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Terrorist Organization sets up shop in downtown Jacksonville, Texas.

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Jacksonville, TX:

The Jacksonville, Texas Police Department to hold a press conference  at 10:00 am July 25, 2008 linking the House of Israel to “known terrorist groups,” as reported in the Tyler Paper. Several members of the rag tag fugitive fleet of Christian anarchists have been arrested on various parole and probation violations, including their spiritual leader Robert Fox. Fox at Law, not an attorney, has allegedly been providing legal services via the Internet to convicts and reprobates throughout the country for a fee. The House of Israel has been linked to offshoots of the Republic of Texas and has been a local haven for meandering ex-cons seeking justice through illiterate means. Perfect place to set up International Headquarters. On Friday, July 25, 2008 the JPD will officially and publicly connect the hodgepodge of miscreants to terrorism. Instead of using the Jacksonville Daily Progress forums to anonymously castigate the Halfway House of drug addicts, distastefully lodging themselves across from the Main Street Fire Station.

A good deflection and distraction from the multitude of FBI investigations, civil rights violations, rapings, beatings and drug dealings of the city of Jacksonville’s own law enforcement. They want to focus on this Robert Fox guy’s giving out Oxycontin to jailbirds and teaching them how to clog the American judiciary with grievances and court cases … and he’s got a Bin Laden look-a-like wandering around his Canadian compound over by the Shop-A-Lot.

Is the rest of the State buying the preliminary Federal Court hearing propaganda? Or did the Jacksonville Police Department take over the role of Homeland Security and Department of Propaganda? Robert Fox is out on bond and not wanted by federal authorities.

Let’s get this right: Cherokee County Texas, population 47 thousand, is a haven for drug addicts, child abusers, pedophiles, wife beaters, crystal meth dealers, rapists AND Terrorists?

The House of Israel, located in downtown Jacksonville, Texas, has been raided on numerous occasions by Cherokee County authorities on charges ranging from practicing dentistry without a license, to hording and reselling medical waste, i.e. antibiotics and expired painkillers. One of the arrestees, David Baugh a parole violator from Missouri, has a pending Civil Rights Suit against the city:

David George Baugh vs. city of Jacksonville, Texas et al, No. 6:2008cv00173 and No. 6:2008cv00219 (Us Dist Ct. E.D. Texas, Tyler Division May 5, 2008 and May 30, 2008).

Cherokee County Texas is more concerned with a Whack Job religious cult (made up of ex-cons on Welfare they once greeted with open arms) scratching out a living selling expired prescriptions, than they are their own Precinct 3 Constable Randall Thompson supplementing his child support payments (and County gas allowance) by manufacturing crystal meth for wholesale. And keeping that newly hatched Cherokee County Narcotics Task Force busy. As far as the Jacksonville, TX police department, we haven’t heard of any complaints of rape and retaliation against members of the ‘House of Terror’ as we recently have on former Officer Larry Pugh, et al in Federal Civil Rights class action suits such as:
Sandra Rene Roca, Tonya Burns, Debra A Williams, Felicia A Colbert, Della Tyler, Wanda Wilson and Felicia Mosley v . Larry Pugh, the city of Jacksonville, Texas et al, No. 6:2007cv-00081(US Dist. Ct., E.D. Texas, Tyler Division, February 15, 2007).

Does the city of Jacksonville, TX remember all these women who were raped at the hands of a unsupervised Jacksonville police officer? Who is terrorizing who?


Written by Cherokee County, Texas

07/25/2008 at 9:06 PM

3 Responses

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  1. Heard about this on the news, but this was the only info on the topic that I found on Google.

    I heard something about connecting him with known terrorists because he wrote up a defense for Johnny Walker, the American Al-Quaida member. So now if you defend a terrorist you are a terrorist? The owner of this blog had better beware.

    They want everyone to think that he’s going to be another Timothy McVeigh. What hasn’t occurred to these morons is that every action they take against him brings him one notch closer to that very possibility. Or maybe it _has_ occurred to them, and that is exactly what they want.

    What a waste of taxpayer dollars. When he physically injures someone, steals someone else’s stuff, or trespasses on someone else’s property, arrest him and lock him up. Otherwise, leave him the hell alone. He isn’t violating anyone else’s rights.


    07/26/2008 at 8:54 AM

  2. Since I NEVER comment to things on the Internet, and especially if I would have to sign in and register my identity in cesspool Cherokee county, I opt not to give my name. My rebuttal to the Jacksonville Texas police department propaganda campaign and my opinion of the tripe I’ve read in the Tyler paper and Lufkin news about JDP’s ‘concern’ for its citizens is as follows:

    Apparently the feds, such as Homeland Security or FBI or IRS or ICE have decided House of Israel member Robert James Fox is not the “dangerous individual” who Jacksonville Police Chief Reece Daniel is quoted in the 7/26/2008 issue of the Tyler Morning Telegraph as saying Fox is. Nor is Fox reprehensible enough to property and populace to warrant federal intervention. Jacksonville Police Detective Jason Price is quoted as having said the feds have expressed “little interest in the case”. Price is also quoted as stating that “police currently do not know Fox’s whereabouts but that he will be arrested when he is located”. Why didn’t the charge Fox with this stuff prior to setting his bond and releasing him?

    Duh. Anybody with two simultaneously functioning brain cells knows that if Fox were indeed a bona fide “dangerous terrorist”, federal agents would have swooped in and incarcerated him and his cohorts in a federal facility quicker than Chief Daniel and his Detective could call a news conference to disclose their scare tactic factoids. In the 90’s it was Satanists, now it’s “terrorist.” If Homeland Security isn’t interested in Fox and his band of losers, then that’s good enough for me.

    Why isn’t it for Cherokee County, Texas’ Jacksonville Police Department? Robert Fox, the so called traitor, has been in and out of Cherokee County custody. And each time he files a successful law suit against the city of Jacksonville, they up the ante. Perpetuating this cat and mouse game with Cherokee County because Fox is destitute. I hope the rest of the country recognizes how quickly and eagerly the East Texas media swooped up this nonsense. Perhaps Fox simply needs some time in the Rusk State Hospital, where half of his followers migrated from.

    Cherokee County has drawn a line in the sand: either you are with us and our rouge police officers OR you are with a slime dirt bag Right-Wing terrorist sympathizer that we created.

    Answer: If JDP’s propagandist scare tactics about House of Israel kooks (whom the feds aren’t even interested in) succeed in deflecting citizens’ scrutiny away from former JDP officer Larry Pugh and Pugh’s victims, yippee. Some of those victims who aren’t dead are suing the city of Jacksonville for employing such a dangerous terroristic rogue cop. Come on, Jacksonvillians and Cherokee County residents. Stop letting yourselves be detoured down a not-so-cleverly concocted rabbit trail. Keep your scrutiny on the rouge law officers amongst you. That’s where your greatest and truest danger to you life and property is. None of the witnesses against Robert Fox are going to come up missing in the Angelina National Forest.

    As for Robert Fox, I hope he gets to practice his trade in prison where he belongs, then maybe he can appreciate freedom American style. And take a bath.


    07/28/2008 at 2:02 AM

  3. I’m always amazed at what hidden meanings are in certain people’s names…

    Such as;

    William Shakespeare = “I am a weakish speller”
    Clint Eastwood = ‘old west action’
    Orenthal James Simpson = He joins spa (not slammer)
    Lee Harvey Oswald = Who slay? Revealed!
    Osama Bin Laden = …is a banal demon.

    …And finally the newspaper headline for the evil cretin Mr. Pugh should read:

    (‘Officer’) Larry Pugh, Jacksonville =
    “Psycho-killer: JAIL RUN! (cover gaff)”

    (Just re-arrange the letters… this would have made a great headline, and the story should have been on page one)

    (He should should have been given a life sentence).


    Reno Hall

    12/05/2008 at 1:43 PM

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