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District Attorney gives probation to Rusk, Texas infant molester. Driving while black in Jacksonville. Is this why smart companies are leaving the county, or is it the Slip-And-Fall free for all?

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plea-bargain (v.) :
To make an agreement in which a defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge and the prosecutor in return drops more serious charges.

plea-bargain “Cherokee County Texas style” (n.) :
A deal struck with a court-appointed defense attorney in which a defendant pleads guilty to a more serious charge and the prosecutor offers adjudicated probation.

Rusk, TX:
In 2006 the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office offered a plea bargain deal of probation to a Rusk, TX resident after his arrest for molesting a 1-year-old baby girl.
Kenneth Dexter Folmar, age 45, accepted 96 months deferred probation in 2006 for the Felony sexual assault of the female infant. Refer to Cherokee County, TX Criminal Docket case 16209 (2006) State v. Kenneth Dexter Folmar, 2nd Judicial District.

Folmar continues his employment in neighboring Anderson County. The Cherokeean Herald ran the picture of the Rusk, TX registered sex offender Kenneth Folmar in their August 2007 local sex offender update. However, because Kenneth Folmar is related to too many people operating the Rusk, TX courthouse, the actual molestation was never reported by the local media. And of course Elmer Beckworth’s plea offer of 8 years probation was not reported either.

The question is why are convicted child molesters in Cherokee County, whose victims are younger than 6 years-old, being put on probation? And their crimes not reported?

Because it is more efficacious for the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office and local media to protect the extended family members of the offender from embarrassment than it is to protect the community. Perpetuating the psychotic paranoid small town mentality by covering up the incest.

There are 79 registered sex offenders residing in Cherokee County, Texas according to a 8/15/07 Cherokeean Herald posting. In a 1/24/07 Cherokeean Herald article, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department released the names of the registered sex offenders living in the county.

As a ‘public service,’ local Cherokee County newspapers refuse to print the ages of the victims under 16 years-old. Nor the fact that EVERY offender on the local offenders list who was arrested by the Cherokee County Sheriff Department were on superficial probation and their 2nd degree Felony jail sentences suspended by District Attorney Elmer Beckworth– putting the county at risk.

The Cherokeean Herald’s policy is not to print the ages of local victms in cases incest, to keep their identities hidden from ostracism and ridicule. In 2003, the Lufkin Daily News was smart enough to print the names and addresses of all registered sexual offenders in the area, including the ages of victims, charges and date of judgment.

The Sheriff Department pretends to be doing the community a service by notifying the public (on a slow news day) of the identity of local child molesters. However, the offer of probation for the violent rape of a small child tells the true story of the criminal justice system operating in Cherokee County Texas. Especially when defendants are related to members of law enforcement, attorneys and clerks employed at the Rusk, Texas courthouse. They want to keep the high incident of East Texas incest under the radar because of their “vested interest in their little communities.” So the district attorney gives probation to Kenneth Folmar of Rusk, Texas for sexual assault of a 12 month old. Molesting a defenseless infant must not be that big of a deal for Cherokee County’s District Attorney.

Kenneth Dexter Folmar

Similary, Rusk Texas native, dairy hand and registered child molester James Christopher Schlater, age 51, was given deferred adjudication in 2007 after violating a local 6-year-old girl back in 2004. Refer to State v. James Christopher Schlater (2006) Cherokee County, Texas Criminal Docket Case No. 16630.

James Schlater had originally been charged with Felony sexual assault child, according to Cherokee County, Texas Criminal Docket Case No. 15724, State v. James Christopher Schlater (2007). The incident was never reported and of course his picture is not available because Cherokee County has not verified his current sex offense registration.

James Earl Holt, age 52, Jacksonville Texas given 6 years probation in 2007 for the 2003 assault of a 14 year-old girl. Also never reported.
No picture available.

Donald Wayne Thurmon, age 40 from Jacksonville Texas given 10 years probation in 2007 by District Attorney Elmer Beckworth for possessing and distributing child pornography. No need to call the feds in on this one; why waste their time even though it is a federal offense?
Donald Thurman


Manuel Enrique Huerta, age 21, given 10 years probation in 2007 for sexual assault of a 13 year-old Jacksonville Texas girl.
No picture available.

Cody Allen Whiteley, age 22 of Jacksonville, arrested in Cherokee County in 2006 and pled 7 years probation for the sexual assault of a 13 year-old girl.

Cody Whiteley


Bobby Ray Vines, Jr. age 41 from Jacksonville Texas. Given only 4 years probation for the sexual assault of an 11 year-old female in 2001.
Bobby Vines, Jr.


Ollie Ray Grogan, 65 year-old Rusk Texas native given 10 years probation for 2 counts of molestation of a 5 year-old and an 8 year-old.


Ollie Ray Grogan

Dale Joseph Tylich 65 year-old Rusk Texas equestrian given 6 months probation by Cherokee County for sexual contact with a child. 6 Months because he related to just about everybody in town.


Dale J. Tylich


Marin Otis Pitts, age 54, Troup Texas. Arrested by Cherokee County Texas authorities in 1991 and given 10 years probation for 2 counts of sexual assault on a 7 year-old girl.

Martin Pitts


Chenney LaVaughn Carter, age 43 in Troup, Texas. Arrested in 2006 for aggravated sexual assault of a child. The victim was a 15 year-old girl. Elmer Beckworth’s office offered Carter 10 YRS DEFERRED ADJUDICATION PROBATION, despite Chenney Carter’s local and Smith County priors.


Cheney L. Carter


Joyal Lee Lackey, age 63 Jacksonville Texas, given 10 years probation in 2005 for Indecency and Sexual Assault of a 13 year-old girl.

Joyal “Muggs” Lackey

Robert Michael Lane, age 36, Jacksonville Texas; offered 10 years probation in 1993  for the sexual assault of a 10 year-old girl. Lane was sent to Bootcamp for 90 days according to the DPS registry and the Cherokee County Court Docket records, Case 11818  State v. Robert M. Lane; Felony-Indecency/Sexual Assault of child-Filed 02/11/1992 – Disposition: 04/16/1993 Conviction-guilty plea or nolo cont-no jury, in the 2nd District Court,  Cherokee County TX.


Robert Lane


Guadalupe Lora Vera Lara, age 56, given a paltry 5 years probation in 1996 for having sexual contact with 2 Jacksonville Texas girls, one 11 years-old, the other 13 years-old. No picture available.

Patrick Brian Norsworthy age 45, from Jacksonville Texas. Arrested in 1994 for Indecency with an 8 year-old girl. Given 10 years probation in 1999.

Patrick Norsworthy

Kevin Wayne Patton local businessman, age 40 from Jacksonville, Texas. Given 10 years probation for Indecency with a 14 year-old girl. No picture available.

Robby Lee Buffalo , age 35 Jacksonville, Texas was arrested in 1995 by Cherokee County and a 10 year probation deal accepted in 1999 for sexual assault of a local 11 year-old female.


Robby Buffalo

Donnie Wayne Crippen , age 39 Rusk, Texas. Arrested in Cherokee County in 2006 and given 5 years unadjudicated probation by Elmer Beckworth’s office for the sexual assault of a 16 year-old female.

Donnie Crippen

Jose Ramon Galan, age 53 Jacksonville, Texas given 10 years probation in 1998 by Cherokee County after molesting a 9 year-old girl.

Jose Galan


Nicholas “Nicky” Noel Harwell, age 33 Jacksonville, Texas, given 10 years probation in 2003 by Cherokee County Texas prosecutors for 2 counts of sexual assault on a 12 year-old girl.


“Nicky” Harwell


Kevin Lyn Hawes, age 45 from Jacksonville, Texas. Arrested in 1999 by Cherokee County authorities for sexual assault on a 15 year-old girl. Hawes was offered 10 years probation.

Kevin Hawes


William Lee Hershiser, age 51 Jacksonville, Texas resident given 10 years probation for sexual assault on a local 15 year-old female.

William Hershier


This only scratches the surface of the convicted sex offenders (still residing in-county) arrested by and registered with the Cherokee County Sheriff Department. These are the sex predators registered with the State and given probation as ‘punishment’ by District Attorney Elmer Beckworth and his predecessors. Plea offers comparable to a slap on the wrist. What about the offenses passed on by the Sheriff Department and Beckworth’s office? The ones the public will never know about?

Even if some of these men are innocent, the District Attorney’s office prosecuted them under the penal code which is crystal clear on the punishment assessment for Indecency with a Minor.

 INDECENCY OR SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A CHILD: An offense under Texas Penal Code Sections 22.011 (Sexual Assault) or 22.021 (Aggravated Sexual Assault) where the victim is a child (younger than 17 years), and an offense under 21.11 (Indecency with a Child).

§ 12.33. SECOND DEGREE FELONY PUNISHMENT. (a) An individual adjudged guilty of a felony of the second degree shall be punished by imprisonment in the institutional division for any term of not more than 20 years or less than 2 years. (b) In addition to imprisonment, an individual adjudged guilty of a felony of the second degree may be punished by a fine not to exceed $10,000.

That is why there are no reports of the child molesters’ probation in the local Cherokee County papers. Only the fact there are registered sex offenders living in the county. Of course the typical excuse of the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office et al is that the law would not allow jail time for a 2nd degree Felony. If you’re stupid enough to believe it, print it and repeat it. The Texas Penal Code and Constitution do not tie the hands of state prosecutors, only those of the patently corrupt.

The remainder of current registered sex offenders given probation without jail time in Cherokee County Texas:

  1. Roy Joe Bailey, age 65, Wells TX: arrested in 2007; 10 yrs. probation/ 12 year-old female victim.
  2. Richard Dean Davis, age 50, Rusk TX: arrested in 1996; 10 yrs. probation/14 year-old female victim.
  3. J.E. Monroe Martin, age 85, Rusk TX: arrested in 1997; 3 yrs. probation/ 12 year-old female victim.
  4. Dale Joseph Tylich, age 53, Rusk TX: arrested in 1996; 6 mos. probation/ female victim unknown age.
  5. Tommy Junior Allen, age 51, Jacksonville TX: arrested in 1991; 10 yrs. probation/ 11 year-old female.
  6. James Travis Barker, age 25, Jacksonville TX: arrested in 1999; 24 mos. city jail/ 6 year-old female.
  7. Roger Hunter, age 75, Jacksonville TX: arrested in 1997; 10 yrs. probation/ 14 year-old female.
  8. James L Wells, age 55 , Jacksonville TX: arrested in 1998; 8 yrs. probation/ 2 counts sexual assault on a 5 year-old and a 6 year-old.
  9. Gary Michael Morrison, age 51, Alto TX: arrested 1991; 10 yrs. probation/ sexual assault of 12 year-old female.
  10. Wesley Boyd Mohr, age 63, Bullard TX: arrested by Cherokee Co. in 1997; 10 yrs. probation for sexual assault of 10 year-old girl.

The summary of every one of these registered sexual offenses is readily available on the Texas DPS Sex Offender Registry website and Cherokee County Texas court docket. However, not one of these rapes, molestations or incidents of child pornography has been NOR ever will be reported by the Cherokee Countynewspapers. Unless the perpetrator was born out of town. Then they’ll throw the book at him.

This blog posting covers only a partial list of the registered sex offenders that actually reside in Cherokee County, TX and on probation for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child; there is no known count of those child molesters given probation and registered/relocated in other states or counties. Regardless, Elmer Beckworth’s and the Cherokee County District Attorney office’s pattern of lenient plea bargains going back decades to resident child molesters related to members of the local ‘establishment’ is crystal clear. They are sheltered and not reported.

A far cry from the more recent sentencing of out-of-towner Gordon Neal Mathis. The former US Army reservist pled guilty in January 2008 to 6 counts of sexual assault of a 12-year-old Rusk, TX girl and on Monday, February 11, 2008 was sentenced to 40 years State time. Mathis had been convicted in federal court and was beginning his 8 years in federal prison for child porn possession. The 2/17/08 Tyler Paper article gives the impression that former the Army reservist Gordon Mathis was “prosecuted” by an Assistant Cherokee County District Attorney, instead of the fact Mathis threw himself at mercy of the district court, claiming post traumatic stress syndrome. And since his offenses were widely reported by the Tyler Paper, the district court got a little busy and decided Adult Probation wasn’t appropriate for Mathis’ sex crimes. And the Cherokeean Herald quickly dropped their policy of not printing the age of the victim. Gordon Neal Mathis was sentenced on 6 counts of molesting the child for over a two year span.

View the remainder of Cherokee County’s bonafide child molesters living in the area on the Texas DPS Sex Offender Registry located at: https://records.txdps.state.tx.us/DPS_WEB/Sor/index.aspx 

Do a comparison of sex offenders convicted in other counties by prosecutors following the intent of the law. They put child molesters in prison even for statutory rape.

Athens, Texas: Athens Fire Chief Dan Barnes and Athens Fire Marshall Waylen Padgett were recently placed on admistrative leave and Chief Barnes resigned Monday January 28, 2008 amid an investigation led by the Assistant Fire Chief. The Athens Texas city council has been hush hush regarding the internal affairs review of alleged “allegations.”

Longview, Texas: Gregg County Justice of the Peace clerk D. Donna Wallace  pled guilty on Wednesday February 13, 2008 to government records tampering. Wallace used an alias to work at the JP office and continue to draw Social Security disability benefits.

Troup, Texas: Dale Lowry and wife Brenda Lowry of Troup, TX were indicted in a Tyler Texas federal grand jury during the first week of February 2008 for allegedly stealing over $28,000 of Social Security disability benefits. The couple had claimed a child as a dependent, even though the child was no longer living with them.

Gregg County, Texas: Sheriff candidate Billy Ray White was sentenced to 6 months deferred probation for falsifying the employment record of one of his employees. White operated a security service; the security guard did not have a firearm license when White hired him.

Jacksonville, Texas: The Jacksonville, TX police department convinced itself from an in-house generated report that racial profiling by its officers was completely imaginary. On Tuesday February 12, 2008, the mayor read the results to the city council that the JPD had ZERO complaints filed regarding discriminating traffic stops and ZERO incidents of racial disparity. Probably because people of ethnic backgrounds and skin coloring are too afraid to drive to the grocery store at night, by fear of being framed, raped or worse.

The city of Jacksonville, Texas is the largest economic center in the county and it is still reeling from the civil suit settlements resulting in the Jacksonville police department starting a race riot at the 2004 Tomato Bowl homecoming game. And for each rape complaint against its decorated patrolman Larry Pugh, sentenced to 17 years in federal prison. When a Cherokee County woman would come forward with an allegation of Pugh raping her, the benign police officer and family man got accommodations by the Jacksonville police department. Until he was caught dragging a complainant into a van by her neck. And despite Officer Pugh facing federal indictment, the County Attorney tried Larry Hinton of Jacksonville, for interfering with Officer Pugh’s racial profiling during the 2004 Tomato Bowl riot.  But that’s “nonexistent.”

Jacksonville, Texas: Not only does the Cherokee County Criminal Docket give a peek into the machinations of the district court, the Civil Docket shows the ongoing get rich schemes of relatives planted on Bodily Injury cases. Large companies from out of region foolish enough to set up shop for the cheap local labor are the target of ‘slip-and-fall’ and other concocted lawsuits.

Two major employers in Jacksonville, Texas, Astro Air– a heating and cooling coil manufacturing plant and Alliance Data– a support tech call center, will be closing their doors permanently in 2008. These firms’ relocations will be putting hundreds of locals out of jobs. A sad series of inevitable events for the already destitute county. However, this is probably the first of many wise corporate decisions to vacate the county known for the lack of competitive bidding when it comes to issuing government contracts. And its newspapers not advertising a prescribe method of identifying qualified bidders. The contracts underhandedly going to relatives, even those good ol’ boys with offenses (like those listed above) involving moral turpitude who would otherwise be ineligible to work under any state, county or city job.

For example, city School Board Trustees awarding school renovation projects to their cousin’s construction company. And Billy Bob’s Construction allowing registered sex offenders on the school property to work during class time.

Or instances of county equipment being used as personal property, at the taxpayer’s expense to dig catfish ponds, pave private roads and driveways; including the use of probationers and government employees to work “outside the fence” on private land.

The locals know it’s been going on for decades, but these duped companies’ Board of Directors contemplating doing business in Cherokee County don’t find out until it is too late. The Cherokee County civil docket can attest to the exorbitant amount of lawsuits these remaining companies are facing, and the excessive payouts they are going to pay by summary judgment. There is no such thing as an unbiased juror in a town that small. And they see the flashing dollar signs when a big company makes the mistake of trying to set up an office there. What better way to get a little extra spending money than extorting a company via a bogus lawsuit, with a biased Cherokee County jury chosen before the case is even heard?

For board members of these departing companies, there is no plausible way to estimate the pecuniary damages to the local Cherokee County economy this type of collusion causes. There is no way to compete and/or get a break when the court system is used as a means to wring out their bottom dollar. Certainly these businesses have gotten sick of the Personal Injury suits filed on them; the same cases that backlog the Civil Docket.

Moreover, these corporations’ insurance premiums are bound to have skyrocketed after being targeted by the local ‘slip-and-fall’ con artists. Of course, a sympathetic civil jury related to the victim is readily available for the milking of their profit shares. Cheap labor or not, it is apparently smarter for IT companies and their subsidiaries to avoid the distrustful small town job market. Manufacturing plants owe it to their shareholders to do business where their profit earnings don’t line the pockets of East Texas trial lawyers.

Even Cherokee County’s versions of ‘professionals’ are waiting in line to file a claim against these industries. These companies are only attempting to branch into the rural market. However, once the firms set up shop within the county, they can expect to be lambasted with frivolous lawsuits. And they can expect to pay through the nose because everybody wants a piece of the pie. Then these companies venture elsewhere and leave the honest hard working Cherokee County Texas citizen unemployed, bringing the county’s economy back to the pre-Reconstruction era. According to the 2000 US Census, Cherokee County Texas  has a median income 30% lower than the national average.

The fact is the only economic development Cherokee County Texas has to offer the region is its apparent contribution to the illegal drug trade and prison population. The worst corporate decision a CEO can make is setting an office up in a county whose local government officials have reputations of collusion and conflicts of interests.


13 Responses

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  1. If you are going to report the news at least get it right. Mr Lane was convicted sometime around 1990-93, for a crime commited with a girl 5 years younger than he was. So you can do the math of how old he was


    02/29/2008 at 1:11 AM

  2. Also It is real easy to write the “NEWS” when no one knows who you are. That really keeps you honest and inpartial.


    02/29/2008 at 1:36 AM

  3. EDITOR’s comment to “Lifelonger:”
    The EDITOR is not impartial, with an “M”. The victim was a 10-year-old when Mr. Robert Lane was an adult. We don’t write the “NEWS;” we link to the news not reported by Cherokee County TX media types. Like the fact the Post Master, Mr. Herbert Michael Dominguez, working in Alto Texas Post Office for years, stole almost $30,000 worth of stamps and money orders….and was given 1 years adjudicated probation in federal court this week. And of course the crime was never reported in the local papers, just like Mr. Lane’s. Or the rifling of people’s mail or the illegal recording of businesses’ phone calls. To be found at:

    But on topic:
    The facts are “the facts” reported by Cherokee County. The EDITOR even gives Mr. Robert Lane the benefit of doubt of probably being completely innocent, even though he is a registered sex offender who went through “Shock Probation” for 90-days in Montgomery County (for the 1990 Indecency with a Minor charge).

    It is the reader’s duty to do the MATH by reading the judgments and conviction dates and ages of the victims.
    If Mr. Lane was innocent, he should have not accepted the plea bargain offered to him. Then he would have a decent job and not under Cherokee County’s thumb the rest of his life.

    Or to make it simple: according to the Cherokee Co. criminal docket and DPS records,
    Robert Michael Lane wasn’t 36 when he accepted probation for breaking into someone’s house and for molesting a 10-year-old girl; he was almost 18.


    02/29/2008 at 11:27 AM

  4. Thanks for clearing a lot of that up, including how to spell impartial, and the fact that you are not impartial. But in stating that it makes me wonder why I even bother reading your slanted version of the news or even if it is accurate.., but in order to make sure I understad and have the proper view of Mr. Lane I would love to understand a few of the facts that you stated.

    And I was a little lost with the whole shock probation thing in Montgomery County (for the 1990 Indecency with a Minor charge). What did you mean by that?

    I doubt anyone is happy with being branded something for a crime they commit.

    Maybe we should get a murder registry started. I would like to protect my family and friends from murders. I think it is a good idea. What do you think.

    Maybe we could start a DUI registry. That way I can watch all the drivers around and make sure a drunk driver doesnt kill me.

    While I understand your point about the DA of cherokee county, I think there are much larger problems not being covered, and while I know it is not your job I wish someone would speak out. I do not feel any safer with this registry thing for sex offenders at all. I do not know who I should really watch and who just made some stupid choices. Now understand I am not referring to what punishments they get I am more cooncerned with the false sense of security that the government gives with the registry.

    I know maybe I am a little slow or too trusting so I wish you would futher explain. Also why wouldnt a person that is showing the truth tell their public who they are? We might want to meet you and shake your hand and just say thanks.


    03/04/2008 at 5:35 AM

  5. Lifelonger:
    The Cherokee County Criminal Docket and the DPS Registry provide the information linked to within the blog. The Lufkin Daily News reported the Robert Lane incident and subsequently his Sex Offender status, including the age of the victim.

    The point of posting the registered sex offenders in Cherokee Co., just like the Cherokeean Herald, Lufkin Daily News, Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel and Daily Progress do, is to make the point that the unchallenged District Attorney uses probation as a carrot out of laziness and to boost fictitious crime stats. The Cherokeean Herald publishes this information whenever they are told to do so. Why not drop the charges when 6 mos. adjudicated probation is offered? Did the court appointed attorney divulge the result of accepting a no-contest plea?

    No matter what Robert Lane was told by his drunken court-appointed attorney, the 2nd Judicial District reported their version of the incident on the docket. Lane was charged with burglary, which is cited. He also pled guilty to the sexual assault of a 10 year-old girl. Lane was born in 1972. The assault he pled guilty is reported by CCSD and the DPS to have occurred in 1990. That would make Lane almost 18 when he went to boot camp in Montgomery Co. for his 90-day “scared straight”/ “shock probation.” Read the facts of the case as presented by the authorities who offered the probation. And every County in which the fellow has been cited since.
    If you want to read specific court cases from 1990-1991 (as written by Cherokee Co.), go up to the courthouse in Rusk and request it.

    “Facts and truth have little to do with each other”- William Faulkner.
    Or better yet “Facts don’t cease to exist because they are ignored”- Aldous Huxley.

    Thanks for reading.

    The EDITOR

    03/04/2008 at 7:26 AM

  6. … you make a lot of claims in your blog that ring true, but sometimes your rants border on being conspiracy theories. Perhaps, if you trully want an intelligent audience to care, you should curb your doomsday diatribes.

    Also, is it not hypocritical to decry the failing economy in the same paragraph you warn companies to steer clear of our county? Just looking for some consistency.


    03/16/2008 at 7:43 AM

  7. Would it be more hypocritical to be myopic with all of this occurring under our collective noses? The sheriff department, the district attorney’s office, the local Ma Bell phone company, constable precincts and city halls, all should be open for scrutiny and discussion. The EDITOR doesn’t think the crimes posted and linked to within the BLOG are isolated incidents or diatribe; the pattern of the county’s most fundamental public works being misappropriated has been going on for decades.

    As far as an intelligent audience, haven’t they all moved out?

  8. I was just on a jury panel for a sexual assault case. The case was declared a mis-trial before they could even choose 12 jurors. The reason for this was, as the defendant’s attorney focused on, probably knowing no one would like this option, is that if the defendant is found guilty, and if the jury should choose punishment of between 2 and 10 years, that after you choose the length of time for incarceration, and if it is ten years or less, then there is an option for the jury to consider the guilty party for probation. After much discussion and clarification of this point, it was finally brought out by the judge who had to do some more clarifying, that probation does not include any incarceration whatsoever and the judge sets the terms of probation. The jury has no say in this. He additionaly disclosed that if the guilty party should not follow his terms of probation to the letter and it revoked, then at THAT time he is incarcerated for the length of time originally chosen by the jury, and of course that would be between 2 and 10 years. And this point, whether probation could be considered by each juror, was vehemently rejected by the majority of the 60 plus members of the panel. The majority told the defending attorney that they could not consider a punishment that could include the choice and chance of probation. This rejected so many panel members that the attorney’s could only bring the panel to 20 members to consider for a final jury panel of 12. The law says they must reduce the panel of 60 plus members down to 32 before they can select a final 12. Because this reduced the jury panel to 20 they had to declare a mistrial. The probation for a sexual assualt seems rediculous to even be an option for this crime. How did this law get passed? And how many sexual offenders have not made it to trial because a jury panel cannot be selected due to this probation issue/question/option?


    03/25/2008 at 8:52 PM

  9. Im Donnie Crippen, And i Married my victim, been married for 2 years, and HAVE 2 cHILDREN.. iM THE VICTIM IN THIS cASE……

    Donnie Crippen

    03/26/2008 at 4:10 AM

  10. The real piece of work in the Cherokee County DA’s office is Rachel Rogers.


    01/22/2010 at 10:41 AM

  11. What happened to James C. Schlater [infant predator]when he got caught in California and was brought back on probation violation?

    John A. Eaves

    02/22/2011 at 2:56 PM

    • Another homegrown Cherokee County pedophile placed on probation by Elmer Beckworth has re-offended and placed people at risk. The local newspapers certainly will not report the violation. James Christopher Schlater b.11/06/1957 was arrested in Santa Clara County, California and sent back to Fort Bend County, Texas, where he was transferred back to Cherokee County, Texas. This information is on Vinelink. The victim’s age of his original probated sex offense is reported as 6-years old according to the TXDPS Sex Offender Registry.
      Schlater is currently incarcerated in the Rusk TX jail where his probation violation is being whitewashed and ignored by the local media, i.e. it makes the corrupt ingrained criminal justice system in Cherokee Co. look bad. Don’t expect to read about it anywhere else.
      And thanks for the tip.
      Send information in confidence to rusktexas@yahoo.com

  12. Get your facts straight…some of what you are saying may be true…but a lot is wrong. You really make yourself look stupid…what you post is almost as bad as watching Jerry Springer…a bunch of bs


    05/30/2013 at 10:56 PM

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