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Robert Fox in jail but not the news. County Attorney blames victims for domestic violence.

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Jacksonville, Texas:

They’ve called him a “terrorist sympathizer.” They say he has ties to “American Taliban” Johnny Walker Lindh and federal building bomber/mass murderer Timothy McVeigh. They said he set up shop at the House of Israel in downtown Jacksonville, Texas for the sole purpose of irritating the district attorney while bringing down the government. They said he was the focus of a “nationwide manhunt” by Homeland Security. They said he was a ticking time bomb and his brainwashed Republic of Texas followers were a threat to our God fearin’ democratic way of life. But when Robert Fox appeared on the Cherokee County courthouse steps with his supporters, his arrest never made the Daily Progress or Rusk Cherokeean. Fox responded last week to a 9:00 am court summons and was quietly escorted away by Jacksonville detectives. All this after being labeled by the Jacksonville, Texas Chief of Police as a “Wanted Fugitive” and still at large.

Only the Tyler Morning News had the professional common sense to share with its readers 100 miles away that this ‘threat to national security’ had been captured- simply because he answered his summons.

No headlines in the Jacksonville paper proudly announcing the news:
“House of Israel leader Robert Fox arrested on December 5, 2008 at Cherokee County courthouse in Rusk, Texas.”

There are no local accounts of the arrest being published because Fox apparently obeyed his court summons to appear for his barratry and evading arrest charges. Feral pigs warrant local headlines but not the arrest of the Jacksonville Police Department’s so-called “lightning rod” of terrorist activity.

Robert Fox (Source: Jacksonville Daily Progress)


An always disheveled Robert Fox, age 59, is in Cherokee County jail on a $30,000 bond.  According to KETK Channel 56 and other news sources, Fox surrendered peacefully. However, Jacksonville PD detective Jason Price told the Tyler Morning News that Fox “did not cooperate whatsoever” during his December 5, 2008 arrest. The fact is the local newspapers have been told to pretend they now know nothing about the case, so the presiding judge can also pretend the media has not already poisoned Fox’s hand-picked jury members to be. Remember the Jacksonville Daily Progress front page headlines and attention grabbers during the ‘hog dog fightin’ days of summer’?:

But no reports of the arrest and end to the manhunt of Robert Fox for potential jurors to read about. If it’s news 100 miles away, then why isn’t it news for the only two newspapers in the county? Fox faces a specially selected jury pool of relatives of investigating officers, etc. because untainted juries are nonexistent in Cherokee County.

Any change of venue of the Robert Fox case will be argued as inconsequential. If the population can’t read, how can the court expect the trial jury to have any prejudicial pre-opinions of the Fox case despite the massive newspaper propaganda campaign against him? Besides, a cousin or two wouldn’t lie during voir dire to keep themselves planted in the jury box. Not in God’s Country.

In July 2008, Jacksonville Police Detective Jason Price held a press conference to detail how his “investigation had uncovered connections between Fox and known terrorists.” Actually the Jacksonville Police Department’s raid on the House of Israel halfway house on a Class C Misdemeanor charge led to the discovery of Fox’s political writings. Expired Oxycontin was found horded away in the Fox compound. In any other venue the man’s political dribble would be inadmissible and the mention of his personal effects would be unconstitutional.

Cherokee County chose to hype the escalating raids of the House of Israel and win the local public opinion after violating the Civil Rights of its citizenry. Want to bet the House of Israel phone lines were diverted off Main Street and Fox’s conversations were being illegally tape recorded somewhere? Hence the heightened yet fictitious need for the Jacksonville Police Department to go to DEFCOM 5.

Jacksonville PD press conference (Source: Jacksonville Daily Progress)


Police avoided calling Fox violent but Chief Reece Daniel called the man a dangerous individual.

“Timothy McVeigh was the lightning,” Daniel said. “People like Robert Fox are the lightning rods that convince others to bomb buildings.”

Other East Texas media followed suit with news articles claiming Fox’s terroristic leanings.

(Source: House Of Israel Leader Has Taliban Links; Draws McVeigh Comparisons- July 25, 2008)

“JACKSONVILLE, TX (EAST TEXAS NEWS)- He’s the ringleader of an anti-government group, caught here in East Texas. Now he’s been linked to a major terrorist organization – the Taliban.”

Tyler, TX based Channel 19 repeats the Jacksonville Police Department’s claim that the indigent Robert Fox is a “dangerous individual” who was also wanted in Canada and Missouri.

(Source: House of Israel Ties to the Taliban?- July 25, 2008)

“[Jacksonville Police Detective Jason] Price said his department has solicited for assistance from the federal government. “But to this point we’ve gotten a lukewarm response,” he said.

They hope that will change. Before this possible link to terrorism, turns to acts of terrorism.

If that is the case, then why didn’t the hometown Jacksonville, Texas newspaper report that the “dangerous” Robert Fox is now sitting in the Cherokee County jail of his own volition? Why haven’t they continued their propaganda campaign ad absurdum? Because they have collectively violated the rights of a harmless blowhard and given him exactly what he wanted- another federal lawsuit to clog up the court system.

Footnote: Robert James Fox posted $30,000 bond and was released from Cherokee County jail on December 20, 2008. Still no reports from the local media.

Distraction results in successful propagandizing, no matter how absurd, e.g. naming Robert Fox as a link to terrorists based upon immaterial and inadmissible ‘evidence.’ This is what attorneys from out of the region should be prepared for when they argue cases in front of stacked Cherokee County juries. Cherokee County’s district judges allow the argument of “beliefs” instead of facts. Ten years ago they would have called Robert Fox a satanist. Twenty years ago they would called him a communist. Thirty years ago they would have called him a Vietnam deserter. The Cherokee County district attorney relies on the local newspaper to propagate this type of illegal smear campaign. Because Fox is indigent he will not be allowed to question or challenge these absurd accusations. The court simply will obstruct his defense. They certainly won’t allow the naming of opposing members of counsel and court officers as witnesses, even if everybody is first cousins and carpool to the courthouse. And the Defense can expect their confidential attorney/client phone conversations to be intercepted and played for the District Attorney’s office.

Rusk, Texas:   Warning, all roads lead to stupidity.

Everyone knows the small town media can help shape negative beliefs as much as positive ones. When Rusk Chamber of Commerce members are arrested for domestic violence, the formula remains the same: divert attention away by focusing it on someone not part of the Good Ol’ Boy system. Analytical thinking is prohibited.

The strangest news story probably ever published in the Jacksonville Daily Progress appeared last month. An article titled “local man found guilty of assault despite victim dropping charges” attempts to explain the first legal precedent of its kind in Cherokee County history, the prosecution of domestic violence after the victim recants her story. Or perhaps to validate why Protective Orders in Cherokee County only apply to men like the one mentioned in the article, and not to those who advertise in the Daily Progress.

The naïve reporter of this tripe begins:
(Source: Jacksonville Daily Progress, November 8, 2008)

In what amounts to a fairly uncommon legal occurrence, the Cherokee County Attorney’s office prosecuted a Rusk man for misdemeanor assault/family violence last week despite the victim’s desire to drop the charges.

Taking their lessons from the Cherokee County District Attorney and Law School 101, local reporters follow the Chapter in Negative Logic. Remember it’s always someone else’s fault, so blame the victim. An innocent defendant can’t prove a negative, i.e. something that never happened nor be proven to have happened. Therefore any lie is permissible and admissible and should never be questioned.

Lesson One- a defendant can’t prove a negative when the judge allows a criminal case to be tried based on the preponderance of the ‘evidence.’ Especially falsified evidence and when law enforcement is allowed to perjure. Or the judge ignores the cousins of the Plaintiff being planted on the jury. As a matter of fact, the more absurd the District Attorney’s concoction and the more State witnesses lie on the stand, the better. It reaffirms what jury members have been fed prior to the vetting process and makes for fine entertainment for everyone involved. And remember the pool of potential jury members in Cherokee County, Texas is less than fifty.

The prosecutorial example always has to be made on the lone destitute defendant arrested for slapping his girlfriend. Not on the local businessmen arrested repeatedly for family violence- and whose cases are dismissed before the Bondsman posts bail. The County Attorney’s office has also found the need to justify the lack of effort prosecuting their constituent wife beaters backlogging the docket. Drunken habitual wife beaters who actually make the cut are reported as Misdemeanor Only offenders, because all the other arrestees simply will not be prosecuted if they are related to officers of the court. The more recent and more provocative beatings are swept under the carpet while those cases postponed for years are brought to the forefront, to shunt scrutiny from recent offenses.

In the above mentioned article, the Cherokee County Attorney’s office continues the lie that Police Reports from the arresting officer are nonexistent and a criminal prosecution of assault depends solely on the continual cooperation of the victim. They promise there will be serious consequences for every S.O.B., not related to the District Attorney Investigator like Gary Helm, caught beating up their significant other.

Assistant County Attorney Kelley Peacock said misdemeanor assault cases virtually never go to trial without the willing participation of the victim, but she said the circumstances of this case convinced the state to pick up charges. Helm was arrested Aug. 25, 2007, after reportedly punching the female victim multiple times in the face.

So begins the lie. In Cherokee County the written report and sworn affividavit of a sheriff deputy dispatched to the scene of the disturbance is not good enough to prosecute family violence? Even when the offender refuses to identify himself to the arresting officer? The Assistant County Attorney continues by describing the mindset of the Cherokee County juror faced with convicting a member of the District Court’s inner circle for Bodily Injury.

“There were members of the jury panel who said they wouldn’t convict a person, even if I proved beyond a reasonable doubt that they committed assault, if the victim didn’t want the defendant to be prosecuted. I feel like this is a problem in our community,” she said.

It is distressing to her how frequently victims of abuse will file charges, decide to return to their batterer and then drop the charges.

There is no mention of any silly little Protective Orders being violated by these repeat offenders because Cherokee County won’t issue any embarrassing paper trail for their buddies. It is not because the female “victims choose to protect their attackers by refusing to pursue charges” as the County Attorney’s office propaganda piece contends. It is because the County Attorney will not pursue criminal charges whatsoever on the family members of those with close ties to the Cherokee County District Attorney. Comments on this blog and links to pictures of local battered women prove that even with broken bones, bruises and knocked out teeth, the district attorney’s office, et al refuses to prosecute their buddies for domestic violence.

It is the prosecutor, not the victim, who makes the decision to move forward with formal charges. If there is sufficient evidence of domestic abuse then the prosecutor is mandated by law to file charges, even when the victim is pressured to change her story. The State is also required to issue orders of protection upon the petition of the victim; protection orders are enforceable across state lines according to federal law. The County Attorney’s office can issue a temporary ex parte order of non-contact FIRST, prior to a formal hearing or even notifying the accused. Apparently that doesn’t happen very often in Cherokee County. The Daily Progress is trying to Fool ‘Em All Again.

The County Attorney’s office continues the lament:

“cases in which the victim makes a claim of abuse and then recants it are a waste of taxpayers’ money because such claims result in law enforcement and state prosecutors wasting time, money and effort investigating a crime that is eventually dropped and never makes it to trial.”

The only waste of taxpayer money is the dispatch of Cherokee County Sheriff’s Deputy to a known wife beater’s home to investigate a domestic disturbance call, booking and arraigning the guy, setting bond and then having the charges dismissed before the abuser’s name hits the newspapers. It is the cover up that is a waste of taxpayers’ money. The crime never goes to trial because the County Attorney’s office drops the charges. Typically, Cherokee County would rather blame the victim.

The article concludes it contradictory misinformation:

“the message needs to be sent that the decision on whether a case will be tried is not just based on the wishes of the victim. As far as the state is concerned, if the evidence is there, we are going to prosecute the case.”

And if there aren’t any victims as in the Robert Fox/House of Israel case, then what? How can you say you are prosecuting domestic violence when you drop the charges on 99% of the offenders? And cover up the fact that you embolden them to keep kicking their wives around because you simultaneously call the same closet wife beaters for jury duty?

The fact is jurisdictions outside the Good Ol’ Boy network routinely prosecute domestic violence without the help of the forgiving victim. Family violence charges can be either a felony or a misdemeanor. Repeat offenders in Cherokee County never have to face the more serious felony charges when the abuse cases are wrongfully delayed or ignored all together by the court system. Domestic Violence is a serious crime and other counties outside Cherokee County aggressively prosecute spousal abuse to fullest extent of the law. And they are proud of it. The newspapers in these areas, such as Tyler, Houston and Dallas, educate the public in the seriousness of domestic violence instead of whitewashing the problem.

The local Cherokee County media wants everyone to ‘feel’ the truth, as opposed to actually reporting it. The District Attorney programs their state witnesses to testify under oath as to what they “know in their hearts” instead of what actually is reality. Family-owned news agencies planted at the root of the problem follow suit. The more absurd the argument, the more it must be true because they publish this nonsense in the local papers. Especially when they attempt to justify dropping domestic violence charges on their own nephews and cousins.

That’s why news agencies such as the Jacksonville Daily Progress cannot report on the arrest of the District Attorney’s favorite grand jury foreman, most devoted trial jury advocate, etc., etc. Instead they write about the punishment phase of non-relatives like 62 year-old Rusk resident Gary D. Helm, convicted back in October in County Court for Misdemeanor domestic violence. After throwing himself at the mercy of the Judge and refusing counsel, this defendant gets to face probation for using his girlfriend as a punching bag.

American satirist Stephen Colbert and anchorman of the fake news show “The Colbert Report” brought the word “Truthiness” into the mainstream, and “truthiness” is what passes as fact in Cherokee County newspapers. On one episode Stephen Colbert explains the meaning of “truthiness:”

“We’re not talking about truth; we’re talking about something that seems like truth – the truth we want to exist…”

“It’s not just that I feel it to be true, I need it to be true…”

You can’t prove a negative. The more absurd it is, the harder it is to prove it is false. This is a distraction technique practiced in the Cherokee County establishment to focus attention away from its blatant nepotism and corruption. And the local newspapers are the means by which they do just that.

It is also a good avenue for the DA’s Investigator to get a buddy’s kid off a felony gun charge, as in the Richard Cobb murder trial. The local newspapers reported the ongoing appeal process of the Richard Cobb/Buenka Adams homicide convictions, but left the part out how District Attorney Elmer Beckworth and Investigator Randy Hatch wrote a letter to the Parole Board to seek leniency for a parole violator with a gun / turned jailhouse snitch who spent time in lockdown with both defendants.

“Whatever you feel in your gut is more important than information itself. ” Especially to the misogynist judicial system and media operating in Cherokee County Texas. It is only a matter of time that one of these violent S.O.B’s they let off the hook kills his own wife like another jailhouse snitch named Michael Harris did in 2003.  All because the District Attorney deems his courthouse informants/kinfolk too valuable an asset to be prosecuted.  Especially if prosecuting their stool pigeons will result in exposing the same prosecutor. As long as the prosecutors’ allies are allowed to get away with crimes against women, Cherokee County news reporters will continue to describe the prosecution of domestic violence as “a fairly uncommon legal occurrence.”


7 Responses

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  1. like i said before its about time someone noticed the bull in cc. i tried to file domestic violence reports but the exes family worked in the courthouse. the case hasn’t gone to trial yet. its been almost 10 years now. keep digging yall


    02/27/2009 at 6:39 AM



    04/16/2009 at 6:05 PM

  3. Typical stories. Make sure you tell them to every person you know and document names. Also make sure you never set foot in the county for as long as you live. You will never recover your money or your dignity. But you can tell your stories to others. That is really what the local officials hate the most: well documented facts and the truth.
    By the way, what is a “countian?” Accountant or county-person?
    The Editor

  4. In response to the comments made by “Mary” regarding her son being swarmed in on at his home ten years ago by Cherokee County’s version of so-called law enforcers: She writes he had received cash and checks as payments from those buying from his fruit peddling and that he was jailed because those officers alleged he was selling drugs instead. She says her son was notified when to appear in court, but never heard from Cherokee County’s law or court officials again. She writes that even though he had “a considerable amount of cash and checks”, only his cash was confiscated, while letting him keep his considerable amount of checks.

    I agree with the editor’s reply that what happened to Mary’s son is typical in Cherokee County. Concocted and illegal search and seizure is standard operating protocol in the Bible belt of East Texas. My advice to Mary, her family, friends and acquaintances: Take your wallets and run, don’t walk away from the most corrupt (and thus most covertly dangerous) county in the region. Because the human lifespan is usually no more than about 80 years, don’t waste that precious irretrievable finite amount of time allotted us by ’living’ in this area. When travelers cross into this county, they are literally entering the equivalent of a foreign country where the American jurisprudence created by our founding fathers does not exist.

    I think Mary should tell any and everyone what truthfully and factually was done to her family under the veil of Cherokee County’s version of ‘lawfulness’. Because we the people are the sunlight which individually and collectively have the ability to disinfect insidious public corruption which has thrived so vigorously here without accountability for far too long.

    I also think Mary’s son should consider tracking his money by filing a formal complaint and inquiry with both the U.S. and Texas Attorney Generals’ offices since his confiscated cash was not returned to him even though he was not convicted of the offense alleged by his arresting officers. That money should be sitting somewhere in a Cherokee county-controlled bank account accruing ten years of interest. That is, if the individual and collective arresting and court officers ever got around to actually turning it in rather than divvying it up amongst themselves, which is by far the most likely scenario since she indicates his case just simply disappeared.

    Signed: Too Longtime Cherokee Countian


    04/16/2009 at 11:27 PM

  5. Re the Jacksonville Daily Progress 5/3/2009 article about district attorney Elmer Beckworth being too intimidated to prosecute ALL the charges against Robert Fox. It is ludicrous to accuse Mr. Beckworth of being afraid to prosecute Fox. The most plausible reason the DA is unwilling to prosecute some of the charges against Fox is that those charges won’t hold up in court. In my opinion, they are the dangerous ones.


    05/07/2009 at 9:03 AM

  6. “City and Prosecutor square off”
    The May 3, 2009 Daily Progress article “city and prosecutor square off”
    is actually what is ludicrous. This is Propaganda 101: confuse and distract.

    Mr. Beckworth comes from the same Jacksonville, TX law firm that represents the City of Jacksonville, the Mayor and the police department. This law firm has settled the Larry Hinton vs. Larry Pugh and Evelyn Lewis vs. Larry Pugh, et al Civil Rights violation cases. Mr. Beckworth helps the Jacksonville Police Dept., et al write search warrants. This is an ongoing attempt to poison the Fox jury pool, while at the same time explain away why an open-ended Search Warrant on the House of Israel wouldn’t get past a “special prosecutor.”

    The District Attorney needs to appear to be taking the high ground, while the JPD needs to appear to be tough on criminals. It’s all smoke and mirrors. They also know a jury pool would have more sympathy for a crack pot prison ministry than they would a police department recently investigated by the FBI.

    Notice how the missing $150K from the City of Rusk water bill collections and the postponed trial last October has all but vanished from their minds…? (Source: Cherokeean Herald March 11, 2009) http://www.thecherokeean.com/news/2009/0311/front_page/004.html

    The Editor

  7. Why isn’t the local media in Cherokee County telling the whole truth? A friend referred me to this site because I am directly involved in the bogus charges against my friend, Robert James Fox. I am thankful for this chance to tell everyone the REAL TRUTH of the matter. First, I was not a “parole absconder” as falsely stated by the media and Reece Daniel and his gang of armed thug, terrorist thought police; I was a totally innocent interstate traveler evangelist as is proven by the fact that I was never extradited back to Missouri, but instead unconditionally discharged after spending 276 days in Cherokee County Jail at taxpayer expense because of the lies and fraud of Reece Daniel and Jason Price, and gross incompetence and corruption of Elmer Beckworth, Gordon Lemaire, Dwight Phifer, and Bascom W. Bentley III. It was stated I was a convicted felon, but nothing was ever said about what I was convicted of: driving w/o a valid license, 3rd offense (I have no other criminal record). The problem is, I was not a licensee who had his license suspended, revoked, or cancelled; I merely failed and refused to renew my valid expired driver’s license in peaceful protest of oppressive Missouri law enforcement (Missouri is corrupt like Texas and other States). To make matters worse for Reece Daniel and his gang, I had a valid driver’s license and they knew I did, so how is it possible for one to be on parole for driving w/o a valid license when he has a valid driver’s license?. What lunacy! They also knew my car was legally titled, registered, and insured, yet they lied to Missouri authorities in order to cunningly coerce them into initiating a sham extradition proceeding against me, absent due process of law, in retaliation against me for asserting my rights and filing suit against them for violating my rights and slandering me in the local media. This was also an excuse, albeit a weak one, to break into the house of Israel Church building on a facially fatally defective search warrant rubber-stamped by grossly incompetent and corrupt Magistrate, Craig Fletcher. Reece Daniel and his gang lied when they said they had a felony warrant for my arrest in hand. Would anyone possessing common sense authorize such a full-scale, paramilitary armed attack and break in to arrest me on a mere totally harmless traffic matter, particularly in view of the fact I had a driver’s license, and had just appeared the day before in their municipal court on their bogus “failure to identify charge?” Another thing folks don’t know is, a man telling me he was Detective Travis Cearley phoned me on my cell phone at 2:45 PM on May 15, 2008, he said on behalf of Reece Daniel and they wanted to drop their frivolous failure to identify charge against me, and for me to come by the police department to arrange it. Knowing this to be bogus because only the judge could dismiss it, I wrote Reece Daniel a letter telling him to set a hearing in the court but do it before May 21st, 2008 because I was driving back to Missouri on that date. I took the letter to the post office at 4:00PM and mailed it. Two hours later, Reece Daniel and his gang came and broke into the building with guns drawn and arrested me, and had my car towed off of private property against my will by Isaac’s Wrecker Service. Now at least two criminal counts of violations of the law and my rights have been made against Isaac’s Wrecker Service on my complaint by the Texas Department of Transportation, and I will be filing civil complaint against them as well.

    What was the REAL reason for the outrageous actions of Reece Daniel and his gang? I charge that it was to try and find evidence of criminal activity to prevent us from having and using the former Methodist Church building we had been successful in obtaining on a contract for deed for the expansion of Robert’s Matthew25Mission project. One Kathleen Stanfield owns property adjacent to the former Methodist Church property and she wants the property for herself and her catering business. It was brought to our attention that Kathleen Stanfield has some strong social, political, and economic influence in the City of Jacksonville, and Cherokee County, particularly with Chief of Police, Reece Daniel. Thus, we allege that the police power is being used against us under color of law, under color of office, using color of process for purposes of religious and political discrimination and persecution with specific intent to violate our rights as a matter of law.

    What would one expect to find in a dental clinic? Dental medications, right? Well, Reece Daniel apparently has been watching too many episodes of “Cops” on TV, and envisions himself as the star cop in his strong delusions, speculations, conjecture, fabrications, and outright lies. My friend Robert’s office was all the way at the east end of the 75 X 100 foot building which is divided into four separate sections, and he, nor I had any knowledge of what was in the dental clinic except that which was plainly visable, such as the equipment. Besides, what kind of an idiot would try to possess, sell or distribute basically worthless dental antibiotics? Are Reece Daniel and his gang that stupid? Is County Attorney, Craig Caldwell that stupid? I don’t think so; I think they failed to find any criminal activity when they broke into the building unlawfully, and were desperate to try and bring charges and use the controlled media to defame us and make us and the house of Israel in general appear to be some sort of evil and wicked cult, which it is not. Interestingly, the investigation conducted by the police and prosecutor’s investigators, was more into the legal transaction involving the purchase of the former Methodist Church property than it was into the dental medications, and nothing illegal was found there, so now Reece Daniel, Jason Price, Daniel Franklin, Travis Cearley, and John Page are shown to have committed numerous heinous felony crimes against us under color of law, causing millions of dollars in severe and extreme, irreparable damages and injuries, but instead of doing their sworn duty and prosecuting said crooked cops on our criminal complaints, Elmer Beckworth and Craig Caldwell are committing felony breach of their oaths of office and pursuing cgroundless riminal prosecutions against us. When I appeared in municipal court on March 25th, 2009 on their bogus failure to identify charge, I was arrested by Jason Price and charged with “tampering with government record” for having filed a criminal complaint against the police in said court, and jailed for another 35 days at public expense until Beckworth apparently convinced his hand-picked Cherokee County Grand Jury he manipulates and controls they should enter a no-bill because, as I pointed out, the First Amendment is a bar to prosecution for filing such a complaint against police officers, and any citizen has an absolute right to make such complaints.

    As to the same charge against my friend, Robert James Fox for his having filed a notice of his intent to sue and waiver of tort in liew of settlement, where is the falsity in that document claimed by the incompetent moron, lackey and stooge of delusional tyrant, Reece Daniel, Jason Price?

    As to the false charge of unauthorized practice of law, where is the evidence that Robert James Fox ever represented anyone, or acted as an attorney for anyone? There is no such evidence, however there is evidence that shows that Robert merely helps those who waant his help in litigating their own cases, and for this, he is justly compensated by those who appreciate his help and who can afford it.

    In parting, commentary has been made that the search warrants were patently unlawful open-ended search warrants, which is true. It appears Craig “Rubber-Stamp” Fletcher is always available to accommodate Reece and his gang of predatory armed thugs when they want to break into someone’s home, office, church, or business absent requisite probable cause or exxigent situation or circumstances. It appears to me that Cherokee County officers of the court, and in particular, the City of Jacksonville, Texas police, have no respect for the law or the rights, liberties, and freedoms of the people, but are interested only in perpetuating their criminal activities in the cess pool of corruption in which they swim.

    Hopefully, the stand for justice and the correct execution of the law in Cherokee County, Texas that my friend Robert and I have taken, and for which we have been, and are being severely persecuted, will encourage others to get involved and put an end to the corruption. We all owe each other the duty and responsibility to exercise our right to hold all public servants accountable under the law when they breach their oaths of office and violate the law. We all must recognize that united we must stand, or separately you will be stood on by these crooks.

    David George Baugh, evangelist/missionary, and victim of criminal government

    PS: Anyone wanting to know the REAL TRUTH, or to contact me directly, just ask dgbaugh@gmail.com


    07/05/2009 at 11:54 PM

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