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Cherokee County, Texas District Attorney running unchallenged for 3rd term while child molesters get probation.

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In a November 2007 candidacy announcement in the Tyler Morning Telegraph, http://www.tylerpaper.com/article/20071128/NEWS01/711270314

Cherokee County District Attorney Elmer Beckworth tells his less erudite constituents that he has been hard “at work with other prosecutors to pass tougher child molestation laws.” Despite the fact his office in 2006 gave probation to a registered sex offender who molested a 1 year-old baby girl in Rusk, Texas. And during his tenure gave no jail time to over 3 dozen other registered pedophiles born and raised in Cherokee County, population less than 47,000.

Running unchallenged, candidate Elmer Beckworth also highlights the 2003 Faye Bell Harris murder which he rode to Austin as a brand new law, sadly coined “the Faye Harris Amendment” or Prop. 4.

2005’s Proposition 4 was purported to be the basis of denying bail to “people that violate the terms of their bail.” As if bail was never revocable in cases of escalating domestic violence. Not until the Texas Constitution was amended for the umpteenth time for the same domestic violence issue, according to Beckworth and co-author/former state senator Todd Staples (R-Palestine). Retroactively undoing the deliberate negligence of the preventable homicide of Faye Harris.

All for when other violent drug addicts on felony bond continues to harass, trespass and threaten their ex-wives. Instead of getting a continuous flow of court hearings to have his or her bond extended indefinitely, as the Cherokee County Texas district court did for Michael Harris. Those involuntarily committed to drug rehab might actually have their bail revoked if they screw up while out on bond, like the tens of thousands of revocations in legal precedent, Beckworth, et al pretends never existed.

Let’s look closer at the current Cherokee County district attorney’s record when it comes to the prosecution of sexual assault on minors within his jurisdiction.  We start by looking at those offenders arrested and plea-bargained in the Cherokee County district court records. The fact is Elmer Beckworth’s has given slap-on-the-wrists probation time to pedophiles whose victims are as young as 1 year-old infants, and less for those preying on 5 year-old little girls. No state jail time; no fines for these registered deviants.

No Community Service; no restitution for the injured parties. Just a good ol’ boy wink and nod from the county seat in Rusk, Texas and probation for almost all local child molesters. They just register with the State, get their pictures taken at the Sheriff’s Department and mosey up to the courthouse every 3 months or so for a Urine Analysis and coffee.

The DPS Sex Offender Registry shows those child molesters in Cherokee County, Texas arrested, prosecuted and who are still living within the county. Other counties obviously prosecute child predators to the fullest extent of the law. Comparisons on the local DPS offender list shows those defendants who have relocated, paroled after years (and decades) of incarceration. Their supervised portions of their out-of-state and/or out-of-county sentences continue with periodic registration and verification with the Cherokee County Sheriff Department. For the local pedophiles born and raised in Cherokee County however, an indecency with a minor charge results only in monthly visits to the Adult Probation Department.

In District Attorney Elmer Beckworth’s hometown of Rusk, TX , there are 18 registered sex offenders; their female victims ranging from 1 to 14 years-old. Again, nearly all those arrested and prosecuted in Cherokee County, Texas were given minimal supervised probationary sentences by deferment. Namely: JAMES CHRISTOPHER SCHLATER arrested on October 2002 for indecency and sexual contact with a 6 year-old. Beckworth’s office gave Schlater 10 years probation for his offense. The Cherokee County Texas newspapers also failed to report the sordid incident.

More recently and more disgusting, KENNETH DEXTER FOLMAR arrested on November 16, 2006 in Rusk, Texas for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child; given 8 years probation by the Cherokee County Texas prosecutor. The victim was a 1 year-old baby girl. Again not reported by local news outlets; only to be found in District Court Records and the Sex Offender Registry.

In Jacksonville, TX  there are 53 registered sexual offenders, with female victims ranging from 5 to 15-years-old. Elmer Beckworth’s office has given plea bargains of probation to over 30 HIGH RISK resident offenders. In Alto, TX , J.R. Edwards -10 years probation; female victim age 11 and G.M. Morrison – 10 years probation; female victim age 12.

The other registrants within the county show the same pattern of leniency. And obviously before the probation is levied, the state charges of felony molestation have to be reduced to misdemeanors, to put the onus on the County Attorney. So when Cherokee County Texas tells the outside world it is hard at work trying to be tough on child molesters, it really just depends on whom the local perpetrator is related to in the Rusk courthouse. Cherokee County’s incumbents depend on the non-astute voter to accept at face value the words of career politicians who lie as effortlessly as breathing. They aren’t in the business of telling the truth about their documented records. And they obviously get a kick out of doing the exact of opposite of what they tell the local media.

The fact is Cherokee County deliberately reset and reset the bail of Michael Harris, leading up to his eventual murder of his estranged ex-wife, Jacksonville, TX resident Faye Bell Harris. Even though Faye Harris had filed a restraining order and Michael Harris was under supervision at the Rusk State Hospital.

Why didn’t Beckworth file a motion to have Michael Harris’ bond rescinded in 2003?

On Elmer Beckworth’s second re-election claim, as assistant and district attorney in the last 20 years, Beckworth has seen the majority of Cherokee County’s child molesters pled negligible adult supervision. Both of these caveats are apparently his political platform as incumbent Cherokee County district attorney.

Of course no one in the rural East Texas media would spend 5 minutes doing any actual fact checking. Especially the senseless refusal to revoke the bail of a violent drug addict before a woman was murdered. Or reporting the rape of an infant by a Rusk, Texas child molester who Cherokee County’s Elmer Beckworth pleaded to 8 years probation.

View the Texas Department of Public Safety’s crime records service to view the public sex offender registry at: https://records.txdps.state.tx.us/dps_web/Portal/index.aspx

The following list of registered Cherokee County Texas sex offenders given probation by Cherokee County district attorney Elmer Beckworth, whose names were released in 2006 by the Jacksonville Daily Progress:

• Frank Birden Guinn, age 82, Alto TX, indecency with a child by contact of a 12-year-old female;
• Michael Morrison, 48, Alto TX, aggravated sexual assault of a 12-year-old female;
• Gary Mark Hayles, 43, Bullard TX, indecency with a child by contact of an 8-year-old female;
• Wesley Boyd Mohr, 60, Bullard TX, indecency with a child by contact of a 10-year-old female;
• William Barry Travis, 54, Bullard TX, aggravated sexual assault of a child of an 8-year-old female;
• Matthew Isaiah White, 17, Bullard TX, indecency by exposure involving a 15-year-old female;
• Christopher Steven Goleman, 33, Gallatin TX, aggravated sexual assault of a disabled 39 year-old female;
• Tommy Junior Allen, 54, Jacksonville TX, indecency with a child by contact of a 11-year-old female;
• William Tracy Arnold, 42, Jacksonville TX, burglary and felony involving a 34-year-old female;
• James Travis Baker, 22, Jacksonville TX, indecency of a child by contact of a 6-year-old female;
• James Isaac Barnett, 18, Jacksonville TX, indecency with a child of a 14-year-old-female;
• Brian D. Black, 19, Jacksonville TX, aggravated sexual assault of a 10-year-old female;
• Vernon Willis Blackshire, 29, Jacksonville TX, sexual assault of a 14-year-old female;
• Anthony Eugene Boone, 38, Jacksonville TX, aggravated sexual assault of a 6-year-old male;
• Cole Joseph Brooks, 22, Jacksonville TX, aggravated sexual assault of a 13-year-old female;
• Christopher Lee Calley, 25, Jacksonville TX, aggravated sexual assault of a 3-year-old female;
• Gark Michael Clark, Jacksonville TX, 52, sexual assault of a child of a 16-year-old girl;
• Arturo Allen Cochran, 26, Jacksonville TX, aggravated sexual assault of a 12-year-old female;
• Carlos Jerome Conner, 37, Jacksonville TX, aggravated sexual assault of a 13-year-old female;
• Steven Daille, 58, Jacksonville TX, sexual assault of a 15-year-old female;
• James William Dennis, 64, Jacksonville TX, agg. kidnapping/sex assault of a 38-year-old female;
• Jose Ramon Galan, 53, Jacksonville TX, indecency with a child by contact of a 9-year-old female;
• Jonathan Keith Glenn, 23, Jacksonville TX, aggravated sexual assault of an 8-year-old female;
• James Henry Golden, 52, Jacksonville TX, aggravated sexual assault of a 36-year-old female;
• Nathan Wayne Grimes, 61, Jacksonville TX, indecency with a 9-year-old female;
• Ollie Ray Grogan, 62, Jacksonville TX, indecency with a 5-year-old male and 7-year-old female;
• Nickolas Noel Harwell, 31, Jacksonville TX, two counts of aggravated sex assault of a 12-year-old female;
• Kevin Lyn Hawes, 42, Jacksonville TX, aggravated sexual assault of a 15-year-old;
• Christopher Michael Hennessy, Jacksonville TX, 25, sexual assault of a 15-year-old female; absconded.
• William Lee Hershiser, 48, Jacksonville TX, aggravated sexual assault of a 15-year-old female;
• Roger Hunter, 72, Jacksonville TX, indecency with a child by contact of a 14-year-old female;
• Aaron Lee Joslin, 25, Jacksonville TX, two counts of sexual performance of a 7-year-old male;
• Robert Michael Lane, 33, Jacksonville TX, indecency by contact of a 10-year-old female;
• Jackie Neal Locke, 46, Jacksonville TX, indecency with a child by contact of a 13-year-old female;
• Ben Mallard, 47, Jacksonville TX, indecency with a child by contact of a 11-year-old female;
• James Donald McClain, 56, Jacksonville TX, aggravated sexual assault of a 20-year-old female, and 11-year-old female;
• Leroy Edward McCuen, 56, Jacksonville TX, aggravated sexual assault of a 9-year-old female;
• Kenneth Ray Messick, 59, Jacksonville TX, sexual assault of a 14-year-old female and 16-year-old female;
• Stacy Bernard Mills, 39, Jacksonville TX, aggravated sexual assault of a 11-year-old female;
• Tracey Dewayne Moseley, 33, Jacksonville TX, indecency by exposure, of a 15-year-old female;
• Jamie Lee Newburn, 28, Jacksonville TX, two counts of attempted sexual performance of a 14-year-old female;
• Sammy Carroll Newman, 54, Jacksonville TX, indecency by contact of a 12-year-old female;
• Patrick Brian Norsworthy, 43, Jacksonville TX, indecency by contact of an 8-year-old female;
• Derrick Wendell Owens, 34, Jacksonville TX, indecency by contact of a 9-year-old female;
• Kevin Wayne Patton, 36, Jacksonville TX, indecency by contact of a 14-year-old female;
• Glenn Durrell Pierce, 49 years of age, Jacksonville TX, sexual assault of a 15-year-old male;
• Bruce Townsend Powell, 48, Jacksonville TX, attempted sexual assault of a 30-year-old male;
• Jimmy Reed, 47, Jacksonville TX, attempted sexual assault of a 25-year-old female and unknown female;
• Mandell Rhodes Jr., 43, Jacksonville TX, aggravated sexual assault of a 52-year-old female;
• Thompson Ward Stricklen, 43, Jacksonville TX, indecency by contact of a 11-year-old female;
• Paul Arlen Taylor, 51, Jacksonville TX, indecency by contact of a 13-year-old female;
• Terry Lawrence Taylor, 48, Jacksonville TX, indecency by contact of a 12-year-old female;
• James L. Wells, 52, Jacksonville TX, aggravated sexual assault of a 5-year-old female and 6-year-old female;
• Johnny Decole Wells, 25, Jacksonville TX, sexual assault of a 15-year-old female;
• Larry Wayne White, 45, Jacksonville TX, aggravated sexual assault of an 8-year-old female;
• Timothy Kevin Zweck, 32, Jacksonville TX, sexual assault of a 15-year-old female;
• Robby Lee Buffalo, 32, Rusk TX, prohibited sexual assault (incest) of a 11-year-old female;
• Richard Dean Davis, 47, Rusk TX, indecency with a child by contact of a 14-year-old female;
• Nile James Dean, 39, Rusk TX, indecency with a child by contact of a 8-year-old female;
• James William Hammons, 45, Rusk TX, aggravated sexual assault of a 13-year-old female;
• Jason Aaron Husband, 29, Rusk TX, sexual assault of a child of a 15-year-old female;
• Elbert James Patton, 90, Rusk TX, indecency with a child by contact of an 8-year-old female and 9-year-old female; deceased.
• Delian Brenanard Session, 43, Rusk TX, sexual assault of a 34-year-old female and 11-year-old-female;
• Troy Gibbs Sutherland, 31 years of age, Rusk TX, attempted sexual assault of a 15-year-old female;
• Aubrey Thomas Taylor, 48 years of age, Rusk TX, indecency with a child by contact of a 10-year-old female;
• Dale Joseph Tylich, 51, Rusk TX, indecency with a child by contact of a female less than 16 years of age;
• Charles Clifton Bruner, 45, Troup TX, indecency with a child by contact of a 6-year-old female;
• Michael Servetus Childs, 31 years of age, Troup TX, sexual assault of a 14-year-old female;
• Tommy Robert Husband, 46 years of age, Troup TX, indecency with a child by contact of a 16-year-old female;
• Michael Sean Lee, 33 years of age, Troup TX, indecency with a child of a 13-year-old female;
• Timmey Martin, 41 years of age, Troup TX, aggravated sexual assault of a 14-year-old female;
• Michael Ryan McMichael, 34 years of age, Troup TX, indecency with a child of a 12-year-old female;
• Martin Otis Pitts, 51 years of age, Troup TX, two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a 7-year-old female;
• Bryan Thomas Toombs, 31 years of age, Troup TX, aggravated sexual assault of a 13-year-old female.
• Alisha Arriola Corley, 36 years of age, Wells TX, sexual assault of a 15-year-old male.


Written by Cherokee County, Texas

02/12/2008 at 11:55 AM

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  1. my dad sexually abused me since i have been 4 years old. i called cps about a year ago and elmer beckworth did nothing but dismiss the case with my father. My dad did not even go to trial or get asked about anything. I finally had the guts to come out and tell somebody what was haapping to me, and the county let me down by doing absolutly NOTHING. i am 14 years old about to be 15 and i was in cps on my 14th birthday, i live with my mom now. when i was 11 i was sexually abuse by a guy named Sam Mcdonald and i went to grand jurry and they indited them in 5 min. when i started hearing the name Elmer Beckworth the case closed… he didnt go to trial, have to regester as a sex offender, didnt get anything. I have been hurt by Elmer Beckworth because when i came out and finally told what was happing and what had happend, the case got put on the back burner and in the end nothing happend. I am devestated that what i thought would happen if i told came true. They acted like they didnt belive me and they did nothing… i have read these cases about other children that have had their inosence taken away, and the person who did it to them got nothing other than probation? Now think if that was your child…that would seem like nothing happend and no justice was found at all, right? I’m dealing with the things that have happend to me, but i feel like everything i did in cherokee county was usless because nothing was done about anything. And that hurts that the county that i live in, the athority that im supposed to obide let me down and is giving a message that it is ok to rape people, from 1-100 any age no matter what, it is WRONG. So please help me get this through to people who can do something about it. I would hate for one more person have to go through this. Thank you, Mika Giebenrath

    Mika Giebenrath

    04/15/2008 at 2:24 AM

  2. I understand, the whole county and most of the attorneys seem to be in bed with each other. On the advice of my “attorney” I didnt make a statement to the police about why I had broken ribs, a collapsed lung, bruised kidneys, etc, and then I shot the guy who did that to me.
    He (MY ex) PERJURED himself on the stand, and I got 5 years felony probation from MR BECKWORTH’S prosecuting for agg assault.
    I went through 4 YEARS of assault, but never had the nerve to tell anyone-he threatened to kill my parents and my son if I told. I hope this gets out to someone in this county, because now i have a warrant for “violent threats” to him, which I have to turn myself into jail, bond out, and hire and attorney just to hear so called “threats” and attempt to defend myself. IF THEY DONT JUST REVOKE ME AND SEND ME ON TO PPRISON W/O EVER GETTING OUT TO DEFEND MYSELF.

    Karla Vestal

    04/23/2008 at 9:17 PM

  3. My family and I recently moved to Rusk, not 2 minutes from the courthouse here and I never realized the corruption going on in this county. Its sickening to hear of all the abuse happening to children in this city and the County of Cherokee. Had I known of the corruption in this county I would have made a different decision on where to live. The police drive by my house constantly, but not one waves or even stops and says hey welcome to the neighborhood, and if you happen to need us or suspect any wrong doing in the area let us know. Now that I have read so many horrible things on this website, I dont know if I want to stay here or not but if we do, I promise you when it comes voting time, as my civil right, I will be asking questioins to the people running for public offices about these accusations.
    I’ve already had a small experience with the office of Elmer Beckworth Jr as I kept recieving mail to a gentleman and I kept sending it back. I finally called his office and his secretary seemed confused when I explained the situation to her. I say to the people of Rusk and Cherokee County….get your heads out of the sand and take your towns back and demand these sick, perverted child molesters be prosecuted. I know if I were a County official I would want people to know that I gave a child molestor the hardest sentence I could. I mean, it makes it look like they are all in together on this sick business. TAKE BACK YOUR TOWNS. Karla and Mika, Im sorry you have had to experience these things and I pray that justice is served.

    MaLisa Cotton

    08/21/2008 at 6:48 AM

  4. My response for the family recently moved to Rusk, two minutes from the courthouse.

    As far as the police ignoring you and not even waving “hello” during the drive-bys in your neighborhood, well that’s just a snippet into their pervasive attitude toward outsiders like you. If you were kin or buddies to the “right folk” both within the county, you could get away with anything from serial rape, molestation, insurance fraud and even murder. They’ll try to win you over at first, but once you become critical of their slimy underworld of lies, incest, drugs and corruption, they’ll start targeting you. And while they’re not feeding on each other, they’ll sate their boredom by making up shit about you and your family.

    Pay attention to not only the blatant, but the subtle cues that you are not welcome here. If you can think for yourself, you are not welcome here. If you ask questions about your local officials, you are slapping everyone else’s hand in the taxpayer cookie jar.
    No analytical thinkers are welcome in Cherokee County. Heed your intuition’s warnings. If you have the financial means to do so, I’d highly suggest you leave this region. Otherwise you face having to fork out tens of thousands of dollars in trumped up lawyer fees, lawsuits or other means to force you out and/or silence you.

    What you are now living in here in Rusk, TX is equivalent to that of a communist country. Blood is thicker than water and MISINFORMATION, party line half truths and propaganda is the only thing thriving in the area. The economy is poor, businesses get sucked dry and property taxes keep going up to pay for the UNREPORTED lawsuits against law enforcement being settled in federal court every week.

    When you moved into this ‘Christian’ community, you said Goodbye to most of your constitutionally guaranteed civil rights to privacy and peaceful enjoyment of your home.
    The first thing Cherokee County law enforcement did when you moved here was run your land line Consolidated phone wires into either your next door neighbor’s house or across town so they could tape record your private and business calls. And now that they know you are critical of them, you can expect your family to be harassed and bad-mouthed. Get out while you can is my only advice.



    08/21/2008 at 11:56 PM

  5. Wellcome to Texas, honey or bud this is true for all of Texas, Its what is happening in general, no true justice. Im a Mexican American, and I know what injustice is, and you should stand your ground do not be intimidated, this is America, a country that I m proud to be a part of, You keep living ask God, for help. Okay!

    Frank S Ramirez

    08/27/2008 at 6:12 PM

  6. …I am always worried about WHEN I get stopped for speeding, or something…The county is very corrupt, and my ex is a total lying man (thats not want i want to phrase it, but it will get deleted otherwise).

    Karla Vestal

    09/04/2008 at 11:17 AM

  7. 2005’s Proposition 4 was purported to be the basis of denying bail to “people that violate the terms of their bail” was the smartest thing in the world to do. In Broward County hen someone is arrested, Bail is set by a Judge for their release no matter what they did, Surety was put into affect to allow Defendants to go back to their daily lives while awaiting to stand trial for their charges.

    Great Post,

    bail bond services

    09/05/2008 at 3:27 AM

  8. After reading about the corruption in Cherokee County I am really wondering what can of worms I and my husband opened up in regards to our grandchildren.
    For the past two years my son and his family have lived in Troup (a city that I cannot determine if is in Cherokee County or Smith County). We were never invited to visit them during this time though they would visit with us here in Dallas. I never thought too much about it. That is until last week. My son was arrested in Van Zandt County for online solicitation of a minor. His wife took the children and left. When I went to their home I discovered why we were never invited because they knew that if we saw the living conditions that I would contact CPS. To see what I saw, go to the following:
    http://www.palestinecitizen.com/gunterimages. I was sickened like I have never been in my life.
    Needless to say I sent in an online report to CPS. A CPS caseworker from Cherokee County left me a voice mail message and I have left him one as well. But that was four days ago. I spoke with a case worker from Smith County and she essentially told me that since the children are out of the environment then all is right with their world. Even though they are with one of the adults that created that environment in which they lived. My daughter-in-law and the children are now living in Whitehouse with her parents. Her mother and stepfather did not respond to a request to see the living conditions for themselves. My husband sent via registered mail a DVD of the pictures of what her took to her grandmother, who from was I hear was once the mayor of Whitehouse, and we have redceived no notice that she has received, or let me say, accepted the package. The case worker told my husband that she would not use the pictures that he took even though they were taken 24 hours after the children left the environment, but would use only the ones that she would take. Even if she did take pictures of the living conditions at the present time, which I seriously doubt that she will make an effort, those pictures would show that my ex-husband has cleaned the trailer.
    Now I can understand through the reading the information on Cherokee County [Corruption] that officials, including family members, are not dedicated to keeping our children safe but care only about keeping East Texas pseudo-safe. I, as a medical provider, always thought that Child Protective Services was the safety net for abused and neglected children; however, I now know that my confidence in the system is gone. I always thought that when I reported either abuse or neglect that those responsible for the safety of our children would take their responsibility seriously and do what is best for the children. I know that I will continue to report any case I suspect as abuse or neglect, but I now know that CPS may not take it seriously.
    If the media in East Texas will not acknowledge and report this and other cases, then maybe the media in the larger population areas need to be involved…

    Pat Chenault-Salisbury

    09/07/2008 at 7:50 AM

  9. Pat,
    The southern portion of Troup TX and County Road 4910 (where the neglect was occurring) is in Cherokee County and Cherokee County jurisdiction. Cherokee County CPS is too busy to interview witnesses and investigate actual neglect when they take their marching orders from the District Attorney’s office. If it’s not going to benefit Elmer Beckworth, et al, then nothing will ever be done about the safety of your grandkids.

    You say your son was arrested in Van Zandt County for online solicitation of minor and by the looks of the home/computers in your video- well, it appears that his trailer house on CR 4910 could be his home base for the alleged illicit activity. And the mobile home looks like either it was broken into or drug addicts were living there in squalor.
    This is why it won’t be investigated; it makes the local Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Boards look bad. And a loss of tax revenue when business scouts find out about the rampant child abuse in the county.

    That is why it won’t be reported, like the Alto postmaster stealing over $25,000 from the Alto TX Post Office. Or the Rusk dentist recently arrested and released for Assault. Or a Rusk State Hospital doctor being reprimanded for “improper” examinations. The editors of the Rusk and Jacksonville TX papers have known for decades what NOT to report, i.e. the arrest and subsequent dropped charges of individuals in the district attorney’s pocket. They will however ‘rubber stamp’ every lie, misdirection or hyped-up propaganda from Cherokee County officials and ‘professionals.’

    The EDITOR

    • Just thought you might like to know there is going to be a Republican candidate(Cherokee County) running for District Attorney in the March Primary. His name is William “Bill” Wilder. He is an experienced attorney and former County Attorney with felony prosecution experience. He is his own man and new to this area. Fresh face, firm convictions, and a man who can make a difference.

      L. Wilder

      11/06/2009 at 7:19 AM

      • Sounds nice, however I would choose cellular service and disconnect your land line phone for the rest of your lives in Cherokee County. Every phone conversation you have will be tape recorded by them from here on out. Check out all those deputies phoneman on the county payroll. They are there for a reason: incumbency.

  10. All families that care about their children should leave the area. Good ole’ boy system at work. Molest children, ask Elmer [Beckworth], he’ll slap them on the wrist. Molest infants, if you work in the county he will do what he can to keep it hush hush. Keep working and put your heads further in the sand. Ignore the serial child molesters that have saturated the county. If we dont talk about it, it will not be real. That’s the way to protect and serve: The molesters, not the children.
    ” Woe, be on you, said the Lord, for any who hurt any of my children”. Good luck at the judgement of the Lord, explain to HIM, how you “protected” the children in the county. Shame to you, and disgrace to the Cherokee County Judicial System. I pray and lift the children up to the Lord, that are silenced by the failure of the system. May God bring you comfort and peace through your storm. Its not your fault….


    09/07/2008 at 8:55 PM

  11. Thank you for your information and your support. This has been truly rough on us. This is an open investigation…for whatever that is worth.

    Pat Chenault-Salisbury

    09/09/2008 at 5:08 AM

  12. Welcome to our little slice of paradise folks.
    The only thing living in this area has taught me, is that there is no distinct difference between Friend and Enemy. Information, and keeping your head down are the only real pieces of advice that I feel like I can give. It’s painful to read these things and know that they’re happening here; you’d expect corruption like this in major cities. I promise that I’m going to help change it.

    Mr. Silence-Do-Good

    04/11/2009 at 5:06 PM

  13. The things listed on this site would be considered outstandingly moral and ethical compared to what is really going on. I wish I could tell you more, but without hard photographic evidence no one would believe me, and/or I might turn up missing! An evil you would not believe permeates MANY levels of government here, elsewhere, and at the national level, you can not imagine the depths of it!


    04/22/2010 at 11:01 PM

    • In Cherokee County, namely within the sheriff department and courthouse personnel, the corruption is systemic. It is a way of life for the old guard. It is a government job they intend to hang onto until retirement. The old female employees are the dirtiest. They actively suborn the Cherokee County jury pool for the district attorney’s office. One has to look no further than Internet social networks such as Facebook to see whom these ol’ church biddies are connected, i.e. friends with. In particular, convicted thieves and wife beaters, along with the local congressman, state senator and sheriff.

      In Cherokee County it is the norm to lie, cheat and steal; some elected officials and their appointees believe they were put on this Earth to screw people out of their life and property. Their jobs every day is to take a falsehood and repeat that untruth it into infinity until the lie is so widely distributed and frequently heard, that over time it is presumed fact. It is a totally different country up there.

      The best way to avoid corruption, at any level of government, is to have new candidates move into these positions every 5 years or so. In Cherokee County, those incumbents have kept their positions by blackmailing each other. We all got a glimpse of last December, i.e. the anonymous email to the media sent by a sheriff deputy alleging the chief of police of Jacksonville was having an affair and facing lawsuits. All bogus and straight out of the Sheriff’s and district attorney’s offices. Everybody keeps their jobs after it comes to light, unlike in a larger metro area where the deputy would have been reprimanded and fired. That sheriff deputy would be facing criminal charges in any other part of the state. Not in Cherokee County, though; the district attorney himself couldn’t wait to seat this lying deputy on the next criminal trial. To perpetuate the lies on the taxpayers’ dole.

      the Editor

      05/07/2010 at 11:40 AM

  14. Sorry, I’m not leaving any trace I hope. This is only a end times role of all the people, don’t give up God still listens, but he requires those with no sin to cast the first stone. If that’s not possible repent, ask for forgiveness then he will hear you, you have to go above these heads here on earth because they are limited in their ability, they may payed their way to get their appointment or to be an unjust judge. They are scared of losing their job or income because they don’t even research their cases, a child could do better. Why God terries is only to give them a chance to repent, is my only guess, may God Bless you people that think the world courts can solve anything! Make every effort to be ready for Christ’s return where there will be a judge that can see everything and will judge us right. The only thing that works is praying for these unrighteous judges and the Bible in Gods words that it will bring things down on their heads what they have did under handed for money. May God Bless you folks that have love ones violated and can’t get no justice for it. Do the best you can and God will reward you if you let him handle it. Servant of the Most high God. with/love

    Christian Pastor

    07/24/2010 at 10:18 AM

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