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Probated Cherokee County burglar kidnaps and rapes Henderson, TX woman; Anderson County Crime Stopper money missing

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Another Cherokee County, TX probationer has reoffended, this time it is Aggravated Abduction and Rape.

Henderson, TX:

Probated Cherokee County burglar and Henderson resident Gary Lynn Jones, age 42, has pleaded guilty to the aggravated sexual assault of a female coworker, according to the Tyler Paper (Source: “Henderson Man Pleads Guilty, Gets 50 Years On Sexual Assault,” January 16, 2011)

The 21-year old victim was tied up at gunpoint and raped repeatedly on the side of the road until she was able to escape and notify authorities. Jones was sentenced to 50 years in TDCJ. He had been serving 20 years adjudicated probation from a past burglary charge in Cherokee County, TX.

Gary Lynn Jones was placed on deferred adjudication in Cherokee County’s 2nd Judicial District Court for burglary of a habitation in October, 2000 (Source: Case 14337; THE STATE OF TEXAS vs JONES, GARY LYNN
Filed 06/26/2000 – Disposition: 10/13/2000 Deferred adjudication; 2nd District Court, District Clerk, Cherokee County, Texas). He was being supervised by Rusk County up to his revocation hearing in September, 2010.

Repeat offenders on probation and stoolies closely connected to the D.A.’s office can be involved in hit-and-runs, DWI’s, domestic violence, etc. etc. in other counties, yet their hometown parole supervision status in Cherokee County will remain unrevoked and unchanged. High-risk and especially repeat offenders facing incarceration are ideal candidates as ‘confidential’ informants for the Cherokee County district attorney’s office and local Sheriff’s Department. These probated criminals are not benign ‘Crime Stopper-esque’ informants who expose their drug dealers. No Sir, they are the “Go To” boys and biddies for the frame jobs concocted by these agencies.

Palestine, TX:
In other Crime Stopper News, the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department has suspended 50-year old employee Terry Raybin after money disappeared from the tipster’s fund. Complaints were filed after county informants were told by Raybin that tip money had already been paid out. Mrs. Raybin had been Sheriff Greg Taylor’s personal secretary for several years according to the Tyler Paper. (Source: “Anderson Co. Sheriff’s Secretary Fired For Allegedly Stealing Crime Stoppers Money,” January 21, 2011)

Cherokee County’s version of Crime Stoppers has been supporting the otherwise unemployable family and friends of the District Attorney’s office and other agencies for decades. And they offer little oversight to the personal use of county equipment, hence the IRS has audited the county according to KETK and the Daily Progress (Sources: IRS investigating Cherokee County, KETK January 10, 2011 and IRS investigates county, Jacksonville Daily Progress January 8, 2011).


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01/22/2011 at 1:00 PM

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  1. on greg taylors sectary they will not file any charges the grand jury will be stacked…


    12/06/2011 at 1:16 PM

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