., Rusk, TX, Lic. #D5152
On November 30, 2007, the Board and Dr. Peyton entered into an Agreed Order publicly reprimanding Dr. Peyton, prohibiting him from having hospital privileges, and requiring that he take and pass the Medical Jurisprudence Examination; obtain eight hours of continuing medical education in medical record-keeping; and that he pay an administrative penalty of $500. The action was based on his failure to adequately attend to his hospital patients by making his daily rounds and responding to nursing pages for which he was subsequently disciplined by the hospital.

• MEHARRY, LEROY IRWIN, M.D., Umatilla, OR (formerly Rusk, TX), Lic. #F4955
On April 7, 2006, the Board and Dr. Meharry entered into an Agreed Order publicly reprimanding Dr. Meharry and requiring him to comply with all terms and conditions imposed by an Order of the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners. The action was based on the action of the Oregon Board in disciplining Dr. Meharry for issues relating to prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances to staff and family members without proper documentation and controls.

• MEHARRY, ROGER ALVIN, M.D., Austin , TX (formerly Rusk, TX), Lic. #E5172
Action Date: 08/17/1996

Action Date: 08/18/1995

Action Date: 08/19/1994

Action Date: 02/12/1993

Action Date: 06/17/1992

Action Date: 01/22/1991

(Source Texas Board of Medical Examiners)


Lon Morris coach arrested for child porn at Cherokee County Jr. College.

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Warning: Cherokee County Texas institutions are bastions of child exploitation and employ purveyors of child pornography.The mass exodus of Rusk Independent School District faculty members earlier this year is based upon the revelation that protected locals and administration officials with a penchant for photography have been under FBI scrutiny for years- stemming from the 2001-2002 Department of Justice crackdown of Palestine, Texas resident Mark Bates – the Webmaster of a worldwide e-mail child pornography ring originating from Internet servers in Anderson and Cherokee Counties.  Why did the Rusk High School principal and all those Rusk ISD teachers and coaches turn in their resignations?

The FBI sting called “Operation Candyman” netted individuals throughout the country, including an A&M cadet in Brownsville and two men from the Houston,TX area. 89 subscribers total were indicted. Mark Bates, age 33 of Palestine, TX was sentenced in December 2002 to 30 years prison for being the mastermind and moderator of the website used to download images federal prosecutors called “absolutely appalling in the depth of their depravity.”  Many arrested subscribers to Mark Bates’ email group  (such as Toby Barnett from Lufkin, Texas) were people ‘holding positions of trust with frequent contact with children.’  Mark Bates had two prior child molestation convictions and a history of mental disorders.

The ongoing cover up of this type of depraved and illegal activity should show the rest of the state just how duplicitous Cherokee County Texas really is. Especially when local officials pretend to have no knowledge of kiddie porn being distributed from computers owned by the school district. A place where under the guise of fake evangelicalism, the images of broken and bloody bodies of children have been traded like Green Stamps on the Internet for decades. While at the same time Cherokee County district attorney Elmer Beckworth offers probation to a Rusk Texas man who mutilated his own 12-month old daughter, and the district court voraciously accepts any and all plea bargains to over 3 dozen registered sex offenders within the county. Mark Bates’ child porn ring of 6 years ago apparently never ceased to exist outside the area, with ongoing federal sentences (such as  Jeffrey Scott Ray of Nacogdoches and Toby Barnett of Lufkin, TX) never making it to the pressroom.  The list continues.

Jacksonville, Texas:

Lon Morris College’s  head golf coach  Barry Dean Griffin, age 38, has been arraigned in federal court for possession and distribution of child pornography. Coach Barry Griffin was arrested Monday, June 9, 2008 after surrendering to federal authorities in Tyler, Texas. According to the June 10, 2008 issue of the Tyler Paper, Lon Morris faculty member Barry Griffin :  “has been charged by complaint for allegedly possessing and distributing child pornography on May 30 in Cherokee County [Texas]. If convicted, he could face 5 to 20 years in prison for the distribution charge and up to 10 years in prison for the possession charge.”

Monday’s appearance by Griffin in front of Tyler, TX based US Magistrate Judge John Love was reported here first. He has not been formally indicted.


Lon Morris College coach Barry Dean Griffin

Barry Griffin is a junior college Kinesiology instructor and coach for Jacksonville, Texas based Lon Morris and has been since 2005. The Lon Morris men’s golf team  took fourth place in a recently held NJCAA tournament in Huntsville, Alabama, with hotel accommodations arranged by the college. Griffin has also traveled out of state to Daytona, Florida where he accompanied the Lon Morris College girl’s golf team , who took a 4th place prize at the women’s NJCAA national championship games.

Similarly, the Jacksonville home of Rusk ISD drama coach Harold “Bo” Scallon was raided last year by federal authorities on a tip from the Longview, TX police department. The tip being that the High School teacher was distributing child pornography over the Internet. His personal laptop, school computer and hard drives were confiscated by the FBI. Scallon pleaded guilty on April 4, 2008 in federal court to possessing over 150 sadomasochistic images of minors. He taught for the Rusk Independent School District for nearly 30 years and with parents’ blessings, participated in numerous overnight ‘theater camps.’ Due to a plea agreement, his child porn distribution charge was dropped by federal prosecutors, though he still faces decades in federal prison. Certainly the community and school administrators will rally around to petition for Mr. Scallon’s early release and leniency prior to his sentencing date being reported. As they did with Alto, Texas postmaster Herbert Dominguez, prior to his federal sentencing for stealing $27,000 of United States Post Office material- but never reporting it.

Local Cherokee County, Texas media portray Rusk High School Theater class’ Bo Scallon official retirement and contractual obligations to the school district as ending in April 2007, prior to the FBI raid. However, Harold “Bo” Scallon’s continual employment with the Rusk ISD was apparent to the FBI because investigators seized his company computer from the Rusk High School and examined its hard drives. Forensics on his computers uncovered massive files storing violent and graphic depictions involving children.


mugshot of Rusk,TX teacher Harold “Bo” Scallon

The ongoing out-of-county reports of federal investigations compared to the nonexistent media coverage, nor local outcry, begs the question: Has Cherokee County, Texas always been a child molestation and child pornography refuge? Local offenders certainly do not have to worry about prison time if they cut deals with the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office after falling in the hands of Elmer Beckworth .

View the locations of registered child molesters living steps from the Rusk Texas courthouse and Rusk Texas Jr.-Sr. High Schools mapped on a website called FamilyWatchdog .                                              

Found at: http://www.familywatchdog.us                                                                                                

Infant molesters (whose victims are as young as 1 to 6 years-old) all handed probation and local Adult Supervision by the Cherokee County district attorney’s office -and not spending one day in prison.


 [known registered Rusk, TX sex offenders – courtesy of Family Watchdog]

As a footnote, Harold “Bo” Scallon was sentenced on Tuesday June 17, 2008 in the US District Courts to 6 1/2 years federal prison time for possessing Internet child pornography. He will remain under parole supervision for 5 years after completing his federal prison term. Had the Rusk ISD faculty member actually acted on his sick fantasies and molested a Jr. High student, then the Cherokee County district attorney would have offered Scallon a few months probation (just like Elmer Beckworth’s office did for Chris Hennessy, a Rusk Texas patrol officer offered a paltry probation sentence of months instead of years for raping a Rusk ISD Jr. High girl in 2004).  Or Cherokee County prosecutors would simply ignore the problem like the community and Rusk school board has for the last 30 years of Harold “Bo” Scallon’s teaching career.  The world may never know how many deals were struck to keep this guy’s perverted pastimes out of the Rusk ISD school bulletin and news.

Also buried in the archives and the local School Board meeting minutes is a report of another Rusk ISD school teacher and former Jacksonville High School faculty member, Brian Basse sentenced to 3 years TDCJ time in 2007 for sexual contact with a student. Explicit Instant Messages and photos were recovered from his laptop computer by the FBI. Basse had been a Rusk Texas school teacher for 7 years, before relocating from the Jacksonville ISD. Brian Basse’s 36 month sentence (which he may serve 80% of) was handed to him from the 2nd Judicial District Court in Rusk, TX.



And don’t forget about Josh Allen music teacher at the Jacksonville Christian Academy and youth minister for the Tyler Street Baptist Church being sentenced in 2007 to 4 years for possession of child pornography- over 600 graphic and violent images. Tyler Street Baptist Church is a long time polling place for voters in Cherokee County’s Precinct No. 15. The US District Court “noted that Allen has no past criminal history and that he had the support of his church – factors in issuing the relatively lenient sentence.”   Great.     Gregg County Texas charged Josh Allen for his porn distribution into their county, since Cherokee County Texas failed to do so. A local investigation was not required from the source because, as Allen told Federal Judge Leonard Davis during his January 4, 2007 sentencing, local authorities believed the choir director still “had an opportunity to be part of the solution to the problem” of child porn being distributed via the Internet from Cherokee County, Texas. Allen received the same lack of media attention coupled with an outpouring of local support as did Jeffrey Scott Ray and Toby Lynn Barnett. Ray’s residence in Nacogdoches, TX was raided by federal authorities in 2006 and his sentencing not reported; Jeffrey Ray Scott got 70 months in federal prison.  Toby Barnett was charged with possession of child porn and given 3 years probation in 2002 for “not having a prior criminal record,” even though he had been convicted in Nacogdoches, TX for assault in 1996.

Just do a comparison on how the legal system operates 40 miles away in Smith County, Texas. For instance, the recent Wednesday June 18, 2008 sentencing of Daniel Wayne Tidwell, age 29 of Tyler, in the 241st District Court doling out 50 years state prison time. This is after Tidwell pleading guilty to the sexual assault of a 15 year-old girl. Daniel Tidwell did have prior felony convictions, but regardless was facing 5 years to life for the rape.

Don’t forget the crack down on the Mineola Swinger’s Club that has made national news, either. The third defendant out of a string of arrests, Patrick “Booger Red” Kelly , a foster parent, is on trial for drugging children 9 years-old and younger and forcing them to perform strip club-esque dances for patrons of Mineola, Texas’ honky tonk. A version of what Cherokee County, Texas’ counterfeit Christians have been doing for decades: exploiting children and getting away with it. Smith County CPS removed the children from the homes of participants beginning in 2004 when it became apparent drug use and sexual abuse was occurring in the “deeply religious community.” Also awaiting trial are Dennis Boyd and Rebecca Pittman; and Jimmy Dale and Shelia Darlene Sones. Local swingers in the East Texas sex ring Jamie Pittman and Shauntel Loraine Mayo were convicted and sentenced to life in prison earlier in May, for their involvement in making children perform sex acts on stage.

An even better recent comparison would be the 2006 trial in Smith County of a preacher named Jefferson Marion Moore, age 58 at the time, also the Dogwood City Daycare and Preschool operator convicted of molesting a 6 year-old girl left in his care. He was a full time pastor for the Dogwood City Chapel, or “Brother Jeff” as they called him.  Jefferson Moore was convicted and sentenced to LIFE in prison for the rape he committed. Moore had been indicted on three counts of sexual assault of a minor involving a 6, 7 and 4  year-old. “Brother Jeff” Moore was also charged with retaliation after an altercation with Smith County prosecutors during courtroom deliberations and given 10 extra years. On the brighter side, the Tyler Paper reports in its June 25, 2008 edition that Jefferson Moore died of “natural causes” in his cellblock earlier this month after serving 2 years in prison. Dogwood City, Texas is a small unincorporated community on Lake Palestine and ideal retirement spot for district judges, located on the Cherokee County / Smith County border and 20 miles from downtown Jacksonville, Texas. No probation offers or lenient sentences for this child molester; the Smith County community certainly did not rally in support of the only preacher and licensed babysitter in their tiny town. Incidentally, the United States Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday June 25, 2008 that it is unconstitutional for states to execute child rapists. That will certainly keep Cherokee County’s sexual predator population on a steady incline.


 Pastor Jefferson Moore (deceased), daycare owner and child molester

In April 2005, the Kilgore, Texas newspaper The Kilgore News Herald began an expose, aptly named “Child Pornography Big Problem in East Texas,” on how pervasive the crime was becoming.

Next month, more East Texas child molesters off the streets and in federal prison, such as Franklin Albert Pearce of Wood County, Texas gets life for the sexual assault of a 6 year-old girl. William Allen Pipes of Gilmer, TX pleads guilty to distributing child porn and faces 10 years.

In local school news, the superintendent of Overton ISD Dr. Mark Stretcher, after “unexpectedly” resigning his post in January due to a “personal illness and pressure” and subsequently throwing the Overton, TX school district in disarray- why Dr. Stretcher has been charged with felony theft of public funds. Stretcher pleaded guilty to ‘theft in office’ on Friday June 27, 2008.  Beware Rusk County, Texas you are in a close second for most corrupt.

Rusk,TX police officer rapes Rusk ISD student; on probation and on the lam. Alto, TX Postmaster steals $27,000 from local Post Office. Rusk, TX teacher indicted on child pornography.

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Rusk Texas:

City of Rusk TX police officer, and former Cherokee County Sheriff Department jailer,  Christopher “Chris” Michael Hennessy was handed a 10 year probation sentence by Cherokee County TX District Attorney Elmer C. Beckworth, Jr. in 2004 after Hennessy sexually assaulted a female 15-year-old Rusk ISD student. Officer Hennessy absconded his Sex Offender Registration after later being charged with distribution of crystal meth and unauthorized use of a motor, according to a February 28, 2008 article in the Jacksonville Daily Progress. Rusk TX officer Chris Hennessy was also under investigation by the ATF for possession of explosives.

Officer Christopher Michael Hennessy was apprehended in Houston, TX by the US Marshals Service on Wednesday February 27, 2008. Hennessy had been working in the Houston area under an assumed name. Refer to Cherokee County Texas Criminal Docket; Case 16121 ; Indecency/Sexual Assault of child-Felony
Filed 05/23/2005 – Disposition: 11/17/2005 Deferred adjudication
2nd District Court, District Clerk, Cherokee County TX.

And Criminal Docket Case 16681; Case 16682 in the 2nd District Court, Cherokee County, TX.

Obviously Hennessy’s deferred adjudication wasn’ t good enough for the rogue officer; deferred adjudication is a plea bargain agreement, as it is defined, that is not an formal guilty plea and is NOT a conviction. The charge remains on the defendant’s record, however all licensing, bonding and law enforcement, i.e. political affiliations remain untarnished if probation is served (or reduced by a sympathetic district judge).

Hennessy refused his Sex Offender Registration in Cherokee County, TX and violated his slap-on-the-wrist probation. The Cherokee County district judge would have terminated his probation; however Hennessy would have to first register as a Sex Offender. Officer Hennessy was 24 in 2004.

Elmer Beckworth believed Officer’s Hennessy’s reputation was more valuable than the raped 15-year-old Rusk Jr. High student by offering DEFERRED ADJUDICATION probation. Of course, the Cherokee County District Attorney is not held accountable in the local media for any of the COLLATERAL CONSEQUENCES of Chris Hennessy’s plea bargain; allowing Hennessy to continue the crystal meth trafficking into Beckworth’s hometown, possible bomb making and who knows what else before Officer Hennessy was nabbed by the Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force.

Alto Texas: US Postmaster Herbert Michael Dominguez located in the tiny Alto, TX post office stole $27,000 worth of postage stamps and federal money orders, converting them into his own personal use. Similarly Dominguez’s indictment and crime was not reported by any Cherokee County Texas newspaper. It took the Tyler Texas paper to report the local indictment of Postmaster Dominquez in its February 27, 2008 issue. Dominguez had been being paying most of the stolen money back in restitution. U.S. Federal District Judge Michael Schneider in Tyler TX gave the thieving Postal Service agent 1 year adjudicated probation.

What do these cases have in common? A Rusk TX police officer who molested a Jr. High girl and an unsupervised Postmaster in Alto TX both received deferred adjudicated probation for their crimes, both State and Federal. Both get to keep their TCLEOSE licenses and government pensions. Probation given in order to keep the sorid mess under wraps. Even after raping the coffers and thus taxpayers of their most precious commodity: their children and their privacy.

Criminal activity within Cherokee County’s post offices has been documented for years. In August 1997, DPS officer Joe Don Abernathy was lucky enough to have DWI and unlawful discharge of a weapon charges dismissed after an employee in the Rusk Texas post office smashed his vial of blood on it way to the Garland, TX DPS lab for alcohol tests.

Aug. 21, 1997 Cherokeean Herald p.1


Aug. 21, 1997 Cherokeean Herald p. 10A


A local Rusk TX woman named Linda Lanier had filed a complaint against Trooper Joe Don Abernathy in Feb. 1997 after Abernathy had chased the Lanier family down the back roads of Hwy. 84 in the middle of the night. The complaint stated the off duty trooper had shot at the Lanier family vehicle, on their way back from Boosier City, LA. The Rusk PD arrested Abernathy on U.S. 69 and found rifles, a shotgun and beer cans in Abernathy’s pickup. Abernathy requested a blood sample be drawn in lieu of a breathalyzer, and the sample was literally dropped off in the mail. The test tube containing the DUI arrest evidence was destroyed by the Rusk TX Postal Service. A common tactic observed with the roles have been reversed and a DPS officer cites a Cherokee County deputy for DUI. And of course the Cherokee County TX District Attorney’s office never took Abernathy’s “deadly conduct” case in front of a grand jury.

Trooper Joe Don Abernathy accepted Cherokee County’s County Attorney’s offer of reckless driving as was placed on minimal adjudicated probation. The horror the Lanier family endured the night of Feb. 9, 1997 has been long forgotten. Trooper Joe Abernathy presently works as a Senior Recruiter for the DPS office in Tyler, TX.

The personal use of public works by those assigned to protect and serve Cherokee County Texas has been covered up for decades. In a 1995 Cherokeean Herald article, Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell denied his deputies partake in monitoring and recording inmates’ jailhouse pay phone calls. Complete with an incredulous and concocted story on fictitious inmates crank calling witnesses from their cellblocks.



June 1, 1995 Cherokeean Herald p.1


Jan. 5, 2002 Houston Chronicle article from the AP highlights the State’s TDCJ policy of listening in and recording all jail inmates’ conversations, as a required duty performed by all Texas penal systems -and those like Sheriff James Campbell who are charged with doing so. In 1998 the TDCJ policy altered to allow privacy between inmates’ phone calls and their attorney-client privileges. That policy has certainly been ignored by the Cherokee County Sheriff Department and District Attorney’s office.  Cherokee County  also tells its citizens the Sheriff Department does not record its DETCOG established 911 calls either.

Jan. 5, 2002 Houston Chronicle p.39A

The June 5, 1995 Cherokeean article citing the “telephone harassment” of bored Cherokee County inmates and how the poor Sheriff can’t “listen in” and put a stop to it – why that is a sharp contrast to the 12th Court of Appeals affirmation of one inmate’s recent threatening phone call to his wife. The case Kevin Wade Conner v. The State of Texas–Appeal from County Court at Law of Cherokee County was heard in Tyler on February 29, 2008 based upon the  ‘Dial H for Harassment’  scenario that actually took place. Kevin Conner was arrested in 2006 for public intoxication and during his one phone call to his wife, threatened to beat her up. Conner was subsequently charged with telephone harassment and the audio tape recorded phone conversation admitted into evidence at his trial, Cherokee County Court at Law (trial court case # 45,593).

Kevin Conner’s attorney filed an appeal in Tyler, refer to Case # 12-06-00311-CR, filed on 8/26/2006 in the 12th Court of Appeals, challenging the legality of tape recording the plaintiff’s phone call and admitting it into evidence.  The opinion states:
“The erroneous admission of the recording in question is nonconstitutional error. See King, 953 S.W.2d at 271. Nonconstitutional error that does not affect the substantial rights of the defendant must be disregarded. TEX. R. APP. P. 44.2(b). Such an error does not warrant reversal unless it had a substantial and injurious effect or influence in determining the jury’s verdict. See King, 953 S.W.2d at 271.”

The 12th Court of Appeals doesn’t get into the messy legality question as to whether it is legal or unconstitutional (nonconstitutional error / admission of egregious evidence, i.e. illegally gained evidence) to record jailhouse phone conversations. The deputy testified he “overheard” the threats that were decided not to be just “hearsay.”  And the Texas penal system allows jails to monitor the inmate accessible pay phones. That was good enough to admit the audio recording into evidence and convict Kevin Conner with “telephone harassment” based on the testimony of an eavesdropping deputy. Even though Sheriff James Campbell told the local newspapers in 1995 that the “law prohibits my deputies to listen in on” jailhouse phone calls. The Appellate Court says in 2008 recording and monitoring the Cherokee County Sheriff Department’s phone calls are “pursuant to the jail’s standard policy, the call was recorded without notice to either Appellant [Kevin Conner] or Conner [his wife].”

June 1, 1995 Cherokeean Herald p.1

Wiretaps in the Liberty County TX courthouse, circa 2001:

Similarily, in 2001 Liberty County Texas Constable Craig Houghton  and Liberty Courthouse maintenance chief Thomas Neal Williford pleaded guilty to illegally wiretapping the courthouse telephones. County Commissioner Pct. 4  Toby Wilburn allegedly provided recording devices for Williford, et al to place on the phone lines of political adversaries within the courthouse. Constable Craig Houghton and Thomas Williford both were sent to 3 months in prison, and Commissioner Wilburn was acquitted in Nov. 2001 on wiretapping. Commissioner Wilburn claimed Constable Houghton had obtained a warrant from the court; the local jury bought the explanation of providing the phone surveillance equipment. Despite the fact that only the Department of Public Safety, the Texas Rangers and the FBI are the only entities that can legally monitor phone lines.

Prisons and jails are required to monitor inmates’ calls and terminate the surveillance during conversations with their attorneys. Constable Houghton and Thomas Williford were sentenced to 3 months federal prison and 2 years probation according to the Houston Chronicle. Both claimed the illegal phone taps were installed to “rid the courthouse of theft and corruption.”

Rusk Texas:

Longtime Rusk Texas ISD drama teacher Harold Earl “Bo” Scallon was indicted by a Federal grand jury in Tyler on Tuesday March 4, 2008 for possession and distribution of child pornography. The FBI raided the home of Harold Scallon in Jacksonville in July 2007 on a federal warrant based on a tip and ongoing investigation by the Longview TX police department. Scallon’s computer was seized, and alleged to contain illegal images of children engaged in sex. The Rusk Texas drama coach faces 20 years federal prison and fines for each count of distribution of child porn.


Rusk Texas teacher H.E. “Bo” Scallon

According to a March 5, 2008 Tyler Paper article, federal prosecutors and the Rusk ISD superintendent’s office refused to acknowledge that Harold “Bo” Scallon was employed in the drama department up until the time he was indicted in federal court for possession and distribution of child pornography. Local newspaper deliberately refer to the theater teacher as “former” and “EX-teacher” even though Harold Scallon never formerly retired from the Rusk Texas school district. Conflicting dates of the alleged cyber crime are being reported. 2007 Rusk ISD Valedictorian Kinsey Gresham acknowledged Mr. Scallon’s presence in his students’ and fellow faculty members’  lives during her June 2007 graduation speech. “Bo” Scallon had worked over 30 years for the Rusk Texas Independent School District. In March 2007 another Rusk Texas and former Jacksonville ISD teacher, Social Studies’ Brian Edward Basse, was indicted for indecency with a minor, i.e. one of his students.

Out of county company representatives and those seeking open-records in the Cherokee County Texas courthouse may have experienced the frequent violation of the Texas Public Information Act. That is those requesting court records having to sign waivers or being asked for their own personal information before the court employee provides the requested documents. An article in the Dec. 30, 2002 Houston Chronicle titled “East Texas public data often elusive” shows East Texas law agencies were the least helpful and most confrontationale when it came to providing citizens access to open records.

County governments out of a 14 county survey conducted over a 4 month period in 2002, where shown to be cooperative in complying with the State’s open records laws. However, East Texas sheriff or police departments “resisted producing records 68% of the time” and complied with the State’s timeline for requests only 38% of the time. One researcher from the journalism department of UT Tyler was told she had to “earn the right to see documents see requested.” This is, unfortunately, the majority mindset of East Texan law enforcement. 

The Public Information Act states that any and all information regarding an arrest record and the name of the complainant are to be made available to the inquirying public. Texas law enforcement records are not exempt from public disclosure. Nor are property records at the Cherokee County courthouse.

Companies contemplating setting up operations in greater East Texas should consider the light sentencing for sexual assault of a minor by police officers, embezzlement of postal services and city government funds, road rage by a veteran DPS officer and the bonafide illegal wiretapping of constables and commissioners. The articles may be hidden in the news archives and the back of the minds of the residents; however they are the forefront of daily operations in Counties steeped in corruption. The disparate sentencing of minorities versus law enforcement caught red-handed and judgments against national companies should be thoroughly investigated by any business testing the job market in Cherokee County Texas. Company business calls will be intercepted, company mail rifled through by post office employees, their profits stolen via lawsuits and most importantly their children will be at risk from Cherokee County’s Rogues Gallery of child molesters enjoying their commuted probations.

As an April 29, 2007 Houston Chronicle article published by the Seattle Post titled “Civil Rights investigations decline as focus for FBI” states: for federal agencies keeping watch over rogue police officers, there has been in the last 5 years a 2/3rds drop in investigations of abusive police officers and hate crime purveyors. “You’re going to have officers getting away with, in some cases, literally murder.” Especially in East Texas where victims are portrayed as “nutcases” and/or transient drug addicts by the local media. And their stories buried with their remains in a nearby National Forest.

Child porn at Rusk ISD. Former Alto, TX coach busted for domestic violence. Death by Internet and Deputies. Escapee’s taped phonecalls lead to arrest of Nacogdoches jailer.

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This posting covers quite a bit this month: a Nacogdoches jailer helps inmates escape and is later arrested after the Sheriff Department confirms inmates’ recorded jailhouse pay phone calls. Neighboring Cherokee County Sheriff denied his deputies monitor jailhouse pay phones in a 1995 news article designed as a smokescreen. Complete with a fictitious concerned citizen complaining about a non-existent problem with James Campbell’s cell block pay phones.

Next, the FBI infiltrates the Rusk, TX High School to bust a long time teacher on child porn charges; former Alto ISD head coach Lucky Gamble arrested on domestic dispute; and local Internet forums turn political.

Lastly, the family of retired Lufkin, TX detective Allen Wallace calls Cherokee County Sheriff Department for suicide intervention – Wallace is shot dead in family cemetery.


Nacogdoches County, Texas correctional officer Hector Navejar, 24 was arrested Wednesday September 26, 2007 for helping 3 Hispanic inmates escape via an unlocked and/or malfunction door back in July. The escaping trio had led authorities on an extensive manhunt and to date 2 of the escapees have been caught leading to the arrest of 3 others in San Antonio who facilated their run from the law. One of the escapee’s sister, Laquisha Monque Tyler, 18, of Alto, TX was picked up by Cherokee County deputies for her part in helping her brother Marcuese avoid authorities.

“Authorities believe that Tyler provided her brother with transportation from Nacogdoches to Alto the morning of the escape and concealed his location from law enforcement officials.”
Efforts to locate her brother Marcuese Tyler had been ongoing throughout the state. Tyler may have escaped 9 hours earlier than authorities originally believed, traveled to Alto then Jacksonville, TX, and may be in the DFW area. Marcuese Tyler was a 2002 Alto High School graduate. He was apprehended in Houston County.

Correctional Officer for the Nacogdoches County jail, Mr. Hector Navejar age 24 now faces 2nd degree felony charges and has been arraigned.

The case of the escapees is non-eventful other than the fact it sheds the light on a common Texas practice of recording all inmates calls from the pay phones in the jail. A practice Cherokee County officials deny tooth and nail, because their phone tapping goes beyond the jailhouse and out into the city streets and rural backroads. Cherokee County has also denied that it records incoming 911 calls established by DETCOG in the 1990’s. A lie that has been repeated for decades, even in local newspapers.

The Nacogdoches jailer was caught because the inmates used the jailhouse phone to call Navejar and promised him illegal drugs for his cooperation in their escape. According to Officer Navejar’s arrest affidavit located at:
“Jail phone recordings implicate the defendant [jailer Hector Navejar] by name and phone number. Jail phone conversation indicated the defendant was being paid off with illegal drugs. The cell phone mentioned in the call was confirmed by employee records.”

Apparently the Nacogdoches Sheriff Department has no problem admitting it intercepts and records phone calls in the Nacogdoches County Jail.
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Page 1 of defendant Hector Navejar’s arrest affivadivt :
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Now that’s reporting the news accurately. It may look bad to Nacogdoches County, but the sheriff is openly trying to solve the problems in the jailhouse. He isn’t covering them up with lies, misdirection and fictitious “concerned citizens.” The bad apples are weeded out instead of promoted.

Cherokee County’s Sheriff James Campbell in a 1995 Cherokeean article, stated “The law prohibits my deputies to listen in (on phone conversations)” on the jailhouse pay phone. Even if one is allegedly making harassing collect calls out their cell blocks. But in 2007 it’s OK for the Nacogdoches County jail to record the inmates’ conversations?

Cherokee County’s version:

From the Rusk, TX Cherokeean June 1, 1995 p. 1

Did Joe Evans, the former Nacogdoches County sheriff and current Cherokee County District Attorney’s Investigator monitor the jailhouse pay phones under his tenure in Nacogdoches, Texas? You bet. But the neighboring Cherokee County sheriff and his deputies would not listen in on anybody’s personal or business calls, even his own inmate’s they’re charged with monitoring? Must be that dang ol’ Patriot Act, retroactively. Apparently East Texas Sheriff Departments do listen in and record all incoming and outgoing calls from their jails. Why the misdirection in Cherokee County, Texas?

Is it supposed to be a secret that phone calls between defendants in Cherokee County jail and their respective attorney/client conference calls are recorded? Then sent over to the District Attorney’s office for further scrutiny? Countless county jails around the country admit to recording inmates phone calls and use the calls to prosecute contraband traffickers. Cherokee County Texas’ private conversation recording obviously goes beyond the jailhouse and out into the neighborhood. And they get a kick out of publishing fictitious “concerned citizen” stories when they are smoke screening the illegal activity of their law enforcement.

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For the 3rd time this year, another Cherokee County Texas schoolteacher is under FBI investigation on child pornography and indecency charges as reported by the online Rusk Cherokeean. The longtime Rusk High School teacher’s name is being withheld by the local paper. His name is Harold “Bo” Scallon, Rusk High School drama teacher.

Rusk, ISD veteran teacher Harold “Bo” Scallon

The Tyler Paper online reports that the first out of the three, a 34 year-old Rusk geography teacher named Brian Basee pled guilty to an improper relationship between a “teacher and student.” A Cherokee County grand jury indicted Basee last March for indecency with a minor. He will receive 3 years incarceration according to the Jacksonville Progress.  Also according to the Cherokeean article, a 23 year-old youth minister from Jacksonville, TX that was sentenced to 4 years for having over 600 child porn pictures stored on his computer. This is not just a male teacher problem in Cherokee County, TX.

Bryan Edward Basse, Rusk, TX registered sex offender

In 2005, Shelley Allen a 35 year-old Alto, TX teacher’s aide was arrested for indecency with a student and sexual assault.
Because she is a member of the Allen family of Alto and Rusk, TX, local reporting never made it past her arrest. She was out on $30,000 bond. Her story dropped off the map quicker than the beating of Alto, TX resident John Brown by Cherokee County law enforcement.


Former Alto, TX high school football coach Drennan “Lucky” Gamble was arrested twice last week for domestic violence and DWI. Waco and Killeen TX authorities formed a police barricade around Gamble’s home in Falls County, TX after police were alerted to a domestic dispute.

Coach Lucky Gamble was Alto ISD’s head coach and athletics director from 1993 to 2000. He lead the Alto Yellowjackets to several high school football victories during his tenure. He is currently an assistant football coach at Chilton High School in Falls County (between Waco and Temple). Gamble had a previous assault charge after beating his first wife back in 2003.

“Lucky” Gamble, Alto ISD athletic director 1993-2000

Cherokee County, TX perhaps a great place to raise a family, but definitely home school. To the north and towards civilization, Smith County Commissioners Court meetings are now posted on YouTube by County Judge Joel Baker. Some commissioners question the postings, in fear that internet users “can alter the broadcasts” or “edit” the recordings. At least the debate is for an open forum where the public can view the court meetings. Instead of behind closed doors in a private citizens’ and unelected people’s homes. The Cherokee County old bitty network is always in full propaganda mode, trying to distract the local population with on-going smear campaigns. However they are not as Internet savvy as the younger population who has access to this and other blogs. A lesson for those old worn out hags who do random postings ‘under the radar’ and ‘under the covers’ in local Internet forums. They could wind up like this guy: http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/09/17/internet.death.ap/index.html?eref=ib_technology

Again, the lesson is limit your internet access and time on the computer. Its called “Internet addiction.” You people will die of exhaustion trying to cover up the illegal activity going on in your hometown Cherokee County, Texas. The Bill of Rights or Freedom of Speech has always been under attack in backwoods East Texas. The latest tactic is to have the local internet political forums shut down entirely by posting profanity and slander of non-news related subjects, under the guise of anonymity.

Then they themselves cry foul and try to have the entire discussion board shut down. Local officials do not want any open forum where people can discuss Cherokee County, Texas corruption; they want to control the subject matter. Since they can’t control public opinion on the internet, they are attempting to have it terminated internally by posting personal attacks at random chatroom members. Very Nazi-esque.

Note to subscribers: if you come across postings that do not agree with the Internet etiquette requirements listed in the service agreement, then you have found your East Texan saboteur trying to shut the public site down completely. It is the Cherokee County old wives club given the charge of shutting these Free Speech sites down. For solidarity’s sake they often attack one another under pseudonyms to create diversions of the ongoing criminal activity in Cherokee County, Texas. Their weapon of choice is venomous vitriolic personal attacks to mask the stench of corruption. Don’t be fooled. A quick check of their ISP address will give them away. Try this free online service from Geobytes, Inc.: http://www.geobytes.com/IpLocator.htm


In more intelligent circles, the Tyler/Smith County League of Women Voters will be hosting a panel of judicial experts Tuesday September 25, 2007.

The topic will be “The Texas Judiciary: Is Justice for Sale?” Specific examples should include Cherokee County’s district court employees backing of law enforcement guilty of rape, murder and drug dealing.

And for the unsullied and idealistic district court interns, fresh faced and out of law school : it will look better to have Church’s Chicken on your resume’ than Cherokee County.

The East Texas child porn epidemic: Why the constant barrage of reports of child pornography coming from the Bible Belt in greater East Texas, eg. the Nacogdoches county jailers, Rusk school teachers, Rusk County deputies etc. ? This is highlighted in a Lufkin News article dated August 31, 2007 “Rusk County deputy pled guilty to having child porn.”

Henderson, TX cop Kenneth Martin, age 36, fired in April after a fellow officer found the images on Martin’s police cruiser computer. US District Judge Michael Schneider sentenced the former deputy to 78 months in federal prison on Tuesday September 18, 2007. Why is child porn the choice for so many East Texas law enforcement personnel? Is it a dangerous combination of boredom and the need to break the law?

Certainly the majority of these law enforcement officials and educators are not pedophiles. The answer: they are gathering a library of the most illegal thing they can find, including stockpiling illicit drugs in order to plant on and/or frame their colleagues when the time arises. Sexual blackmail has been the mainstay of Cherokee County politics for decades.  Some of the dumber ones are getting caught. They aren’t doing it for their own gratification—they are being instructed to. And sometimes they are probably successful in framing each other. Others collect the sordid images because they enjoy violating the law, plain and simple. The thrill of breaking the law is too tempting and easy to do for the caliber of people hired in law enforcement in these areas. The rest of them are child predators and rapists that need castration, chemical or otherwise. This criminal activity will continue in Cherokee County Texas because the established elected officials will continue theirs. Cherokee County police officers like Larry Pugh certainly saw his bosses illegally tape record suspect’s phone conversations and had the district court back him during his brutal actions during the Tomato Bowl riot of 2004. Even saw his bosses put a man on trial for “interfering” and “resisting” while Pugh kicked his teeth in. So he felt emboldened to go out and rape and dispose of his complainants.

Constable Randy Thompson saw innocent poor people get framed and their property seized, so he decided to crank up a meth lab to get more locals addicted. Chester Kennedy Police Chief of Troup, TX had the best of both worlds being on the dividing line of Cherokee and Smith County. He could steal evidence from both counties and never report it. Hell, the Dogwood Trails Narcotic Task Force got away with it for years.

If you can’t make a phone call to revoke the bail of a violent drug addict locked up in the Rusk State Hospital, a la’ Michael Harris in 2003, before he signs out and murders his wife, then there is no telling what you can get away with. Because the economy is so rotten in Cherokee County, a government job is one of the most coveted, and these good Christian souls will say and do anything to keep their mortgage payments. They will even resort to investing in child pornography, in order to extort each other. The Cherokeean front page article for Sept. 26, 2007 titled “TDCJ overtime boosts economy” tells the story why the economy is so poor for Cherokee County. T

The only viable source of income for the region is the Skyview and Hodges Unit and the article brags on the pittance (of less than $29,000 annually) a jailer makes. If correctional officers are the largest source of revenue for the area, it is easy to understand why these people resort to blackmail via drugs and pornography. The target is the majority of well intentioned law enforcement that uphold the letter of law and don’t deal in drugs. Other targets are unsuspecting citizens caught up in an irate and egomaniacal officer’s debauchery or boredom. The usual suspects are the ones who seek out the most attention with the most mundane and mediocre “drug busts” or acts of unsubstantiated heroism. With so much time on their hands, making barely enough salary to feed themselves, they begin delving into criminal acts to ease their boredom and frustration, i.e. tapping phones, child porn, doing drugs, cheating on their spouses, etc. etc.

Or in the case of Jacksonville, TX patrolman Larry Pugh, they resort to targeting and raping defenseless women to sate their small town power trips.

Footnote: Larry Pugh pled guilty to falsifying his guilty plea, tacking on a few more years to his 12 federal years for rape and retaliation.

federal prisoner and ex-Jacksonville, TX police officer Larry Pugh

Even though local media outlets do not immediately report the overtly corrupt behavior of the Cherokee County criminal justice system, some other not so distant newspapers will. For instance, the report of local retired Lufkin detective Allen Lee “Stinger” Wallace, age 50, being gunned down in a “suicide”[sic] “altercation.” Wallace was shot in the head Monday September 17, 2007 over his mother grave in a cemetery on CR 2218 outside Rusk, TX. Cherokee County sheriff deputies were called to the secluded graveyard, the article begins:

Wallace drew his weapon at the cemetery, and according to Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell, shots were fired. Allen Wallace, a 23 year veteran of the Lufkin Police Department was killed at the scene by Campbell’s deputies. Sheriff Campbell comments he doesn’t know “who fired first,” and has called the Texas Rangers to “investigate.” Cherokee County doesn’t know “who fired first” but they do know the retired ex-detective was “suicidal.”

Maybe the gentleman was just having an emotion visit to his family’s cemetery plots. Nonetheless, this article didn’t make it to local Cherokee County media outlets the day it occurred, even though it happened on their doorsteps. If it looks bad, then don’t print it.

The Lukin Daily News reported the killing on September 18, 2007:
This article mistakenly repeats the nonsense of issuing an “autopsy” on Wallace to determine “who fired first.” That would be an issue for forensics to solve during the inquest; nonexistent forensics and no witnesses.With talking points freshly honed for public consumption, the Daily Progress reports on the shooting in their September 19, 2007 issue —minus the proper day the incident took place. The article begins the Sheriff Department’s “welfare concern” [sic] “began at approximately 1:50 PM…” Forget the fact the killing took place on Monday Sept. 17, not Wed Sept. 19. Apparently there are no courses in suicide prevention offered to Cherokee County, Texas recruits. The Cherokeean Herald online reports the failed intervention after the Wallace family supposedly called Cherokee County in fear Allen Wallace was going to kill himself.

Local Cherokee County media outlets never mentioned another police brutality claim that occurred in October 2006, the alleged excessive force of former Cherokee County Deputy Keith Gayle. Deputy Gayle arrested Kevin Yates in November 2004 for public intoxication and resisting arrest; Yates claimed he was roughed up unneccessarily during the domestic dispute call. Yates filed a civil rights lawsuit that was heard in Tyler’s US Magistrate district, naming Cherokee County, Deputy Gayle and Deputy Sargeant Jamie Beene as co-Defendants.

Mr. Yates lost his federal suit of $200,000 in damages and is serving a 3 year prison term on a failure to appear sentence before Cherokee County’s charges for the dispute incident were dismissed. Deputy Sgt. J. Beene had been a co-Defendant in the recent beating of Alto, TX resident John Brown, and too won his excessive force civil trial after a brutality “investigation”
by the Texas Rangers.

Now let’s look retrospectively at more recent ARTICLES OF DIS-INFORMATION:

from the Jacksonville Daily Progress January 6, 2006, regarding the “resignation” of Cherokee County Constable and bailiff Randall Thompson during his Federal indictment for selling meth to an undercover US agent. Ostensibly Thompson was feeling the pressure to resign for not showing up to work for over a month – he was sitting in a federal holding block not able to make his bail. The misdirection is that bailiff Randall Thompson was not participating in his district court duties prior to his indictment. Thompson was an officer of the 369th District court, though several accounts contend he did not serve as bailiff since June 23, 2005

http://www.jacksonvilleprogress.com/archivesearch/local_story_007151417.html (article dated January 7, 2006).
369th District Court documents tell another story; Thompson was an active participant in courthouse security and coordination. He disappeared for 6 weeks after being arrested by the Dept. of Justice. Another misleading article dated January 11, 2007 again states Thompson was shirking his constable and bailiff duties http://www.jacksonvilleprogress.com/archivesearch/local_story_011111403.html
It is unlikely the Cherokee County district court was unaware of Randall Thompson’s incarceration and indictment from the US DOJ press release dated January 12, 2006: http://www.usdoj.gov/usao/txe/news_release/news/thompson_moore.pdf

It appears ignorance was being feigned about Thompson’s whereabouts AND the fact that he was an active participant in 369th District Court activities and only abandoned his duties after his arrest. Thompson was sentenced to 10 years federal prison for possession and distribution of a controlled substance. His initial arrest was not reported by Cherokee County media outlets.

The fact is Randall Thompson was not a drug addict. Thompson job was to make crystal meth for sale and distribution by Cherokee County law enforcement in order to inflate the county’s drug arrest rate.
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A’ la the now defunct Dogwood Narcotics Trail Psuedo- Task Force in Palestine, TX, also part of the 369th District Court. This in turn would guarantee more federal funding to Cherokee County, TX. Last year’s articles were designed to make the public believe that Constable Thompson was not working for the district court since June of 2005.

More recently, the East Texas media has tried to put a pretty bow on and close the door on the Larry Pugh rape and retaliation case. They are aware that several of Pugh’s federal witnesses have disappeared and one key witnesses’ decomposed body was discovered in the Angelina Forest after ex-officer Pugh’s 12 year sentencing. Even the Tyler Paper paints a unsympathetic picture of Pugh’s rape victims as homeless drug addicts, wandering the alleyways and cemeteries of Jacksonville, TX.  http://www.tylerpaper.com/article/20070910/NEWS01/709090330

The article goes on to cite the investigation of Pugh by the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office, but never asks “Why wasn’t Larry Pugh arrested by Cherokee County?” if all these allegations Joe Evans states he investigated were pouring in? Joe Evans states he checked into 30 other complaints in the county. Then he decided to contact the FBI when he had a grand epiphany?

No sir, Larry Pugh’s last victim -the recipient of a $300,000 settlement against Larry Pugh (in care of the city of Jacksonville, TX), she is the one who contacted the FBI after her complaints fell on deaf ears. After it all, Cherokee County District Attorney Elmer Beckworth gathered his 12 loyal grand jurors, indicted Pugh and offered him 12 years concurrent state time for screwing an “inmate.” No mention or investigation required for the multiple late night traffic stops and sexual assaults Larry Pugh conducted for Cherokee County’s ‘Driving While Female ‘ crackdown. After Larry Pugh was indicted and sentenced, then Pugh’s drug arrests were dismissed. Cherokee County continued to prosecute Larry Pugh’s arrests during the time he was out on federal bond and continuing to stalk his complainants.

And of course the Jacksonville and Rusk newspaper would never divulge the county resident’s name: Evelyn Lewis. Because of female resident Cherokee County woman with a home, a job and a stable household might impact decortated patrolman Larry Pugh’s reputation. As Elmer Beckworth later told the Tyler Paper “the possibility of planting drugs was higher (with Pugh) than any other officer, ” he said.

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To win the trust of the Cherokee County, Texas taxpayer, they are to believe that a Constable did not show up for work for months for his bailiff duties and was terminated the day before he was indicted on federal drug charges. Of course Constable Randy Thompson still got his paycheck for the Rusk, TX Skyview Unit where he also worked as a correctional officer; he had a perfect attendance record up at Skyview. But he never coordinated any case loads in the 369th District Court;no absolutely not…he was nowhere to be found?

Meanwhile, Jacksonville, TX police officer Larry Pugh was pulling women over and raping them on the side of the road. Women whose complaints were not followed up on after reporting them to the local Rape Crisis Center and district attorney’s office. Not until the FBI got involved and made them ‘investigate’ Larry Pugh. But these women were just homeless drug addicts that wandered off into the Angelina Forest and never were seen again, according to local newspapers.

And that is going to win your trust back?