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District Attorney continues retaliation against civil rights claimant

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Jury selection begins this Monday, March 19 for another re-trial against Robert Fox. A mistrial was declared after the first attempt by Cherokee County District Attorney Elmer Beckworth to once again circumvent the Texas Penal Code with the help of tainted grand and petit juries. (Source: Jacksonville Daily Progress, June 2, 2011 “Mistrial declared for Fox”) Fox delivered a Notice to Sue for $30 million to the City of Jacksonville after his property was raided by police three times in a month period and accused of being a “terrorist.”

The re-trial is slated for the following Tuesday March 27, 2012 after the jury plants are properly vetted and relatives of those Fox filed federal grievances against are culled from the pool. Then again, the trial is being held in Cherokee County where jurists lie under oath and jurors with dropped criminal charges vie to be seated after decades of ingratiation.

Even if you do not reside in Cherokee County and attempt to file a Civil Rights complaint in a neighboring county, District Attorney Elmer Beckworth will summon you in front of his friends sitting on his hand-picked juries. Prosecutors will call up their friends and relatives of those you are suing, and issue a warrant for your arrest. They will call you a “wanted federal fugitive” when you appear in court and re-arrest you on other trumped up charges. They will lock you in the Rusk, TX jailhouse and local judges will happily set your bail illegally beyond your ability to pay. They will raid your private property repeatedly in order to break you.

That is exactly what happened and is continuing to happen to former Jacksonville resident Robert J. Fox. Fox’s civil complaint against Beckworth and the City of Jacksonville was accepted by the US Eastern District and placed on the docket several years ago. (Source: Fox v. City of Jacksonville Texas et al Case No. 2:2010cv00158 TX Eastern District) This was not a government record that was tampered with.

Even when Cherokee County and City clerks refuse to accept any Notice to Sue, and you are forced to file your documents elsewhere, Elmer Beckworth, et al will file State criminal charges on you, claiming jurisdiction on a Federal matter. Cherokee County prosecutors and their willing accomplices will claim that they can bring charges against you, because you are suing them in Federal Court (Source: Fox v. City of Jacksonville Texas et al Case No. 2:2010cv00158 TX Eastern District) The 12th Court of Appeals in Tyler will rubberstamp this podunk county’s jurisdictional overreaching. As we and our readers have said before, be forewarned: Cherokee County is rogue, anti-American and out of control. These people make a living violating the law and people’s rights.

Rusk, TX:

Jury selection begins today for the Robert Fox retrial in Cherokee County district court. Elmer Beckworth refuses to recuse himself despite the fact he has answered Fox’s federal complaint as a Defendant.  Again tax dollars will be wasted trying to bamboozle folks that Fox committed felony “tampering with a government record” for delivering an Intent to Sue to the City of Jacksonville. One element of Fox’s federal complaint is the refusal of the County Clerk and Cherokee County constables to endorse and serve his petitions under the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. A Tort Claim form is not required to serve the City of Jacksonville Risk Management office, as it has been served under class action by victims of police officer Larry Pugh’s rape on patrol spree and Tomato Bowl riot.

Texas Rules of Civil Procedure

Rule 106. Method of Service
Unless the citation or an order of the court otherwise directs, the citation shall be served by any person authorized by Rule 103 by
1. delivering to the defendant, in person, a true copy of the citation with the date of delivery endorsed thereon with a copy of the petition attached thereto, or
2. mailing to the defendant by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, a true copy of the citation with a copy of the petition attached thereto.

Robert Fox has been arrested, incarcerated and indicted on one false charge after another, all of which have either been dismissed (Barratry), found Not Guilty (Possession of an Illegal Substance), or resulted in mistrial (Tampering with a Government Record). This after being called a “terrorist sympathizer” by the Jacksonville Police Department and repeatedly by local newspapers. Fox has spent a total of 457 days in Cherokee County jail after his bail was set unconstitutionally high and his personal effects paraded around during a staged press conference. Every single accusation levied on him has come from the Cherokee County district attorney and those he intends to sue. Fox claims his constitutional rights were violated during multiple open-ended Swat-style raids on his commercial property in Jacksonville. Three such raids in one month alone. Cherokee County has answered to these types of claims in federal court before, but because three raids in one month is so blatantly illegal, they must trump up something to justify their criminal conspiracy to violate Fox’s rights. Robert Fox has an easily provable case of malicious prosecution, illegal search and seizure and unconstitutional practices.


Robert Fox

What prosecutor in any legitimate county would pursue made up charges against a man, simply because the individual filed a bona fide legal document accepted onto the US Eastern District court docket? When Robert Fox’s Intent to Sue paperwork was mailed from Smith County, Elmer Beckworth’s office did not ask the FBI to charge Fox with mail fraud. Why? Because they know no other county or federal court could easily stack a jury to convict an innocent man. No crime had been committed with paperwork that could have easily been thrown in the trash upon receipt. Instead, they vilify the Plaintiff in a Civil Rights suit with “sovereign citizen” rhetoric, as they did recently with Austin radio talk show host Randy Kelton. No actual crime has been committed by Fox’s paperwork against them. But crimes are continually being committed against Robert Fox in Cherokee County. The FBI and Texas Rangers in the area appear to have zero interest in Fox, or the outcome of justice one way or another.

Robert Fox relocated in the late 1990’s from the Dallas/ Fort Worth area to Cherokee County. He and his associates were not greeted with open arms after setting up a satellite branch of the House of Israel in downtown Jacksonville, TX, directly across from the fire station. It was common knowledge that members usually refused to properly identify themselves when stopped and often successfully challenge minor traffic and legal infractions. This is a BIG No No in Dogtown, USA. The House of Israel members claim to practice their sovereign God-given rights; some say they are just asking for it when they challenge the status quo. The City of Jacksonville knows this and like most small town bored cops, started escalating their random stops of House of Israel members walking to the corner store. Not only that, the ministry’s downtown location was prime real estate for those wanting the out-of-towners to get the Hell OUT. They called them a “lightning rod for terrorism” but would deny they illegally tapped the church’s phones.


House of Israel, Jacksonville, TX

Prior to Robert Fox’s arrival to Jacksonville, TX, local member Barry Brooks was convicted of operating a dental practice without a license and fought the district attorney’s office tooth and nail. Brooks held no punches embarrassing prosecutors in open court. And we all know that small town police forces are just political arms of the court house. Cherokee County wanted the House of Israel dissolved and punished. Barry Brooks’ adjacent property to the ministry hall allegedly contained expired dental antibiotics, and thus the excuse for multiple raids after-the-fact on Robert Fox’s section of the downtown rental plaza. Fox was present during the raids, placed under arrest and was forced to cough up bail money in escalating amounts. Cherokee County law enforcement has always operated like this.

A fishing expedition.

By an open-ended raid, we mean an illegal Search Warrant that offers no scope within the Affidavit; just grab what you can and use it anyway you can, as they did against Robert Fox. Jacksonville detective Jason Price showed Fox’s personal effects (none of which was illegal to own or suggested criminal activity) to the local media during a press conference. (Source: Jacksonville Daily Progress)


 “Jason Price, detective for the Jacksonville Police Department, held a press conference, Friday morning where he announced that a felony warrant had been issued for the arrest of  House of Israel leader Robert Fox. Price also explained that his investigation had uncovered connections between Fox and known terrorists. Progress photo by Kelly Young” (Source: Daily Progress)


During this televised press conference, the Jacksonville Police Department claimed Robert Fox to be a terrorist sympathizer because of his so-called “anti-government/ lawyer” leanings. Tyler TV stations and local sycophant newspapers were invited to spread the word that “a terrorist” named Robert Fox had links to “the Taliban and Timothy McVeigh.” (Source: KLTV July 25, 2008, “House of Israel Leader has Taliban link; draws Timothy McVeigh comparison“)

He’s the ringleader of an anti-government group, caught here in East Texas.
Now he’s been linked to a major terrorist organization – the Taliban.
Robert James Fox was arrested in May by Jacksonville Police and then again in June. He bonded out, and is now wanted for another felony charge.
Jacksonville Police held a press conference today and walked us through Fox’s history and what they see as his potential threat…

“We believe there is the same kind threat potential with Robert Fox, as there was with Timothy McVeigh,” Detective Jason Price told KLTV 7. “It’s a pressurized pot and it’s hard to say when it’s going to blow.” (Source: KLTV)

East Texas media outlets ran with the story for several months, on the word of small town criminals attempting to divert attention to away from their own stinking corruption, murder and rape. This House of Israel fiasco was going on during the time the City of Jacksonville was settling multiple federal lawsuits of their former rapist cop Larry Pugh of the Jacksonville PD. Officer Pugh, linked to missing women in the area, was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison for attacking one of his victims after she went to federal authorities.  (Source: Daily Progress)

Where was the press conference for Jacksonville PD Larry Pugh’s missing victims? But we digress.

Robert Fox has never been a federal fugitive nor been wanted by the feds; furthermore the DOJ has never intervened to assist the city of Jacksonville or Cherokee County in their “sovereign citizen” lying dogshit. And that is exactly what it is. These people live in it and feed on it. The local media spreads it around.

Robert Fox and the House of Israel group have faced prosecution in the past for claiming religious rights when challenging minor traffic court cases, such as carrying passports to Heaven with “Elohim’s Kingdom of Israel” stamped on it. (Source: 766 F. Supp. 569 (1991) United States of America v. Robert James Fox, No. CR3-90-0288-H, United States District Court, N.D. Texas, Dallas Division, June 3, 1991) Fox’s own legal briefs are cantankerous and loaded with Biblical jargon that by design infuriates judges. No one would want to be on the receiving end of one of his Motions or lawsuits. If they were without legal merit, his court filings could be thrown in the trash or perhaps mailed back to him with a note instructing him to stick it up his ass and set it on fire— in that order. Because Robert Fox was articulate in his federal complaint against Beckworth and the City of Jacksonville, et al they are retaliating by putting him on trial AGAIN for a bogus “tampering” charge, or “paper trail” as they call it. (Source: Daily Progress)

Sheriff James Campbell’s son-in-law was a juror on last year’s Robert Fox trial. For next week’s scheduled retrial, Elmer Beckworth does not want it leaked to the jury pool that he and James Campbell had to answer Fox’s Civil Rights complaint, because it was accepted and placed on the US Eastern District’s docket. Fox’s complaint was not summarily dismissed before all parties responded on the record. They should be recusing themselves and their kinfolk if it where a legitimate charge.

Parties in Fox’s federal complaint say he can’t file law suits and petition the government because a federal judge in Dallas labeled Fox a “vexatious litigant” back in 1993. The Cherokee County district attorney can not deny that Robert Fox’s civil rights have been constantly violated and the US Constitution trampled repeatedly; instead Elmer Beckworth responses to the civil rights suit claim that Fox has no right to recourse. Therefore anything Fox files is illegal (in Cherokee County), no matter where he files it. Elmer Beckworth’s retort to the US Eastern District does not deny Fox’s rights are being violated; Beckworth responded that Fox has no right to file any law suits. And what better way to settle a Civil Rights suit against the people you are suing, then by bringing fake criminal charges against the Plaintiff in a federal lawsuit? Cherokee County’s Elmer Beckworth is being praised and patted on the back for implementing this violation of the letter of the law. They think Robert Fox deserves it— to Hell with the Constitution.

Those in support of the District and County Attorney’s re-election campaigns are infuriated that the Robert Fox briefs mention Elmer Beckworth’s law school DWI and murdering drug informants such as Michael Harris who avoided prosecution. They want to ignore the decades’ worth of child molesters passed on the docket and given a few years probation living next door to them. They don’t care that a drug mule parolee named Brandon Robertson was released after being stopped with a gun and crystal meth, and went on to murder a Texas State Trooper 2 ½ weeks later. The City of Jacksonville cannot afford another round of civil rights suits after settling multiple class-action cases against rapist cop Larry Pugh. They don’t care that Craig Caldwell has spent the last 2 years accusing Pct. 3 Commissioner Katherine Pinotti of one made of up crime after another, while his predecessors had golf courses, private roads and ditches installed all over the county. (Source: KETK Jan. 19, 2012, “County Attorney apologizes to KETK”)

Those in favor of the status quo don’t care when their county officials are caught stealing hundreds of thousands of tax dollars and not one of them do 1 year in prison. They don’t care when women go missing after showing up at the Rape Crisis center.

They expect to get away with murder because they always have. According to the Justices operating in the US Eastern District, the City of Jacksonville was not responsible for employing a rapist cop who drug women out to the cemetery while on patrol, and molested them at gunpoint. The City of Jacksonville is not responsible for the women who their police officer raped while on duty or those who went missing after reporting it. According to this bunch, the City of Jacksonville, TX is not responsible for the nine women who survived and came forward, including the victim who escaped to testify. (Source: Evelyn Lewis vs. Larry Pugh, Mark Johnson, City of Jacksonville*)

*affirmed on Aug. 18, 2008 by the 5th Circuit Appeals in opinion No. 07- 40662  from the US Eastern District case 06-CV-357.  Read here: ftp://opinions.ca5.uscourts.gov/byDate/Aug2008/Aug18/07-40662.0.wpd.pdf

Accordingly to the same bunch, the City of Jacksonville is not responsible for the multiple raids and civil rights violations against Robert Fox and his friends passing through Cherokee County.

The City of Jacksonville, i.e. those in the community wanting the House of Israel property and the entire group removed by force, knows of the group’s tenacity and hard-headedness. Especially when it comes to the legal proceedings they complain most about, especially when they feel they are being done dirty. As stated earlier, Robert Fox has never been a “fugitive wanted on felony charges in Texas;” Fox has appeared to every single hearing, subpoena and summons he has been called to. Each time Robert Fox appeared to defend himself in Cherokee County’s courts, he has been charged again for another crime, ad nauseum, in order to stifle his civil rights suit.

There is no question that the entire Cherokee County jury pool knows who Robert Fox is, has heard about him, and have read about him in the paper. They all know he has filed civil complaints against the county. However they will never be instructed by the district judge that the Cherokee County district attorney’s office has no federal jurisdiction to prosecute a piece of paper Fox filed in Smith County against Elmer Beckworth. A private citizen, as annoying as they may be, may file an Intent to Sue wherever and whenever they like in the United States of America. Fox’s juries have been suborned to forget that fact.

After his multiple arrests in Cherokee County, Robert Fox was not released on his under his own personal recognizance; instead his bail was set unconstitutionally high and he was kept in the Rusk, TX jail for 235 days before his first hearing — for a total of almost a year and half.  In March 2009, a traveling judge found Fox not guilty of “possession of dangerous drugs” in the County Court at Law. Charges of barratry were also dismissed. The reasons for the escalating raids and his multiple arrests failed the test of legality.

If filing an Intent to Sue at the Jacksonville, TX city hall  is “Tampering with a Government Record,” then why is Robert Fox’s civil rights complaint on the US Eastern District’s docket? Why was it accepted and reviewed? Why did Elmer Beckworth, the City of Jacksonville and local news outlet have to respond to it? Being locked in jail for over a year and half, raided at gunpoint for charges that were eventually dropped; and being called a “terrorist” is CRUEL and USUAL for them, i.e. TORTURE under the color of law elsewhere. What about the women tortured by Jacksonville patrolman/rapist Larry Pugh? What equity do they get from the bench? What about the families of the missing women and those murdered by Cherokee County drug mules and informants?

These judges and justices who rubber stamp this criminal activity don’t just rely on their constituent equivocators to keep their pre-Civil Rights mentality alive and well; East Texas is teeming with rats and roaches crawling in and out of their back pockets. Hence, civil rights complaints get swept under the rug with the dung heaps they thrive in.

If nothing is done about this ongoing 21st Century corruption, the entire area should be economically quarantined, boycotted, closed off from the rest of the world (as they would prefer) and left to rot on the vine. There is not one entity working on this Robert Fox case that is not 10 thousand percent cognizant that Cherokee County is guilty of violating the law under the United States Constitution. Willfully, knowingly, openly and repeatedly.

March 31, 2012 update: Robert Fox’s  2nd trial began Tuesday March 27, 2012 and recessed early Wednesday March 28 due to Fox getting sick and requesting a continuance. (Source: Jacksonville Daily Progress “Trial session shortened after defendant falls ill” March 28, 2012) 

Fox’s re-trial continues April 25, 2012.

Agents of prevarication kiss and make up

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Deputy Sheriff sends emails falsely claiming police chief is being sued for sexual harassment; public told to forget about it.

Jacksonville, TX/ Rusk, TX:

For argument’s sake, let’s say a high-ranking deputy with the city of Jacksonville police department sends a slew of anonymous emails to East Texas news agencies asking why they aren’t reporting that Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell is resigning under the pressure of multiple sexual harassment suits. Cherokee County taxpayers should ask themselves if they would witness a ‘kiss and make up’ scenario between those agencies, as the one we’ve just seen painted last week. (Source: Tyler Paper December 19, 2009) Or for the sake of debate, let’s say a lay citizen bombards news outlets with emails falsely claiming Sheriff Campbell is facing lawsuit after lawsuit for sexual harassment in the workplace. In the case of a private citizen making those types of false claims against Sheriff Campbell or Jacksonville police chief Reece Daniel, then the district attorney himself would crawl out from behind his facade of trustworthiness and beat the drums of prosecution. They all would be crowing from the Rusk courthouse steps about how they would hold that individual and his network of allies criminally accountable. With the local media chiming in to fan the flames of criminal/civil action and to pervert the jury pool.

However, the shoe is on the other foot: The outside world got a tiny glimpse last week into the slanderous and lowlife blackmail methods Cherokee County officials employ against each other and their political counterparts. Agencies that routinely share illegally obtained information and work hand-in-hand violating our constitutional rights make for bad bedfellows when one decides to complain to the Texas Attorney General’s office about the other. Or butt heads and embarrass the district attorney, as Chief Reece Daniel did in May of this year when he petitioned against Elmer Beckworth’s handling of the Robert Fox charges. (Source: Jacksonville Daily Progress May 3, 2009)

Sheriff James Campbell’s chief detective Chris White, captain for the Cherokee County sheriff’s department, recently sent anonymous emails to various East Texas news agencies claiming Jacksonville police chief Reece Daniel was resigning under the pressure of five (nonexistent) sexual harassment suits. Chief Daniel responded to the libelous accusations with a statement to the local press that the Jacksonville police department would no longer work alongside the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department until White was reprimanded or fired. Chief Daniel chooses his words carefully in his response to the Sheriff Department’s emailed accusations:

“Chris White told me he had sent the email in retaliation for me refusing to accept a case that originated in Cherokee County that he wanted my detectives to investigate. This is an extremely paltry reason for a law enforcement officer to get angry over and, in my opinion, violate the law. If he will do this to me knowing all the resources I have at my command then I worry about what he might do to an innocent civilian who makes his angry.”
(Source: KLTV December 14, 2009)

Statements like those can never be retracted, even though Chief Daniel has been counseled to sing Sheriff Campbell’s praises, and ignore the Penal Code statutes he himself cites within his complaint to TCLEOSE and in his response to Chris White’s accusations. Cherokee County taxpayers have the right to know why Sheriff Campbell refuses yet again to hold his deputy’s feet to the fire. Detective White’s actions cannot be undone and his anonymous emails (claiming sexual harassment) leave the recipients in those media outlets scratching their heads. How can Cherokee County’s sheriff continue to employ a deputy who retaliates against a fellow officer? What other dirt and mudslinging does the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department sanction? We know this latest published episode only scratches the surface. The broader intent of the emails was not only designed to smear Reece Daniel, but to frame someone else for sending the emails actually authored and distributed by a Cherokee County Sheriff’s deputy.

Campbell continues his decades-old pattern of unaccountability, even when his highest ranking deputy is caught red-handed emailing libelous content about a local police chief to news agencies. Campbell hides behind his department’s taxpayer supplied attorney rather than acknowledging his own deputy’s guilt. Sheriff Campbell’s statements deny knowledge of the emails’ “content,” but he surely knows his deputy White’s actions are rogue to say the least. (Source: KLTV December 14, 2009)

Instead of hiding behind his lawyers and saying that he knew nothing of the emails’ content, Sheriff Campbell could have taken the honorable route the day Chief Daniel responded to his accusers. Campbell could have made a simple statement that he would not tolerate this level of crap out of any of his employees. Despite the thousands of wasted taxpayers’ dollars and hours he and the Cherokee County newspapers have spent crooning about the county’s highest paid Deputy Sheriff.  Campbell chose to play word games that he was “unaware” of anything while he remained hidden from comment.

City and County lawyers warn Chief Daniel ‘not to go there’ by pointing out repeatedly that one female employed with the Jacksonville Police Department made one accusation of sexual harassment against the chief in the past. Which resulted in her prompt promotion out of the field and into a higher paying position within Cherokee County law enforcement (thanks to a deal brokered by the current city of Jacksonville attorney). Sources: Jacksonville Daily Progress and Cherokeean Herald December 16, 2009

And they top off yet another of Cherokee County’s notorious lies that the emails are a result of a “personal conflict” between Detective White and Chief Daniel. Then why the use of both a county attorney and the city of Jacksonville attorney for a private pissing match? Sheriff Campbell cannot make a statement to his constituents without an attorney looking over his shoulders and writing his unapologetic smokescreens. These are the questions the local media should be asking before closing the book on this latest installment of sexual blackmail, Cherokee County style. The pattern of unethical behavior is not over; it will continue as long as these people hold office.

There is enough criminal activity and dirt to spread around, so if these guys want to keep their jobs, it is apparent that in their minds, they had better stick together. They will have to continue to feign solidarity during intrajurisdictional disputes and target the innocent people Chief Daniel refers to in his statement. Hopefully, they believe, this sordid little story during the Christmas holidays will disappear from the evening news.

Chief Detective Chris White’s libelous emails about Reece Daniel are not only unethical, they shed light into the modus operandi that has been going on for decades in Cherokee County. Too many of these current public officials are bought and owned by these sexual harassment/ blackmail techniques. A thorough Spring house cleaning is long overdue. Get rid of these corrupt parasites at election or continue to have your taxpayer dollars lining their attorneys’ pockets. Or you can continue to support the vermin while they pay each other off with your hard earned tax dollars. You have just witnessed a microcosm of their unethical universe: a salaried deputy sheriff sending anonymous and inflammatory emails on a County computer in order to deflect media attention onto the police chief of Jacksonville. With the intention of blaming someone else for it until his IP address was traced.

Merry Christmas Cherokee County and have a blessed New Year. The March primaries are right around the corner; vote the prevaricators and provocateurs out. It is time to bring some semblance of honor into your public offices. Next month we will discuss the case of 35-year veteran Cherokee County employee and true friend of the courthouse Carl Phillips, the director of the Cherokee County Supervision and Corrections Department. Phillips was recently indicted for theft of services and allegedly tampering with government records while head of Adult Probation. (Source: Tyler Paper December 17, 2009)

Written by Cherokee County, Texas

12/20/2009 at 5:00 PM

Plea bargains equal paybacks; Conflicts of Law and Order

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A case for and against jury sentencing.

Rusk, TX:
The ongoing saga of the missing $147,000 from the Rusk Texas water department finally has closure. Prior to her July 2009 trial, Rusk water department clerk Doris Robinson had been quietly preparing to pay back the first round of $50,000 increments she had stolen during her tenure as a Cherokee County public servant. Robinson pleaded guilty in open court and a sentencing jury was swayed to give her 10 years probation. She was fined $5,000 and ordered by presiding Judge Bascom Bentley III to pay back over a four year period, the remaining taxpayer monies that she embezzled over a two year period. (Source: Jacksonville Daily Progress July 9, 2009)

District [369th] Judge Bascom Bentley added his own stipulation that Robinson make her restitution within four years, with payments of at least $10,000 due, Dec. 31 of each year. (Source: Jacksonville Daily Progress July 9, 2009)

Mrs. Robinson pleaded to embezzling over $145,000 from the taxpayers. Of course that would be $10,000 a year for four years for a total of $40,000; plus the $57,000 she paid at sentencing. That would leave an unnoticed remainder of $50,000 to go unaccounted…


courtesy Daily Progress


Not to go unnoticed in the news, the 369th District Court convened this mock trial on Wednesday July 8, 2009 and local newspapers followed suit. Mrs. Robinson agreed to have this local jury “decide” her punishment, which theoretically could have ranged from nothing to 10 years in state prison. The maleable jury was seated to assess only the punishment phase of the case. Robinson had previously waived her rights to a jury trial and she accepted District Attorney Elmer Beckworth’s plea bargain. Before deciding  Mrs. Robinson’s punishment, the Cherokee County jury heard opening statements, along with testimonies from witnesses. (Source: Tyler Paper July 9, 2009)

Strategically designated Cherokee County ‘dignitaries’ bombarded jurors with accolades about the Robinson family, while the specific methodology implemented to achieve the embezzlement was swept under the carpet.  This was the punishment phase of the “trial;” guilt was already established though Mrs. Robinson was never forced to admit her guilt to the jurors. Local newspapers followed suit, leaving reasonable doubt that a clerical error could have resulted in the missing $150,000. It was in the hands of the 12 jurors to decide whether or not prison was appropriate for a 62-year old “Christian” woman without a CPA license (Source: Jacksonville Daily Progress July 9, 2009)

The State did not vigorously present mitigating factors for a harsher sentence, hence the premeditated deliberation of 10 years community supervision. The process itself is a contradiction (plea bargain acceptance, then jury sentencing of the same punishment), and is a not so clever way for district attorneys and judges to appear to be removed from the case. In a tiny town of only 5,000 people, that concept is entirely ridiculous. Mrs. Robinson’s fate was determined in the judge’s chamber months before the jury was vetted.

The fact is the presiding judge had already accepted the punishment of the defendant, because the district court is mandated by law to show record of the defendant voluntarily waiving his or her rights to a trial and PLEADING GUILTY.

From the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, when a trial by jury has been waived, the district judge determines the sentence. To stave off embarrassment of a long and costly trial, the Doris Robinson case followed the prosecution’s recommendation of probation. District Judges can either accept or reject said plea bargains. The precedent of jury sentencing is always under fire due to the nature of the limited evidence heard at sentencing, versus extensive and specific evidence allowed at trial. So don’t be snookered into believing  it was the compassionate jury  composed of five white women, a black woman and six white men sentencing Mrs. Robinson after 1 hour and 45 minutes of ‘deliberation’ who meted out probation as her sentence. (Source: Cherokeean Herald July 8, 2009)

The fix was in from day one because she was a city employee and faced Elmer Beckworth and a Cherokee County jury instead of a legitimate federal jury. Cherokee County Texas prosecutors, law enforcement  and Beckworth’s handpicked jurors are more interested in putting Civil Rights complainants in prison than public servants caught stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in city revenue.

According to the July 8, 2009 Cherokeean Herald, Doris Robinson was sentenced that same day to 10 years in prison, with that sentence probated for 10 years, fined $5,000 in her “theft trial” and ordered to pay $143,000 in restitution. Readers of Rusk’s local Cherokeean newspaper are predictably misled into presuming defendant Robinson was scrutinized in a full-fledged “theft trial” by jurors who then sentenced her to repay the money in order to avoid imprisonment.

BEFORE July 8, 2009, Mrs. Doris Robinson pleaded guilty to theft of Rusk Water Department funds in her plea bargain, which resulted in her avoiding a “theft trial” by jury with its inherent risk of imposition of incarceration if found guilty by those trial jurors. So why in the world is it permissible for the court’s time (taxpayers’ money) to be squandered on assembling a jury panel solely for the purpose of sentencing confessed thief Mrs. Robinson when the district judge is the one with the authority to impose sentencing of plea bargainers?

It is quite implausible that Mrs. Robinson’s capable legal advisors would have approved her written admission of guilt if that document did not contain the specific requirements for avoidance of incarceration, to include but not limited to, her acknowledgement that she will repay within a set timeline the funds she admitted stealing. It’s smoke and mirrors Cherokee County style with public officials and local media creating the illusion that courthouse employees are honorably utilizing the salaries they draw from the taxpayers’ collective wallet. The fact is the Robinson probation sentence was already a done deal in verbiage of her signed plea and sentencing agreement.

As usual, they want to have it both ways when ‘Project Got to Fool ‘Em Everyday’ is in full swing. If a local steals the same amount of money from a federally insured bank, then a stiffer penalty and different outcome can be expected outside the tainted Cherokee County legal process.

Jacksonville, TX:
47-year old bank teller Lloyd Wayne Rock, also from Jacksonville, TX, was indicted in federal court for stealing over $145,000 from a Bank of America located in Tyler, TX. Rock is accused of stealing the money since he began his employment at the Tyler branch in 1995. Lloyd Rock pleaded guilty on July 29 to the embezzlement charge and faces up to 30 years in federal prison if convicted. (Source: Tyler Paper July 29, 2009)

Wood County, TX:
Wood County officials are requesting the Texas Rangers move their attention away from Cherokee County and come on down to help find $1,063 missing from the county treasurer’s office. Treasurer Becky Cannon faces a Wood County grand jury for the “misplaced funds” from the sale of scrap metal. (Source: Tyler Paper July 29, 2009)

Rusk County, TX:
A female prison guard at the Henderson Bradshaw Unit has been arraigned for paying an inmate to perform sex acts on her. Hether Bargsley, 32 was fired June 13 after admitting to officials she had paid a prisoner $200 for having sex in a doorway.

Rusk County Sheriff Department dispatcher and warrant clerk Kristy Campbell, 43, was charged on July 31 with cashing in a stolen money order of a missing $500 bond.Theft of service by a public official is a state jail felony. (Source Tyler Paper July 31, 2009)

Smith County, TX:
A Pct. 1 Smith County Deputy Constable, who is also the son of Precinct 3 Commissioner Terry Phillips, is under investigation for being on the payroll but not having a TCLEOSE police officer’s license. Derek Lee Phillips, age 23 had come under scrutiny by the Texas Rangers after an incident the night of June 29, in which he pulled a handgun on guests at his father’s property. Phillips has been patrolling with other deputies and identifying himself as a deputy constable, despite being unlicensed. (Source: Tyler Paper July 16, 2009)

One official said the county is liable for officers and deputies, and a person with as many citations as Phillips would also be a problem for insurance. (Source: Tyler Paper July 16, 2009)

A stark difference of facts presented in neighboring Smith County;
Cherokee County’s liability insurance provider in concert with elected officials have a proven track record of  schmoozing public opinion that its policyholder county is a low-risk client. Even after hiring gypsy cops and rapists who cause huge insurance claims for the county that employs them.

A female deputy Smith County constable  is also under Texas Ranger investigation and is also patrolling Pct. 1. This after she was alleged to have instigated a scuffle at her former boyfriend’s Tyler apartment complex. Newly licensed Minerva Martin is accused of going to a former boyfriend’s apartment to confront him and his current girlfriend, according to witnesses’ accounts and disturbance calls.( Source: Tyler Paper July 23, 2009)

It is also reported that TCLEOSE officials have recommended Precinct 1 Constable Henry Jackson’s license be revoked. Constable Jackson pleaded guilty in August 2008 to a Misdemeanor count of tampering with a governmental record and was given six months deferred adjudication. He also pleaded no contest to a Class C assault charge from sexual harassment and official oppression allegations. (Source: Tyler Paper July 17, 2009)


Constable Henry Jackson


Tyler, TX:

Tyler, TX Police Chaplain Anwar Khalifa was arrested in a Dallas hotel by an off duty Frisco, TX police officer, when the officer working security caught Khalifa smoking marijuana in the parking lot. Khalifa, the former head of the East Texas Islamic Society, was asked to resign by Tyler’s chief of police. (Source: Tyler Paper July 23, 2009)

Frisco Police Sgt. Crawford took the remainder of the marijuana and rolling paper and logged it as evidence and also notified the Tyler Police Department of the incident. (Source: Tyler Paper July 23, 2009)

Anwar Khalifa (Courtesy KLTV Tyler, TX)


Another stark difference from a recent Cherokee County, TX episode when Constable Randall Thompson was arrested by federal agents on the Mexican border for meth distribution. Instead of turning his badge in, Randy Thompson continued his role as Pct. 3 Constable up to the day he was indicted in federal court on drug charges. Employers of public officials such as Constable Thompson and Khalifa are always notified when the employee is arrested elsewhere. Despite Cherokee County’s pattern of pretending not to know their political allies have been arrested and are facing federal indictment the next day.  Cherokee County’s District Attorney’s office, the Sheriff’s Department and constables routinely “split the revenue” of seized property during drug raids (even airplanes), without oversight. (Source: Cherokeean Herald August 27, 2008)


Jacksonville, TX:
Jacksonville High School assistant coach Jerry Chism, 34 of Longview, was placed on administrative leave after being indicted for participating in illegal dog-fights. The football coach had been arrested in November 2008 for a DWI in Gregg County, before transferring to nearby Jacksonville ISD where he was employed for approximately one year. 

Jerry “Scotty” Chism was arrested July 8 in Panola County during a three-state sting which led to over 25 other defendants being indicted in federal court for animal cruelty. (Source: Tyler Paper July 16, 2009)


JHS Coach Jerry Chism

Lon Morris coach arrested for child porn at Cherokee County Jr. College.

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Warning: Cherokee County Texas institutions are bastions of child exploitation and employ purveyors of child pornography.The mass exodus of Rusk Independent School District faculty members earlier this year is based upon the revelation that protected locals and administration officials with a penchant for photography have been under FBI scrutiny for years- stemming from the 2001-2002 Department of Justice crackdown of Palestine, Texas resident Mark Bates – the Webmaster of a worldwide e-mail child pornography ring originating from Internet servers in Anderson and Cherokee Counties.  Why did the Rusk High School principal and all those Rusk ISD teachers and coaches turn in their resignations?

The FBI sting called “Operation Candyman” netted individuals throughout the country, including an A&M cadet in Brownsville and two men from the Houston,TX area. 89 subscribers total were indicted. Mark Bates, age 33 of Palestine, TX was sentenced in December 2002 to 30 years prison for being the mastermind and moderator of the website used to download images federal prosecutors called “absolutely appalling in the depth of their depravity.”  Many arrested subscribers to Mark Bates’ email group  (such as Toby Barnett from Lufkin, Texas) were people ‘holding positions of trust with frequent contact with children.’  Mark Bates had two prior child molestation convictions and a history of mental disorders.

The ongoing cover up of this type of depraved and illegal activity should show the rest of the state just how duplicitous Cherokee County Texas really is. Especially when local officials pretend to have no knowledge of kiddie porn being distributed from computers owned by the school district. A place where under the guise of fake evangelicalism, the images of broken and bloody bodies of children have been traded like Green Stamps on the Internet for decades. While at the same time Cherokee County district attorney Elmer Beckworth offers probation to a Rusk Texas man who mutilated his own 12-month old daughter, and the district court voraciously accepts any and all plea bargains to over 3 dozen registered sex offenders within the county. Mark Bates’ child porn ring of 6 years ago apparently never ceased to exist outside the area, with ongoing federal sentences (such as  Jeffrey Scott Ray of Nacogdoches and Toby Barnett of Lufkin, TX) never making it to the pressroom.  The list continues.

Jacksonville, Texas:

Lon Morris College’s  head golf coach  Barry Dean Griffin, age 38, has been arraigned in federal court for possession and distribution of child pornography. Coach Barry Griffin was arrested Monday, June 9, 2008 after surrendering to federal authorities in Tyler, Texas. According to the June 10, 2008 issue of the Tyler Paper, Lon Morris faculty member Barry Griffin :  “has been charged by complaint for allegedly possessing and distributing child pornography on May 30 in Cherokee County [Texas]. If convicted, he could face 5 to 20 years in prison for the distribution charge and up to 10 years in prison for the possession charge.”

Monday’s appearance by Griffin in front of Tyler, TX based US Magistrate Judge John Love was reported here first. He has not been formally indicted.


Lon Morris College coach Barry Dean Griffin

Barry Griffin is a junior college Kinesiology instructor and coach for Jacksonville, Texas based Lon Morris and has been since 2005. The Lon Morris men’s golf team  took fourth place in a recently held NJCAA tournament in Huntsville, Alabama, with hotel accommodations arranged by the college. Griffin has also traveled out of state to Daytona, Florida where he accompanied the Lon Morris College girl’s golf team , who took a 4th place prize at the women’s NJCAA national championship games.

Similarly, the Jacksonville home of Rusk ISD drama coach Harold “Bo” Scallon was raided last year by federal authorities on a tip from the Longview, TX police department. The tip being that the High School teacher was distributing child pornography over the Internet. His personal laptop, school computer and hard drives were confiscated by the FBI. Scallon pleaded guilty on April 4, 2008 in federal court to possessing over 150 sadomasochistic images of minors. He taught for the Rusk Independent School District for nearly 30 years and with parents’ blessings, participated in numerous overnight ‘theater camps.’ Due to a plea agreement, his child porn distribution charge was dropped by federal prosecutors, though he still faces decades in federal prison. Certainly the community and school administrators will rally around to petition for Mr. Scallon’s early release and leniency prior to his sentencing date being reported. As they did with Alto, Texas postmaster Herbert Dominguez, prior to his federal sentencing for stealing $27,000 of United States Post Office material- but never reporting it.

Local Cherokee County, Texas media portray Rusk High School Theater class’ Bo Scallon official retirement and contractual obligations to the school district as ending in April 2007, prior to the FBI raid. However, Harold “Bo” Scallon’s continual employment with the Rusk ISD was apparent to the FBI because investigators seized his company computer from the Rusk High School and examined its hard drives. Forensics on his computers uncovered massive files storing violent and graphic depictions involving children.


mugshot of Rusk,TX teacher Harold “Bo” Scallon

The ongoing out-of-county reports of federal investigations compared to the nonexistent media coverage, nor local outcry, begs the question: Has Cherokee County, Texas always been a child molestation and child pornography refuge? Local offenders certainly do not have to worry about prison time if they cut deals with the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office after falling in the hands of Elmer Beckworth .

View the locations of registered child molesters living steps from the Rusk Texas courthouse and Rusk Texas Jr.-Sr. High Schools mapped on a website called FamilyWatchdog .                                              

Found at: http://www.familywatchdog.us                                                                                                

Infant molesters (whose victims are as young as 1 to 6 years-old) all handed probation and local Adult Supervision by the Cherokee County district attorney’s office -and not spending one day in prison.


 [known registered Rusk, TX sex offenders - courtesy of Family Watchdog]

As a footnote, Harold “Bo” Scallon was sentenced on Tuesday June 17, 2008 in the US District Courts to 6 1/2 years federal prison time for possessing Internet child pornography. He will remain under parole supervision for 5 years after completing his federal prison term. Had the Rusk ISD faculty member actually acted on his sick fantasies and molested a Jr. High student, then the Cherokee County district attorney would have offered Scallon a few months probation (just like Elmer Beckworth’s office did for Chris Hennessy, a Rusk Texas patrol officer offered a paltry probation sentence of months instead of years for raping a Rusk ISD Jr. High girl in 2004).  Or Cherokee County prosecutors would simply ignore the problem like the community and Rusk school board has for the last 30 years of Harold “Bo” Scallon’s teaching career.  The world may never know how many deals were struck to keep this guy’s perverted pastimes out of the Rusk ISD school bulletin and news.

Also buried in the archives and the local School Board meeting minutes is a report of another Rusk ISD school teacher and former Jacksonville High School faculty member, Brian Basse sentenced to 3 years TDCJ time in 2007 for sexual contact with a student. Explicit Instant Messages and photos were recovered from his laptop computer by the FBI. Basse had been a Rusk Texas school teacher for 7 years, before relocating from the Jacksonville ISD. Brian Basse’s 36 month sentence (which he may serve 80% of) was handed to him from the 2nd Judicial District Court in Rusk, TX.



And don’t forget about Josh Allen music teacher at the Jacksonville Christian Academy and youth minister for the Tyler Street Baptist Church being sentenced in 2007 to 4 years for possession of child pornography- over 600 graphic and violent images. Tyler Street Baptist Church is a long time polling place for voters in Cherokee County’s Precinct No. 15. The US District Court “noted that Allen has no past criminal history and that he had the support of his church – factors in issuing the relatively lenient sentence.”   Great.     Gregg County Texas charged Josh Allen for his porn distribution into their county, since Cherokee County Texas failed to do so. A local investigation was not required from the source because, as Allen told Federal Judge Leonard Davis during his January 4, 2007 sentencing, local authorities believed the choir director still “had an opportunity to be part of the solution to the problem” of child porn being distributed via the Internet from Cherokee County, Texas. Allen received the same lack of media attention coupled with an outpouring of local support as did Jeffrey Scott Ray and Toby Lynn Barnett. Ray’s residence in Nacogdoches, TX was raided by federal authorities in 2006 and his sentencing not reported; Jeffrey Ray Scott got 70 months in federal prison.  Toby Barnett was charged with possession of child porn and given 3 years probation in 2002 for “not having a prior criminal record,” even though he had been convicted in Nacogdoches, TX for assault in 1996.

Just do a comparison on how the legal system operates 40 miles away in Smith County, Texas. For instance, the recent Wednesday June 18, 2008 sentencing of Daniel Wayne Tidwell, age 29 of Tyler, in the 241st District Court doling out 50 years state prison time. This is after Tidwell pleading guilty to the sexual assault of a 15 year-old girl. Daniel Tidwell did have prior felony convictions, but regardless was facing 5 years to life for the rape.

Don’t forget the crack down on the Mineola Swinger’s Club that has made national news, either. The third defendant out of a string of arrests, Patrick “Booger Red” Kelly , a foster parent, is on trial for drugging children 9 years-old and younger and forcing them to perform strip club-esque dances for patrons of Mineola, Texas’ honky tonk. A version of what Cherokee County, Texas’ counterfeit Christians have been doing for decades: exploiting children and getting away with it. Smith County CPS removed the children from the homes of participants beginning in 2004 when it became apparent drug use and sexual abuse was occurring in the “deeply religious community.” Also awaiting trial are Dennis Boyd and Rebecca Pittman; and Jimmy Dale and Shelia Darlene Sones. Local swingers in the East Texas sex ring Jamie Pittman and Shauntel Loraine Mayo were convicted and sentenced to life in prison earlier in May, for their involvement in making children perform sex acts on stage.

An even better recent comparison would be the 2006 trial in Smith County of a preacher named Jefferson Marion Moore, age 58 at the time, also the Dogwood City Daycare and Preschool operator convicted of molesting a 6 year-old girl left in his care. He was a full time pastor for the Dogwood City Chapel, or “Brother Jeff” as they called him.  Jefferson Moore was convicted and sentenced to LIFE in prison for the rape he committed. Moore had been indicted on three counts of sexual assault of a minor involving a 6, 7 and 4  year-old. “Brother Jeff” Moore was also charged with retaliation after an altercation with Smith County prosecutors during courtroom deliberations and given 10 extra years. On the brighter side, the Tyler Paper reports in its June 25, 2008 edition that Jefferson Moore died of “natural causes” in his cellblock earlier this month after serving 2 years in prison. Dogwood City, Texas is a small unincorporated community on Lake Palestine and ideal retirement spot for district judges, located on the Cherokee County / Smith County border and 20 miles from downtown Jacksonville, Texas. No probation offers or lenient sentences for this child molester; the Smith County community certainly did not rally in support of the only preacher and licensed babysitter in their tiny town. Incidentally, the United States Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday June 25, 2008 that it is unconstitutional for states to execute child rapists. That will certainly keep Cherokee County’s sexual predator population on a steady incline.


 Pastor Jefferson Moore (deceased), daycare owner and child molester

In April 2005, the Kilgore, Texas newspaper The Kilgore News Herald began an expose, aptly named “Child Pornography Big Problem in East Texas,” on how pervasive the crime was becoming.

Next month, more East Texas child molesters off the streets and in federal prison, such as Franklin Albert Pearce of Wood County, Texas gets life for the sexual assault of a 6 year-old girl. William Allen Pipes of Gilmer, TX pleads guilty to distributing child porn and faces 10 years.

In local school news, the superintendent of Overton ISD Dr. Mark Stretcher, after “unexpectedly” resigning his post in January due to a “personal illness and pressure” and subsequently throwing the Overton, TX school district in disarray- why Dr. Stretcher has been charged with felony theft of public funds. Stretcher pleaded guilty to ‘theft in office’ on Friday June 27, 2008.  Beware Rusk County, Texas you are in a close second for most corrupt.

State Trooper killed by armed parole violator released by Cherokee County, Texas.

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(a) A public servant commits an offense if, with intent to obtain a benefit or with intent to harm or defraud another, he intentionally or knowingly:
(1)  violates a law relating to the public servant’s
office or employment;  or
(2)  misuses government property, services, personnel,
or any other thing of value belonging to the government that has
come into the public servant’s custody or possession by virtue of
the public servant’s office or employment.

Rusk, Texas:   North East Texas mourns the loss of decorated DPS trooper James Scott Burns, shot and killed the night of April 29, 2008 by ex-Kilgore, TX police officer Brandon Wayne Robertson during a high speed chase through Marion County, Texas.  Robertson was under MANDATORY SUPERVISED PAROLE in Smith County, Texas. Nonetheless, Cherokee County Texas had Brandon Robertson in their custody 3 weeks prior on April 7, 2008, but chose to ‘cash out’ for bond on the parolee’s TWO charges of felony possession of narcotics and felony possession of a gun, instead of following the letter of law and notifying the offender’s Parole Officers in Smith County. Brandon Robertson had the same legal rights and lack thereof as a prisoner sitting in TDCJ despite his early parole. And on the outside, he certainly didn’t have a Travel Permit that allowed him to SPEED through Cherokee and Marion Counties and back again each week.

Brandon Robertson was bonded out at $7500 each for both felony citations in Cherokee County Texas on April 7, 2008.  Somebody at the courthouse told the Bondsman/woman that this was perfectly legal. And of course the Bondsman/woman, the Justice of the Peace, 2nd Judicial District Judge and arraigning Municipal Judge are all daughter, uncle, brother and father in Rusk, Texas. One would think these people had been sued enough not to listen to the legal advice of the district attorney’s office.

The dirty little secret is: Category I Parolees, such as Robertson, during traffic stops and arrests are not entitled to Bail until the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole reviews the charges via the revocation process. They pretty much have to grab their ankles and spread their butt cheeks during routine traffic stops. Parolees have no “rights to bond” per se, or rights of Due Process when it comes to physical searches.  A process not implemented in Cherokee County Texas even though Brandon Robertson was traveling county to county (in violation of his parole) dealing crystal meth to every Small Town Tom, Dick and Harry and Naked Trucker. And Cherokee County decided to set and keep $15000 worth of bond instead of notifying Brandon Robertson’s Parole Officers of his incarceration. In turn, the Parole Officers would have 5 days to review the charges against Robertson, while Robertson sat in jail waiting for a TDCJ hearing. Quite simply, Cherokee County Texas had no legal jurisdiction to set bail for the release of the armed convict after the DPS cited him.


East Texas Trooper, James Burns slain by released parole violator


Brandon Wayne Robertson, age 37, had been on parole for multiple felony drug and theft convictions, as well as unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon in Gregg County, TX. Doing the world a favor, Robertson committed suicide Thursday May 1. The dirtbag piece of human debris killed himself after an extensive statewide manhunt immediately after his cold blooded murder of Trooper James Burns. The trooper’s slaying was witnessed by travelers trying to assist the fallen lawman; a description of Robertson’s vehicle was broadcasted throughout the region as authorities closed in on Robertson’s whereabouts. Huddled up somewhere near his crystal meth lab in the woods of Cass County, Texas, Brandon Robertson shot himself before his capture.

Remember, the city of Jacksonville, Texas police department can help federal and state authorities locate and detain felons wanted in other states when they pop up in Cherokee County, but the Sheriff’s department can’t keep an absconding parolee from a neighboring county in their jail 5 days for a TDCJ Parole Board review. “The US constitution” told them they had to let Robertson out on bail, even after Elmer Beckworth and Todd Staples (R) co-opted the State legislators with the “Faye Bell Harris Amendment.”

The same week parolee Brandon Robertson was arrested and released, the city of Jacksonville, Texas police department touted in the local newspaper The Daily Progress how they arrested two men from out of state affiliated with the “House of Israel” (a supposed Jacksonville based offshoot of the Republic of Texas group); one named Stephen L. Jackson, age 49 of Missouri found in the databases to be wanted on 2 counts, one federal/ one state.

From the Daily Progress April 8, 2008: “[Stephen] Jackson was found to have an outstanding ATF warrant and a warrant from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office in Missouri for unlawful possession of a prohibited weapon. He was held in the city jail overnight, and was transferred into the custody of ATF agents Tuesday afternoon.”

Jacksonville, TX Police Chief Reece Daniel publicizes how his investigators turned evidence against Jackson over to the ATF. Evidently the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department cannot do the same when it comes to parole violators from neighboring Smith County, Texas who are carrying guns, drugs and cash for bail money on their person.

Trooper James Burns leaves behind a grieving family and community. His funeral was held Saturday May 3, 2008. Murdered on the roadside by an ex-con armed with a shotgun who was recently released from Cherokee County jail – on his way back down the road with a pat on the back- for once being a good Rusk County cop and “never really doing anything wrong before” turning to selling crystal meth, stealing and killing people in a drug induced hysteria. All of which is a parole violation. They probably let him keep his gun, too.

[Trooper James Burns' patrol vehicle, courtesy Longview, TX News-Journal]


James Scott Burns was the 83rd Texas State Highway Trooper to be killed in the line of duty. The ultimate tragedy and blame lies in what neighboring county, Cherokee County TX could have done days earlier in the month of April, when Brandon Robertson was in Cherokee County’s custody. His illicit drug trafficking was temporarily postponed by fellow DPS troopers to the south, patrolling Rusk, Texas. Robertson was stopped, his vehicle searched and he was then arrested for drug possession AND UNLAWFUL CARRYING OF A WEAPON BY A FELON by two Department of Public Safety officers. Robertson was transported and booked in the Cherokee County jail in Rusk, Texas on April 6th. His parole officers were not notified, instead Cherokee County decided to collect $15000 worth of ‘cash-out bond’ for Robertson’s charges and keep Smith County and the Parole Board in the dark. A typical move for small towns trying to generate revenue.

According to an interview with arraigning Rusk, Texas municipal Judge Forrest Phiffer by Longview News Journal reporter Randy Ross, parolee Brandon Robertson was stopped at 9:40 a.m. on April 6 by the DPS and charged with “possession of a controlled substance and possession of a firearm by a felon. He [Robertson] was released the next day on two $7,500 bonds, according to sheriff’s office records.”

View the archived newspaper paper article titled “Suspect arrested weeks before troopers’s shooting” published May 8, 2008 by the Longview/Marshall, TX News-Journal: http://www.news-journal.com/news/content/news/stories/2008/05/08/05082008_trooper_suspect.html 

Suspect arrested weeks before trooper’s shooting
By    RANDY ROSS rross@longview-news.com
Published May 8, 2008

A Texas Department of Public Safety trooper stopped and arrested Brandon Wayne Robertson about three weeks before officials believe the convicted felon fatally shot Trooper James Scott Burns.

According to the Department of Public Safety, Robertson was stopped about 9:40 a.m April 6 on Texas 135 in Cherokee County. Officials did not immediately say what initiated the stop.

Robertson was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of a firearm by a felon. He was released the next day on two $7,500 bonds, according to sheriff’s office records.

A call to the bondsman was not immediately returned, and it was unclear who contacted him.

Judge Forrest Phifer, who works for the municipal court in Rusk, Wales and Cuney, said he set the two bonds at an amount typical for the charges. He said he could not set an “oppressive amount” without violating the U.S. Constitution.

Phifer said that he thought the trooper who arrested Robertson said there were no problems during the traffic stop and that the firearm was found in the trunk of the vehicle. He added that he didn’t recall information that would have indicated that Robertson posed a risk that justified a higher bond.

Officials say Robertson fatally shot Burns after Burns pulled Robertson over in Marion County the night of April 29. Robertson was found dead May 1 with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to law officers.

Jennifer Lynne Petrick, 36, was found with Robertson and arrested on charges of possession of marijuana and probation violations. Petrick remains in Cass County jail on a $5,000 bond, according to the Cass County Sheriff’s Office. Investigators say Petrick was in the car driven by Robertson on the night of the killing.

(c) 2008 Cox Newspapers, Inc. – Longview News-Journal

The next morning, the Cherokee County district judge, the sheriff’s office and district attorney passed on prosecuting parolee Brandon Robertson for his illegal narcotics plus his gun and allowed Robertson to post bail. They didn’t even bother to confiscate his vehicle. As a Class I felon on parole, Brandon Robertson was subject to random searches from his parole officers. During a traffic stop, the DPS would call for back up after identifying the parolee as such, as they did on April 6 in Cherokee County, for two DPS officers to be present while they searched the offender’s vehicle. Caught with drugs and a gun, that parolee A.K.A. Brandon Robertson would automatically have his right to bail denied according to the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole. Robertson would be transported to the nearest county holding facility and the Sheriff, required by Texas Law, would notify the offender’s Parole Officer (named in the DPS database). All those things occurred, except the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department notification to Smith County of Brandon Robertson’s incarceration. Hence, Brandon Robertson was out making his DRUG MULE deliveries throughout East Texas while he was in violation of parole for the 5th time AND simultaneously out on 2 Felony bonds. His Smith County Parole Officers would have issued a warrant for his arrest by April 11, 2008 had he not voluntarily turned himself in. He apparently was set on not going back to jail alive.

“But that wouldn’t make a crackheaded thug like Brandon Robertson become agitated and non-complicit in the next traffic stop by authorities.” He was an “ideal” prisoner according to Cherokee County, so just because he was going back to prison didn’t mean he would pull a gun on the next law enforcement officer in his path of self destruction… Naaaw. For God’s Sake, the maniac killed himself to avoid going to prison. Cherokee County Texas in typical fashion would rather blame the United States Constitution and recite fictitious legal requirements for accepting $15000 bail from an armed convict on his way back to prison.

Cherokee County authorities never even notified Robertson’s parole officers in Smith County. In a matter of hours, Brandon Wayne Robertson was back on the highway to deal drugs, armed with a 20- Gauge COPKILLER. They literally just let the guy drive off. No hearing, no phone calls to a Parole Officer, no formal arraignment, just a deputy escort right out the front door.

22 days later, Brandon Robertson killed a Texas State Trooper who chased him through Marion County Texas transporting more illegal drugs into the region.

 ex-con and ex-police officer Brandon Wayne Robertson


Brandon Robertson was well-known by local law enforcement, having previously worked for the Overton, TX and Kilgore, TX police departments between 1990 and 1999 and with the Rusk County Sheriff’s Department (notorious for its internal corruption problems) for several years.  Robertson turned to transporting and selling crsytal methamphetamine, or “ICE” to supplement his law enforcement salary until authorities arrested him. He had served 4 months of a 4 year sentence in TDCJ for multiple crimes until he was paroled in April 2007. Parole is a privilege not a right, an opportunity granted to prove rehabilitation dictated by the State Legislature. However, Brandon Robertson’s early release on good behavior is not the issue:  The issue is Cherokee County Texas setting bond on a parole violator and not notifying Smith County of his arrests. Brandon Robertson would have and should have been transported to the county responsible for his MANDATORY PAROLE SUPERVISION. And while the offender remained behind bars, a parole hearing would have decided his right to bail. Not a “City Judge” from Rusk Texas trying to generate “cash bonds” for the county to pocket. Cash money generated from the sale of illegal narcotics going into the coffers of Cherokee County Texas.

Any attempt to lie for the record by Cherokee County Texas authorities is the normal operating procedure. A parolee with a gun in his possession is an automatic incarceration for however long it takes to have a Parole Hearing or district court hearing to ascertain bail requirements. Elmer Beckworth, Sheriff James Campbell and other locals in Cherokee County recently championed the preventable death of Faye Bell Harris of Jacksonville, TX and the need to “deny bail” to at-risk offenders.  A needless death of a woman begging the Cherokee County district courts for help, even though her estranged husband Michael Harris continued to threaten, trespass and eventually shot gun her dead in her front yard in front of her children. Now after redundant and fictitious legislation has passed since 2006, i.e. Proposition 2, Proposition 6 and Proposition 13 reported by local Cherokee County media as “Elmer’s Law has passed unanimously…”

…why, now for some reason Cherokee County Texas cannot deny bail or even notify the appropriate parole officers of a felon with a gun and crystal meth who is stopped by the DPS in their own county. The birthplace of the Faye Bell Harris Amendment or as locals call it, “Elmer’s Law” will not assess a parolee with illegal drugs, a major drug habit,  “a shotgun in the trunk” and now going straight back to prison when his Parole Officers find out about his arrests. Why- Cherokee County Texas couldn’t imagine Brandon Robertson as the slightest danger to society.

Cherokee County can’t even put into effect the laws sponsored by its State Representative, State Senator, district attorney, sheriff, Postmasters, attorneys and other fools and liars willing to sign on to the actions of violent offenders in their own custody.
On April 6, 2008, three weeks before the slaying in Marion County, Brandon Wayne Robertson was stopped and arrested in Cherokee County Texas by a patrolling DPS trooper.  Again, Robertson was busted for felony drug possession (crystal meth) along with a concealed weapon and transported to the Cherokee County Texas Sheriff’s Department.  TDCJ parolee and ex-cop Brandon Robertson spent one comfortable evening in Cherokee County jail and was released the very next day by Cherokee County authorities on two $7500 bonds. Robertson was arraigned on April 7, 2008 by Cherokee County even though he was on parole with multiple felony convictions. Despite his cited parole violations and criminal status as a convicted felon, Robertson was freed to go back to transporting his drugs in and around Rusk and Cherokee counties, while his case was postponed indefinitely.

Brandon Wayne Robertson’s connections to his former employers in the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office and those within Cherokee County, TX are all too apparent. These two adjoining East Texas counties are the choice for local crystal meth traffickers, often disgraced former peace officers such as Robertson, who have cut deals with their former employers to continue manufacturing and distributing narcotics into the region.
Hopefully, this debacle of Cherokee County Texas allowing an armed and dangerous parole violator out of jail to go out and take the life of a DPS officer, a father, brother, husband and dedicated East Texas lawman, hopefully this will finally open the eyes of the US Attorneys’ Offices operating in the region. It is long past time to hold Cherokee County accountable for brazenly operating against the intent of the law. Knowingly and willingly letting an armed and dangerous parole violator out THE NEXT DAY on a measly 2nd Degree Felony charge should be the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

How does a felony charge of drug and weapons possession of a parolee justify only a $7500 Bond? That means Robertson only had to put up a couple of hundred dollars to a Bail Bondsman for felony possession. An inquest into the shooting of Trooper James Burns is pending by the Department of Public Safety and concerned citizens of Trooper Burns’ hometown Linden, Texas in Cass County. Concerned citizens and media types interested in the truth should not focus on Robertson’s girlfriend who may or may not have helped him evade arrest for 2 days. They should focus on how Cherokee County Texas views the judicial and legal system and how they collectively wipe their asses on the letter of the law. Interested parties should focus on how a municipal judge repeats every lie that is fed to him by his attorney, the Cherokee County District Attorney. The lie being that “excessive bond would be unconstitutional” in an arrest, booking and ‘receiving’ of a parolee caught with drugs and a gun. The fact is Cherokee County simply wanted to purloin Brandon Wayne Robertson’s bond. So they avoided notifying Robertson’s parole officers; a parole Robertson had been absconding for several months.

Cherokee County, TX pretends it never happened and never saw Brandon Robertson in their neck of the Piney Woods. Cherokee County wasn’t interested in a parolee’s travel permit status that would have barred him from legally traveling to their good little Christian community to peddle crystal meth to truckers and bored cops. Instead, they would rather lie through their teeth about the Judicial Process of parole revocation. Brandon Robertson was only buying himself time with the two Felony bonds he posted in Cherokee County on April 7, 2008. A drug addict parolee facing going back to prison would logically have made him more dangerous to the next DPS Trooper or sheriff deputy that cited him for absconding his parole conditions, according to Cherokee County’s own actions.

 As far as Brandon Robertson taking his life to avoid prosecution, had his parole supervision been in Cherokee County, Texas, he’d be back out on bail the very next day after blasting his way out of a speeding ticket. Hell, the District Attorney’s office could split the guy’s Life Insurance Policy and move into the deceased’s house. Good riddance to Brandon Robertson and his ilk. The sun won’t be shining where he’s going. Unfortunately, his type of bad seed has become all too common in East Texas.

The media should blame Brandon Robertson first for being a dirty stinking crackheaded police officer, and that he went on to become a bonafide drug dealer. They should blame Cherokee County Texas secondly for keeping this drug addict on the streets to kill a peace officer with a wife and 5-month-old baby girl. Where was “Elmer Beckworth’s Law” when it came to denying this violent repeat offender’s bail? Where was Cherokee County’s legal expert when it came to denying bond to a felon with a 20-Guage shotgun and SPEED in his system and snortin’ it in all in his vehicle? And simply calling in the TDCJ authorities to incarcerate a crystal meth user on parole? Cherokee County Texas is both criminally and civilly negligent in giving Brandon Robertson a ‘get out of jail for $15000 worth of drug money’ card.

Sounds like Rocket Science to the crystal meth capital of East Texas.

Our condolences go out to Trooper James Scott Burns’ widow and family. We hope that Mrs. James Burns and family file a successful Wrongful Death suit against Cherokee County Texas and prevail. God knows the law would be certainly on her side, regardless of a sympathetic US District Judge trying to keep a corrupt small town Racketeering Project going for decades to come. Don’t forget to subpoena the DPS officers who arrested Brandon Robertson on April 6, 2008, Mrs. Burns. We are certain they would have a story to tell on how Cherokee County authorities conspired to deliberately drop the ball. The EDITOR would recommend one of the fine Federal Civil Rights attorneys practicing in the Northern East Texas Federal District who advertise on this blog.

District Attorney gives probation to Rusk, Texas infant molester. Driving while black in Jacksonville. Is this why smart companies are leaving the county, or is it the Slip-And-Fall free for all?

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plea-bargain (v.) :
To make an agreement in which a defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge and the prosecutor in return drops more serious charges.

plea-bargain “Cherokee County Texas style” (n.) :
A deal struck with a court-appointed defense attorney in which a defendant pleads guilty to a more serious charge and the prosecutor offers adjudicated probation.

Rusk, TX:
In 2006 the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office offered a plea bargain deal of probation to a Rusk, TX resident after his arrest for molesting a 1-year-old baby girl.
Kenneth Dexter Folmar, age 45, accepted 96 months deferred probation in 2006 for the Felony sexual assault of the female infant. Refer to Cherokee County, TX Criminal Docket case 16209 (2006) State v. Kenneth Dexter Folmar, 2nd Judicial District.

Folmar continues his employment in neighboring Anderson County. The Cherokeean Herald ran the picture of the Rusk, TX registered sex offender Kenneth Folmar in their August 2007 local sex offender update. However, because Kenneth Folmar is related to too many people operating the Rusk, TX courthouse, the actual molestation was never reported by the local media. And of course Elmer Beckworth’s plea offer of 8 years probation was not reported either.

The question is why are convicted child molesters in Cherokee County, whose victims are younger than 6 years-old, being put on probation? And their crimes not reported?

Because it is more efficacious for the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office and local media to protect the extended family members of the offender from embarrassment than it is to protect the community. Perpetuating the psychotic paranoid small town mentality by covering up the incest.

There are 79 registered sex offenders residing in Cherokee County, Texas according to a 8/15/07 Cherokeean Herald posting. In a 1/24/07 Cherokeean Herald article, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department released the names of the registered sex offenders living in the county.

As a ‘public service,’ local Cherokee County newspapers refuse to print the ages of the victims under 16 years-old. Nor the fact that EVERY offender on the local offenders list who was arrested by the Cherokee County Sheriff Department were on superficial probation and their 2nd degree Felony jail sentences suspended by District Attorney Elmer Beckworth- putting the county at risk.

The Cherokeean Herald’s policy is not to print the ages of local victms in cases incest, to keep their identities hidden from ostracism and ridicule. In 2003, the Lufkin Daily News was smart enough to print the names and addresses of all registered sexual offenders in the area, including the ages of victims, charges and date of judgment.

The Sheriff Department pretends to be doing the community a service by notifying the public (on a slow news day) of the identity of local child molesters. However, the offer of probation for the violent rape of a small child tells the true story of the criminal justice system operating in Cherokee County Texas. Especially when defendants are related to members of law enforcement, attorneys and clerks employed at the Rusk, Texas courthouse. They want to keep the high incident of East Texas incest under the radar because of their “vested interest in their little communities.” So the district attorney gives probation to Kenneth Folmar of Rusk, Texas for sexual assault of a 12 month old. Molesting a defenseless infant must not be that big of a deal for Cherokee County’s District Attorney.

Kenneth Dexter Folmar

Similary, Rusk Texas native, dairy hand and registered child molester James Christopher Schlater, age 51, was given deferred adjudication in 2007 after violating a local 6-year-old girl back in 2004. Refer to State v. James Christopher Schlater (2006) Cherokee County, Texas Criminal Docket Case No. 16630.

James Schlater had originally been charged with Felony sexual assault child, according to Cherokee County, Texas Criminal Docket Case No. 15724, State v. James Christopher Schlater (2007). The incident was never reported and of course his picture is not available because Cherokee County has not verified his current sex offense registration.

James Earl Holt, age 52, Jacksonville Texas given 6 years probation in 2007 for the 2003 assault of a 14 year-old girl. Also never reported.
No picture available.

Donald Wayne Thurmon, age 40 from Jacksonville Texas given 10 years probation in 2007 by District Attorney Elmer Beckworth for possessing and distributing child pornography. No need to call the feds in on this one; why waste their time even though it is a federal offense?
Donald Thurman


Manuel Enrique Huerta, age 21, given 10 years probation in 2007 for sexual assault of a 13 year-old Jacksonville Texas girl.
No picture available.

Cody Allen Whiteley, age 22 of Jacksonville, arrested in Cherokee County in 2006 and pled 7 years probation for the sexual assault of a 13 year-old girl.

Cody Whiteley


Bobby Ray Vines, Jr. age 41 from Jacksonville Texas. Given only 4 years probation for the sexual assault of an 11 year-old female in 2001.
Bobby Vines, Jr.


Ollie Ray Grogan, 65 year-old Rusk Texas native given 10 years probation for 2 counts of molestation of a 5 year-old and an 8 year-old.


Ollie Ray Grogan

Dale Joseph Tylich 65 year-old Rusk Texas equestrian given 6 months probation by Cherokee County for sexual contact with a child. 6 Months because he related to just about everybody in town.


Dale J. Tylich


Marin Otis Pitts, age 54, Troup Texas. Arrested by Cherokee County Texas authorities in 1991 and given 10 years probation for 2 counts of sexual assault on a 7 year-old girl.

Martin Pitts


Chenney LaVaughn Carter, age 43 in Troup, Texas. Arrested in 2006 for aggravated sexual assault of a child. The victim was a 15 year-old girl. Elmer Beckworth’s office offered Carter 10 YRS DEFERRED ADJUDICATION PROBATION, despite Chenney Carter’s local and Smith County priors.


Cheney L. Carter


Joyal Lee Lackey, age 63 Jacksonville Texas, given 10 years probation in 2005 for Indecency and Sexual Assault of a 13 year-old girl.

Joyal “Muggs” Lackey

Robert Michael Lane, age 36, Jacksonville Texas; offered 10 years probation in 1993  for the sexual assault of a 10 year-old girl. Lane was sent to Bootcamp for 90 days according to the DPS registry and the Cherokee County Court Docket records, Case 11818  State v. Robert M. Lane; Felony-Indecency/Sexual Assault of child-Filed 02/11/1992 – Disposition: 04/16/1993 Conviction-guilty plea or nolo cont-no jury, in the 2nd District Court,  Cherokee County TX.


Robert Lane


Guadalupe Lora Vera Lara, age 56, given a paltry 5 years probation in 1996 for having sexual contact with 2 Jacksonville Texas girls, one 11 years-old, the other 13 years-old. No picture available.

Patrick Brian Norsworthy age 45, from Jacksonville Texas. Arrested in 1994 for Indecency with an 8 year-old girl. Given 10 years probation in 1999.

Patrick Norsworthy

Kevin Wayne Patton local businessman, age 40 from Jacksonville, Texas. Given 10 years probation for Indecency with a 14 year-old girl. No picture available.

Robby Lee Buffalo , age 35 Jacksonville, Texas was arrested in 1995 by Cherokee County and a 10 year probation deal accepted in 1999 for sexual assault of a local 11 year-old female.


Robby Buffalo

Donnie Wayne Crippen , age 39 Rusk, Texas. Arrested in Cherokee County in 2006 and given 5 years unadjudicated probation by Elmer Beckworth’s office for the sexual assault of a 16 year-old female.

Donnie Crippen

Jose Ramon Galan, age 53 Jacksonville, Texas given 10 years probation in 1998 by Cherokee County after molesting a 9 year-old girl.

Jose Galan


Nicholas “Nicky” Noel Harwell, age 33 Jacksonville, Texas, given 10 years probation in 2003 by Cherokee County Texas prosecutors for 2 counts of sexual assault on a 12 year-old girl.


“Nicky” Harwell


Kevin Lyn Hawes, age 45 from Jacksonville, Texas. Arrested in 1999 by Cherokee County authorities for sexual assault on a 15 year-old girl. Hawes was offered 10 years probation.

Kevin Hawes


William Lee Hershiser, age 51 Jacksonville, Texas resident given 10 years probation for sexual assault on a local 15 year-old female.

William Hershier


This only scratches the surface of the convicted sex offenders (still residing in-county) arrested by and registered with the Cherokee County Sheriff Department. These are the sex predators registered with the State and given probation as ‘punishment’ by District Attorney Elmer Beckworth and his predecessors. Plea offers comparable to a slap on the wrist. What about the offenses passed on by the Sheriff Department and Beckworth’s office? The ones the public will never know about?

Even if some of these men are innocent, the District Attorney’s office prosecuted them under the penal code which is crystal clear on the punishment assessment for Indecency with a Minor.

 INDECENCY OR SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A CHILD: An offense under Texas Penal Code Sections 22.011 (Sexual Assault) or 22.021 (Aggravated Sexual Assault) where the victim is a child (younger than 17 years), and an offense under 21.11 (Indecency with a Child).

§ 12.33. SECOND DEGREE FELONY PUNISHMENT. (a) An individual adjudged guilty of a felony of the second degree shall be punished by imprisonment in the institutional division for any term of not more than 20 years or less than 2 years. (b) In addition to imprisonment, an individual adjudged guilty of a felony of the second degree may be punished by a fine not to exceed $10,000.

That is why there are no reports of the child molesters’ probation in the local Cherokee County papers. Only the fact there are registered sex offenders living in the county. Of course the typical excuse of the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office et al is that the law would not allow jail time for a 2nd degree Felony. If you’re stupid enough to believe it, print it and repeat it. The Texas Penal Code and Constitution do not tie the hands of state prosecutors, only those of the patently corrupt.

The remainder of current registered sex offenders given probation without jail time in Cherokee County Texas:

  1. Roy Joe Bailey, age 65, Wells TX: arrested in 2007; 10 yrs. probation/ 12 year-old female victim.
  2. Richard Dean Davis, age 50, Rusk TX: arrested in 1996; 10 yrs. probation/14 year-old female victim.
  3. J.E. Monroe Martin, age 85, Rusk TX: arrested in 1997; 3 yrs. probation/ 12 year-old female victim.
  4. Dale Joseph Tylich, age 53, Rusk TX: arrested in 1996; 6 mos. probation/ female victim unknown age.
  5. Tommy Junior Allen, age 51, Jacksonville TX: arrested in 1991; 10 yrs. probation/ 11 year-old female.
  6. James Travis Barker, age 25, Jacksonville TX: arrested in 1999; 24 mos. city jail/ 6 year-old female.
  7. Roger Hunter, age 75, Jacksonville TX: arrested in 1997; 10 yrs. probation/ 14 year-old female.
  8. James L Wells, age 55 , Jacksonville TX: arrested in 1998; 8 yrs. probation/ 2 counts sexual assault on a 5 year-old and a 6 year-old.
  9. Gary Michael Morrison, age 51, Alto TX: arrested 1991; 10 yrs. probation/ sexual assault of 12 year-old female.
  10. Wesley Boyd Mohr, age 63, Bullard TX: arrested by Cherokee Co. in 1997; 10 yrs. probation for sexual assault of 10 year-old girl.

The summary of every one of these registered sexual offenses is readily available on the Texas DPS Sex Offender Registry website and Cherokee County Texas court docket. However, not one of these rapes, molestations or incidents of child pornography has been NOR ever will be reported by the Cherokee Countynewspapers. Unless the perpetrator was born out of town. Then they’ll throw the book at him.

This blog posting covers only a partial list of the registered sex offenders that actually reside in Cherokee County, TX and on probation for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child; there is no known count of those child molesters given probation and registered/relocated in other states or counties. Regardless, Elmer Beckworth’s and the Cherokee County District Attorney office’s pattern of lenient plea bargains going back decades to resident child molesters related to members of the local ‘establishment’ is crystal clear. They are sheltered and not reported.

A far cry from the more recent sentencing of out-of-towner Gordon Neal Mathis. The former US Army reservist pled guilty in January 2008 to 6 counts of sexual assault of a 12-year-old Rusk, TX girl and on Monday, February 11, 2008 was sentenced to 40 years State time. Mathis had been convicted in federal court and was beginning his 8 years in federal prison for child porn possession. The 2/17/08 Tyler Paper article gives the impression that former the Army reservist Gordon Mathis was “prosecuted” by an Assistant Cherokee County District Attorney, instead of the fact Mathis threw himself at mercy of the district court, claiming post traumatic stress syndrome. And since his offenses were widely reported by the Tyler Paper, the district court got a little busy and decided Adult Probation wasn’t appropriate for Mathis’ sex crimes. And the Cherokeean Herald quickly dropped their policy of not printing the age of the victim. Gordon Neal Mathis was sentenced on 6 counts of molesting the child for over a two year span.

View the remainder of Cherokee County’s bonafide child molesters living in the area on the Texas DPS Sex Offender Registry located at: https://records.txdps.state.tx.us/DPS_WEB/Sor/index.aspx 

Do a comparison of sex offenders convicted in other counties by prosecutors following the intent of the law. They put child molesters in prison even for statutory rape.

Athens, Texas: Athens Fire Chief Dan Barnes and Athens Fire Marshall Waylen Padgett were recently placed on admistrative leave and Chief Barnes resigned Monday January 28, 2008 amid an investigation led by the Assistant Fire Chief. The Athens Texas city council has been hush hush regarding the internal affairs review of alleged “allegations.”

Longview, Texas: Gregg County Justice of the Peace clerk D. Donna Wallace  pled guilty on Wednesday February 13, 2008 to government records tampering. Wallace used an alias to work at the JP office and continue to draw Social Security disability benefits.

Troup, Texas: Dale Lowry and wife Brenda Lowry of Troup, TX were indicted in a Tyler Texas federal grand jury during the first week of February 2008 for allegedly stealing over $28,000 of Social Security disability benefits. The couple had claimed a child as a dependent, even though the child was no longer living with them.

Gregg County, Texas: Sheriff candidate Billy Ray White was sentenced to 6 months deferred probation for falsifying the employment record of one of his employees. White operated a security service; the security guard did not have a firearm license when White hired him.

Jacksonville, Texas: The Jacksonville, TX police department convinced itself from an in-house generated report that racial profiling by its officers was completely imaginary. On Tuesday February 12, 2008, the mayor read the results to the city council that the JPD had ZERO complaints filed regarding discriminating traffic stops and ZERO incidents of racial disparity. Probably because people of ethnic backgrounds and skin coloring are too afraid to drive to the grocery store at night, by fear of being framed, raped or worse.

The city of Jacksonville, Texas is the largest economic center in the county and it is still reeling from the civil suit settlements resulting in the Jacksonville police department starting a race riot at the 2004 Tomato Bowl homecoming game. And for each rape complaint against its decorated patrolman Larry Pugh, sentenced to 17 years in federal prison. When a Cherokee County woman would come forward with an allegation of Pugh raping her, the benign police officer and family man got accommodations by the Jacksonville police department. Until he was caught dragging a complainant into a van by her neck. And despite Officer Pugh facing federal indictment, the County Attorney tried Larry Hinton of Jacksonville, for interfering with Officer Pugh’s racial profiling during the 2004 Tomato Bowl riot.  But that’s “nonexistent.”

Jacksonville, Texas: Not only does the Cherokee County Criminal Docket give a peek into the machinations of the district court, the Civil Docket shows the ongoing get rich schemes of relatives planted on Bodily Injury cases. Large companies from out of region foolish enough to set up shop for the cheap local labor are the target of ‘slip-and-fall’ and other concocted lawsuits.

Two major employers in Jacksonville, Texas, Astro Air- a heating and cooling coil manufacturing plant and Alliance Data- a support tech call center, will be closing their doors permanently in 2008. These firms’ relocations will be putting hundreds of locals out of jobs. A sad series of inevitable events for the already destitute county. However, this is probably the first of many wise corporate decisions to vacate the county known for the lack of competitive bidding when it comes to issuing government contracts. And its newspapers not advertising a prescribe method of identifying qualified bidders. The contracts underhandedly going to relatives, even those good ol’ boys with offenses (like those listed above) involving moral turpitude who would otherwise be ineligible to work under any state, county or city job.

For example, city School Board Trustees awarding school renovation projects to their cousin’s construction company. And Billy Bob’s Construction allowing registered sex offenders on the school property to work during class time.

Or instances of county equipment being used as personal property, at the taxpayer’s expense to dig catfish ponds, pave private roads and driveways; including the use of probationers and government employees to work “outside the fence” on private land.

The locals know it’s been going on for decades, but these duped companies’ Board of Directors contemplating doing business in Cherokee County don’t find out until it is too late. The Cherokee County civil docket can attest to the exorbitant amount of lawsuits these remaining companies are facing, and the excessive payouts they are going to pay by summary judgment. There is no such thing as an unbiased juror in a town that small. And they see the flashing dollar signs when a big company makes the mistake of trying to set up an office there. What better way to get a little extra spending money than extorting a company via a bogus lawsuit, with a biased Cherokee County jury chosen before the case is even heard?

For board members of these departing companies, there is no plausible way to estimate the pecuniary damages to the local Cherokee County economy this type of collusion causes. There is no way to compete and/or get a break when the court system is used as a means to wring out their bottom dollar. Certainly these businesses have gotten sick of the Personal Injury suits filed on them; the same cases that backlog the Civil Docket.

Moreover, these corporations’ insurance premiums are bound to have skyrocketed after being targeted by the local ‘slip-and-fall’ con artists. Of course, a sympathetic civil jury related to the victim is readily available for the milking of their profit shares. Cheap labor or not, it is apparently smarter for IT companies and their subsidiaries to avoid the distrustful small town job market. Manufacturing plants owe it to their shareholders to do business where their profit earnings don’t line the pockets of East Texas trial lawyers.

Even Cherokee County’s versions of ‘professionals’ are waiting in line to file a claim against these industries. These companies are only attempting to branch into the rural market. However, once the firms set up shop within the county, they can expect to be lambasted with frivolous lawsuits. And they can expect to pay through the nose because everybody wants a piece of the pie. Then these companies venture elsewhere and leave the honest hard working Cherokee County Texas citizen unemployed, bringing the county’s economy back to the pre-Reconstruction era. According to the 2000 US Census, Cherokee County Texas  has a median income 30% lower than the national average.

The fact is the only economic development Cherokee County Texas has to offer the region is its apparent contribution to the illegal drug trade and prison population. The worst corporate decision a CEO can make is setting an office up in a county whose local government officials have reputations of collusion and conflicts of interests.

Whistlin’ Dixie in the 21st Century. Solved murder bad for Angelina County Sheriff? Tyler man gets bail revoked for 1st violation.

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It’s 2008, and the Cherokee County, TX media is still doing their darndest to gloss over the arrest record of its law enforcement and abject failure protecting its scant 47,000 citizens. This observation is not the result of a “fishbowl effect” of a disproportionate number of arrests of Cherokee County law enforcement, as compared to larger counties. Sure one constable gets sentenced to 10 years in federal prison, but Cherokee County only has four precincts. Sure one patrolman gets sentenced to 17 years in federal prison, but the city of Jacksonville, TX has only ten cops; and 1/2 of them have been investigated by the FBI in the last 5 years. The fact is the corrupt political structure of the county is so ingrained, things are only going to get worse the more the US Attorney’s office scrutinizes the region. These people won’t be giving up their government paychecks without a fight and their favorite tactic is to use the local paper to frighten minorities contemplating federal civil rights lawsuits.

Cherokee County honored its Civil War traditions in early December 2007 with a local Sons of the Confederate Veterans hoopla complete with a General Robert E. Lee award, President Jefferson Davis award and General Stonewall Jackson award going to the most lilywhite Rebeller. Candidates for the Abraham Lincoln and M.L.K. award were apparently not invited. This ain’t just a Civil War memorial, you know what I mean?
View the Alto, TX Confederate States of America chapter on the internet.


There is no thinly veiled agenda in the local ‘heritage defense league.’ Or as local chapters of the SCV call it: “The Northern War of Aggression, the true history of the South.”
But then again there is no historical reenactments or literature provided either at their clandestine meetings on taxpayer property. Other than the local Cherokeean-Herald insulting their black readers with a blasé contention that the Confederacy shouldn’t be indentified with the KKK. But then again, telling their readers who the members of the White Brotherhood are. Printing this redneck rubbish solely for the Martin Luther King holiday and upcoming Black History month. And displaying it at the city of Alto, Texas Public Library Conference Room.

To outsiders this type of Rebel Rousing would appear to be typical East Texas race baiting. However to the large number of black Americans living in the area, it is designed to have a deeper psychological impact. The message is crystal clear.

Without delving back to the turn of the century, we will take a brief look at Cherokee County, TX retrospectively over the last 18 months. Go down the list and tell yourselves Cherokee County, Texas isn’t corrupt. What a great year for the taxpayer.

Cherokee County Texas (2006 to 2007):
Constable Pct. 3 Randall Thompson pleads guilty in March 2006 for possession and distribution of 108 grams of crystal meth after ‘evading’ his duties as district court bailiff. Thompson was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison after his ‘resignation.’ Thompson had been appointed as deputy constable by Cherokee County commissioners and had been elected Constable Pct. 3 in 2004. The Texas Association of Counties (TAC) gives a description of Constable Randall Thompson’s duties he perform while manufacturing and distributing meth.

  • subpoena of court witnesses;
  • acting as bailiff for the 369th District and officer of the court;
  • process of service and executing judgments;
  • patrolling;
  • assisting criminal investigations and drug raids; and
  • acting as executive officer for the Justice of the Peace.

You, the lowly taxpayers are supposed to believe that after being elected as Constable, Thompson never worked a single day in the Rusk, TX courthouse or Hodges Unit. You are to believe that in a town that small, where everybody knows what you ate for supper the night before, that :
NO ONE in the district court or county commissioner’s office knew that Constable Thompson had been arrested for drug dealing -
AND they didn’t know where Thompson was before his federal arraignment?

As a matter of fact, a Failure to Appear hearing in the 369th district court was convened a day before Randall Thompson’s federal indictment “Because they hadn’t seen their bailiff for 2 years…” A constable who was appointed by Cherokee County commissioners in 2002 then elected to office in 2004, all the while working as a correctional officer and bailiff in Rusk, Texas. It would take a court hearing to remove an elected official, however Cherokee County was apparently pleased with Constable Thompson’s service until the feds caught him dealing crystal meth and indicted him. Pleased enough to keep paying his salary and lawyer fees. But of course they never met the guy, had him over for dinner or took him to the deer lease—hell, he didn’t show up for work for 2 years… Must’ve been driving that “Cherokee County” marked SUV down to the valley each week to deal drugs “to pay his child support.”

Constable Pct. 3 Randall Thompson circa July 2005, tells KLTV Channel 7 Tyler-Longview-Jacksonville, TX in an expose’ on how he spends his gas money “dealing with illegal dumping, serving warrants, making traffic stops and arrests.” Looks like he’s on his way to work.

However, hours before Thompson’s federal indictment for drug dealing, it became more expedient for the district court and county commisioners to distance themselves from their guy they had appointed in 2004 to serve their wealthiest precinct. It is this type of perpetuated lying that is intrinsic in Cherokee County Texas political culture. Decades of the same nonsense reprinted and linked to here.

Anderson and Cherokee County crisis centers (located in Palestine and Jacksonville, TX) lost state funding in September 2007 along with losing private grant funding and federal funding in November 2007. Due in large part to the city of Jacksonville’s handling of the Larry Pugh rape attacks on Cherokee County women. In December 2007, the centers were temporarily saved when $159,000 was granted through a discretionary fund via the governor’s Criminal Justice Division and lobbying efforts of state Senator Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville).

State District 3’s former senator Drew Nixon (Rep.-Carthage) and his run-ins with law have also been swept under the carpet. Nixon retired his state senate seat in 2000 after being charged with soliciting a prostitute in Austin and was indicted by a Panola County grand jury in July 2007 for fixing the Panola County Fresh Water Supply District board election. Drew Nixon’s latest state charge is official oppression for his “abuse of office.” However, District 11 State Representative Chuck Hopson’s (Rep.-Jacksonville) 2002 campaign treasurer once married to a convicted burglar apparently wasn’t an issue for the papers, either.


TX State District 3

In more horror stories in the month of September 2007, former decorated Jacksonville, TX patrolman Larry Pugh sentenced to over 15 years in federal prison for rape and retaliation, also linked to the skeletal remains of one of his missing federal complainants.
convicted Jacksonville, TX police officer Larry Pugh

New Summerfield hired Michael Meissner as Chief of Police in March 2007. Meissner was subsequently fired for his lack of current TCLEOSE certification and continues to seek employment in law enforcement in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.
Michael Meissner and friends [courtesy Ellis County Observer]

Local media interpret the hiring of Meissner as a simple mistake in a formal background check, placing the blame on Meissner for not reporting his silly little TECLEOSE reprimands. Why would Meissner need a peace officer license when interns for the district attorney’s office can walk up and down the hallways of the Rusk, TX courthouse pretending to have passed the State Bar exam?

$150,000 stolen from the Rusk, TX Water Department by a city employee in March 2007. The community was lied to about the embezzlement case going to a Cherokee County grand jury in September 2007. In December 2007 the Rusk City Council was still waiting for a resolution of the case and an indictment. District Attorney Elmer Beckworth’s excuse was a potential conflict of interest with a member of his October 2007 grand jury being related to the case…as if that was the first relative being seated on a Cherokee County grand jury before. Only when the Texas Rangers are involved in the case.

In April 2007, the city of Jacksonville, TX settled a police brutality suit with victim Larry Hinton after Hinton was beaten, tasered and his teeth kicked out during 2004’s Tomato Bowl riot. Hinton had been acquitted of “misdemeanor charges of interfering with an officer’s duties” after the 2004 High School homecoming brawl. Misdemeanor charges that resulted in Mr. Hinton and his pregnant wife being kicked, beaten and falsely put on trial. Interfering with a police officer’s arrest is actually a felony; hence the protest on the Rusk courthouse steps in January 2006.

Mr. Larry Hinton not only had his teeth kicked out and his pregnant wife beaten up, but  HE was placed on trial by Cherokee County Attorney Craig Caldwell. The charge of  “interfering” during the race riot based on the report of a police officer out on federal bond for rape AND during which the affiant (Jacksonville TX police officer Larry Pugh) was stalking and disposing of his federal complainants.

Apparently the word of a rapist facing 144 months in federal prison is worth more than a black man and his pregnant wife’s, enough to waste the taxpayer’s dollars to tell the county what a good job Pugh and others did starting the 2004 Tomato Bowl riot. View Larry Pugh’s March 2007 federal sentencing on the Department of Justice press release NOT published by Cherokee County media: http://www.usdoj.gov/usao/txe/news_release/news/EDTX_PUGH030107.html

However, the Jacksonville Daily Progress did report that Cherokee County Sheriff Deputy Regina Battley had the excessive force suit against her, filed by the Hintons and a female victim, dismissed in December 2006.

Civil Rights Class Action Suits include Sandra Rene Roca, Tonya Burns, Debra A Williams, Felicia A Colbert, Della Tyler, Wanda Wilson and Felicia Mosley v . Larry Pugh, the city of Jacksonville, Texas et al, No. 6:2007cv-00081(US Dist. Ct., E.D. Texas, Tyler Division, February 15, 2007). These women are the other handful of Cherokee County rape victims seeking settlements with Officer Pugh’s employers. Never read about them anywhere did you?

Yes, 2007 has been a typical year for Cherokee County, Texas but nothing to cheer about. Local officials hiding under the pretext of false legal statutes and pretending they never hired nor worked with the above mentioned criminals. A sharp contrast to the Fort Worth, TX police department who fired 2 police officers on December 20, 2007. Officers Craig Murrah and David Babb are separately accused of spanking a female detainee and Babb for groping the 9 year-old daughter of a co-worker. Babb had been indicted in September 2007 for the fondling; Murrah is awaiting the Tarrant County grand jury and had prior indecency complaints.
Based on the “merits of the case,” Fort Worth police chief Ralph Mendozza terminated both policemen prior to their trials. Cherokee County would have promoted the pair.

In other corrupt news for the beginning of the New Year.

Jacksonville, TX:
The Eastern District Federal Grand Jury in Tyler indicted Jacksonville, TX resident Kenneth Dale Kern on January 11, 2008. Kenneth Kern was True Billed for theft of social security money and government property. The indictment alleged that Kern fraudulently accepted $32,000 in Social Security disability benefits between 2002 and 2007 and did not disclosed to government administrators his job with Jacksonville employer Nicky Joe Tarrant. Kenneth Kern also faces 10 years for making false statements to federal agents. Cherokee County, Texas media outlets, probably due to Kern’s Jacksonville employer being related to members of the Jacksonville, TX ISD school board , the captain of the Jacksonville Fire Department and a Rusk, TX correctional officer, have not reported Kenneth Kern’s federal indictment. Kern apparently had worked for the Tarrant family business for years while simultaneously receiving government disability checks.

Upshur County, TX deputy indicted; Deputy Richard Louis Bridgewater age 29 was indicted in December 2007 on 5 counts of child indecency. The deputy had admitted to inappropriate contact with an 11-year-old girl. Bridgewater is being held in neighboring Titus County jail as a “safety precaution.” He had a brief stint with the Overton, TX and Big Sandy police departments. Bridgewater now faces 20 years in prison if convicted.

Smith County, TX:
Suspended volunteer firefighter Austin Harden age 17 was arrested December 24, 2007 for posing as a fireman at a house fire on FM 2493. Harden had also been arrested in August 2007 for impersonating a police officer.

Hale County, TX:
A prison guard at the Wheeler Unit in Plainview, TX has been indicted for murder by a Hale County grand jury on December 24, 2007. Jose Rodriguez was charged in the death of inmate Paul Ray Judia after Judia died from head injuries sustained in his cell.

Kilgore, TX:
Gregg County correctional officer Eric Sanders age 24 arrested December 11, 2007 for passing illegal drugs to inmates in the North Jail facility.

Rusk County, TX:
Chief Deputy Daniel “Dusty” Flanagan in Tyler Federal Court Wednesday January 9, 2008. Flanagan had his sentencing hearing postponed. Chief Deputy Flanagan and Lt. Johnny Leon Davidson Jr., both pleaded guilty in July 2007 for assaulting Shawn Wright will in custody. The former sheriff deputies and Rusk County are facing excessive force civil suits by Wright AND sexual harassment suits by a former female deputy. U.S. District Judge Michael Schneider postponed Flanagan’s federal sentencing (he is facing 10 years for the police brutality against Mr. Wright) until the civil matter of restitution is resolved. Flanagan and Davidson concocted fraudulent police reports to cover their actions.

In neighboring Cherokee County, TX , the assaulting police officers would have been promoted and the fraudulent police statements held up as irrefutable proof by the district attorney’s office as in the case of Mr. John Brown of Alto, Texas. Officers with a history of excessive force are even endorsed to run in elections as Cherokee County Constables now that have proven their mettle in federal court. With a few minor drug busts under their belts and proving their willingness to violate the law can get some cushy jobs. Remember, the Trade Winds motel in Jacksonville, TX provides “anonymous” tips to Cherokee County deputies; not an illegal phone drop placed on a motel room. Tips are called “anonymous” by Cherokee County deputies when phone lines are illegally monitored.

Then again, they may be knocking down your door when an “anonymous tip” from the jailhouse leads to a 911 call being generated in a lightning storm. That’s called intelligence gathering; it’s “against the law” for Cherokee County sheriff deputies to “listen in” to private citizens phone calls, not inmates in the county jail. Therefore the sheriff’s office can have it both ways- deny they monitor jailhouse payphones and tell the FBI a jailbird gave them information.

Henderson County, TX:
Mayor Gene Bearden of Log Cabin, Texas (pop. 733) under investigation for personal use of an EXXON credit card. The case had been investigated by the Texas Rangers and handed over to the Henderson County district attorney.

 Gregg County, TX:
Correctional officers Johnny W. Adair and Michelle Parvin were arrested Monday December 17, 2008 for passing banned tobacco products to inmates in the Gregg County jailhouse. This comes after the arrest of fellow Gregg County jailer Chris Sanders one week earlier for delivery of contraband to prisoners. All three were terminated after taken in for questioning according to Sheriff Maxi Cerliano.

Tyler, TX:
Tyler police officer Scott Bradley resigned after a DWI charge on December 5, 2007. Apparently Officer Bradley had been out drinking that night with a visiting Los Angeles detective scheduled to testify in Smith County court. Officer Bradley was arrested at the scene after crashing his car into a telephone pole. He was later placed on administrative leave, and then subsequently quit his position. Bradley was a decorated cop and was recognized by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in May 2007 for his service breaking up a nationwide methamphetamine ring. Officer Scott Bradley was part of a federal drug task force operating in Tyler, Texas.
Had Officer Bradley been operating in Cherokee County, TX to the south, then he could have had a relative in the Rusk post office smash his blood sample on its way to the Austin DPS. His drunken melee’ would have never made the local papers either. In fact oodles of accolades would have spilt from the Cherokeean Herald pressroom.
No one would be the wiser….

Nacogdoches, TX:
Tnisha Steadman, correctional officer for the Nacogdoches County sheriff’s department was fired and arrested Tuesday January 8, 2008 for passing a cell phone to an inmate. Ms. Steadman’s posted her bond at $5000. Sheriff Thomas Kerss commented on having to arrest one of his staff members, “We don’t put ourselves above the law.”

Lufkin, TX:
Angelina County Sheriff candidate and Lufkin police officer Trent Burfine has posted on his campaign website autopsy pictures of a slain local teenage girl. Pictures he says proves the mishandling of the 2003-2005 murder case by Angelina County investigators. The graphic crime scene photographs have caused controversy in the sheriff race, however officer Trent Burfine was within the state’s open records laws when the murder case was closed.
Officer Burfine contends on his webpage Angelina County Sheriff Ken Henson potted a murder investigation of the slain teenager after autopsy reports indicated toxic levels of crystal meth present in her system. Even though her body had extensive bruising and no needles or other indications of an overdose (or suicide) was discovered. The photos show how sheriff investigators contaminated the crime scene. The Lufkin police department took up the murder investigation, resulting in multiple convictions in 2005. A murder Angelina County refused to even consider. This attitude is shared in neighboring Cherokee County, Texas when it comes to investigating the death of undesirables. Why spend the money?
It is unfortunate that Sheriff Henson decided it wasn’t in his 2003 budget to investigate the murder of Candice Alexander. Neighboring Cherokee County shares the same mentality as when 2 Jacksonville, TX women went missing prior to Larry Pugh’s federal trial. They collectively treat these women lower than roadside litter, and candidate Burfine should be commended for his exposure of this malfeasance. No murder investigation was needed up in Jacksonville, either. Of course no one up there ever challenges the established mindset or incumbents.

Case comparisons of the month-
State vs. Michael Frater (Smith Co. 2007) AND State vs. Michael Harris (Cherokee Co. 2005)

Tyler, TX:
On November 15, 2007, 47 year-old Tyler, TX resident
Michael Edward Frater went on trial for “threatening” his estranged wife Ethel Gibson Frater. Unlike the case State v. Michael Harris in Jacksonville, TX, the Smith County district attorney’s office filed a motion to revoke Frater’s bail on an unrelated probation violation after Frater allegedly made one threatening call to his estranged ex-wife. In the similar scenario a few years earlier in Cherokee County, Michael Harris was out on felony bond for arson and continued to threaten, harass and trespass onto his ex-wife’s property. Mr. Frater had his bail pulled immediately; Mr. Harris had his bail reset during multiple hearings at the Rusk, TX courthouse, while simultaneously being escorted to drug treatment at the Rusk State Hospital.

Michael Edward Frater

Mr. Frater’s bond was NOT set and reset and reset as Cherokee County did for Michael Harris; Mr. Frater was also not in custody or under State supervision. Frater had been paroled in 2006 from Tarrant County for a felony DWI and denied threatening his ex-wife.
Frater was put on trial by the Smith County district attorney for felony retaliation. Michael Frater was acquitted by a Smith County jury on November 16, 2007. Michael Harris continued his escalating domestic violence and murdered his ex-wife Faye Bell Harris of Jacksonville in 2003.

Michael Harris also accepted a plea bargin of life in prison and the family of the deceased was told Harris’ bonds just couldn’t be rescinded until Texas law was changed. Cherokee County blamed the 4th Amendment of the United States and the Texas constitution for deliberately resetting a drug informant’s bail, allowing Michael Harris out on the streets to eventually murder his former wife.



369th Judicial District Court bailiff convicted on METH charges in Cherokee County, Texas

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bailiff (n): A sworn peace officer and officer of the court that maintains order and security within the courtroom by assisting in the administration of court functions as directed by the judge and clerk.


To avoid confusion in the ongoing Nacro-drug trade of Cherokee County, Texas law enforcement, this US Department of Justice news release from January 2006 is posted here:
This is regard to Cherokee County Constable (Pct. 3) and acting court bailiff for the 369th Judicial District being arrested and convicted for intent to distribute methamphetamines. The headline should read “Officer of 369th Judicial District, Cherokee Co. TX, Sentenced to 10 Years for Intent to Distribute Drugs.”

Note to readers: this is not the Chester Kennedy (chief of police in Troup, TX) arrest, but the indictment of Cherokee County precinct 3 constable Randall Lee Thompson, 38 of Jacksonville, TX . The 60 year Troup police chief Chester Kennedy’s arraignment can be read at:
http://www.news8austin.com/content/top_stories/default.asp?ArID=156663 (AP) Chester Kennedy was found guilty on two counts in Nov. 2006 and sentenced a month later to 10 years. He was later “fired” by Troup, TX city council on a vote of “non confidence.” Kennedy was also taking drugs and money as bribes to cover up other crimes.

Troup, TX is on the border of Smith and Cherokee Counties.
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This posting is in regards to Constable Pct. 3 and 369th District Court bailiff Randall Thompson. Constable Thompson was busted by the feds for distributing meth, unbeknownst to the Cherokee County District Court and Sheriff’s Department. This Law Dog’s salary was paid for and approved by the Cherokee County Commissioners Court. Constable Thompson was further employed by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department, during his drug dealing stints, at the county Correction Facility, making ends meet as a jailer for TDCJ’s Hodges Unit in Rusk, TX. Thompson was facing 20 years in federal prison.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Of course in typical East Texas/Cherokee County fashion, the local media did not initially report that Constable “Randy” Thompson worked as a baliff for the Cherokee County District Courts found at URL:
The aforementioned article indicates (if you can find it) that Thompson was removed from his post by Judge Bascom Bentley III for not showing up for his baliff’s duties. Probably didn’t know that Thompson was sitting in a federal holding block on a million dollar bond …A drug dealing bailiff that represented the 369th Judicial District and coordinated case loads with the Cherokee County District courts.
Several former members of the now defunct Dogwood Trails Narcotic Task Force have passed through the halls of the Cherokee County courthouse. According to the Rusk, TX city council minutes from February 2006 there was an ongoing need for the “Burn (sic) Grants,” i.e. Byrne grant money to clean-up the methamphetamine labs in the county. Constable Randy Thompson (Precinct 3) was busily doing his part in the drug enforcement arena at the Cherokee County courthouse for years, before Judge Bascom Bentley III and a fictitious hearing “fired” him.
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The Jacksonville Daily Progress article dated January 11, 2006 is oblivious of the fact that the US DOJ had arrested Constable Thompson for drug dealing. The question is: how can that Thompson was “a no-show” for his bailiff assignment but salaried as a Hodge Unit jailer- missing his duties for over a month? For the trials and hearings he sat in on providing courtroom security?

We will post the outcome of the Randall Thompson federal appeals, if it is reported by the local media outlets. Latest posts from J’ville Daily Progress for March 6, 2006 was that Constable Thompson plead guilty to “possession/distribution of approximately 108 grams of pseudo-ephedrine, a component of methamphetamine.”
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No mention of the fact that Randall “Randy” Thompson was the assigned bailiff for District Judge Bascom Bentley III ‘s court.
NO more reporting can be found posted by local media on Cherokee County drug dealings. But a good picture and a sob story of underfunding in Precinct 3 ran in June 2005, featuring a healthy Randall Thompson pumping gas into a county vehicle, at his own expense:

 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thompson’s quote is that he ” spends at least $600 a month on gas. But he gets only $150 from the county. That forces him to take at least $450 out of his own pocket every month.”

READERS: Be sure to read the article at URL: http://www.jacksonvilleprogress.com/local/local_story_011111403.html
where Cherokee County officials try to cover for the “missing” bailiff / constable, without acknowledging in print, that in fact Constable/Bailiff Thompson was incarcerated by the feds.
Meth appears to be the drug of choice for East Texas law enforcement over the years. A March 28, 1991 article from the Cherokeean Herald shows a TDCJ Skyview correctional officer being arrested for conspiring to manufacture methamphetamines in his speed lab out in the Anderson County boondocks.
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Click pic for larger image.


Cherokee County has its private methamphetamine users (found at U.S. Attorney media release on February 17, 2007 ) who do pose a threat to society, like this guy storing explosives in his home in Jacksonville, TX,
Arrests of this nature are published as the shining example of Cherokee County law enforcement, hard at work with federal agencies, actually putting a dent in the East Texas drug trade, instead of scoffing at the law and arbitrarily enforcing it.

However, a constable such as Randall Thompson that makes drugs for distribution, but is obviously not a drug user or addict, is apparently trying to hook members of the local community.

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Child porn at Rusk ISD. Former Alto, TX coach busted for domestic violence. Death by Internet and Deputies. Escapee’s taped phonecalls lead to arrest of Nacogdoches jailer.

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This posting covers : FBI investigates Rusk, TX teachers on child porn charges, former Alto ISD head coach Lucky Gamble arrested on domestic dispute and local Internet forums turn political.
The family of retired Lufkin, TX detective Allen Wallace calls Cherokee County Sheriff Department for suicide intervention – Wallace is shot dead in family cemetery. Lastly, a Nacogdoches jailer helps inmates escape and is later arrested after the Sheriff Department confirms inmates’ recorded jailhouse pay phone calls. Neighboring Cherokee County Sheriff denied his deputies monitor jailhouse pay phones in a 1995 news article designed as a smokescreen. Complete with a fictitious concerned citizen.

For the 3rd time this year, another Cherokee County Texas schoolteacher is under FBI investigation on child pornography and indecency charges as reported by the online Rusk Cherokeean. The longtime Rusk High School teacher’s name is being withheld by the local paper. His name is Harold “Bo” Scallon, Rusk High School drama teacher.

The Tyler Paper online reports that the first out of the three, a 34 year-old Rusk geography teacher named Brian Basee pled guilty to an improper relationship between a “teacher and student.” A Cherokee County grand jury indicted Basee last March for indecency with a minor. He will receive 3 years incarceration according to the Jacksonville Progress.  Also according to the Cherokeean article, a 23 year-old youth minister from Jacksonville, TX that was sentenced to 4 years for having over 600 child porn pictures stored on his computer. This is not just a male teacher problem in Cherokee County, TX.

In 2005, Shelley Allen a 35 year-old Alto, TX teacher’s aide was arrested for indecency with a student and sexual assault.
Because she is a member of the Allen family of Alto and Rusk, TX, local reporting never made it past her arrest. She was out on $30,000 bond. Her story dropped off the map quicker than the beating of Alto, TX resident John Brown by Cherokee County law enforcement.

Former Alto, TX high school football coach Drennan “Lucky” Gamble was arrested twice last week for domestic violence and DWI. Waco and Killeen TX authorities formed a police barricade around Gamble’s home in Falls County, TX after police were alerted to a domestic dispute.
Coach Lucky Gamble was Alto ISD’s head coach and athletics director from 1993 to 2000.
He lead the Alto Yellowjackets to several high school football victories during his tenure. He is currently an assistant football coach at Chilton High School in Falls County (between Waco and Temple). Gamble had a previous assault charge after beating his first wife back in 2003.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
“Lucky” Gamble, Alto ISD athletic director 1993-2000

Cherokee County, TX perhaps a great place to raise a family, but definitely home school. To the north and towards civilization, Smith County Commissioners Court meetings are now posted on YouTube by County Judge Joel Baker. Some commissioners question the postings, in fear that internet users “can alter the broadcasts” or “edit” the recordings. At least the debate is for an open forum where the public can view the court meetings. Instead of behind closed doors in a private citizens’ and unelected people’s homes. The Cherokee County old bitty network is always in full propaganda mode, trying to distract the local population with on-going smear campaigns. However they are not as Internet savvy as the younger population who has access to this and other blogs. A lesson for those old worn out hags who do random postings ‘under the radar’ and ‘under the covers’ in local Internet forums. They could wind up like this guy: http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/09/17/internet.death.ap/index.html?eref=ib_technology

Again, the lesson is limit your internet access and time on the computer. Its called “Internet addiction.” You people will die of exhaustion trying to cover up the illegal activity going on in your hometown Cherokee County, Texas. The Bill of Rights or Freedom of Speech has always been under attack in backwoods East Texas. The latest tactic is to have the local internet political forums shut down entirely by posting profanity and slander of non-news related subjects, under the guise of anonymity.

Then they themselves cry foul and try to have the entire discussion board shut down. Local officials do not want any open forum where people can discuss Cherokee County, Texas corruption; they want to control the subject matter. Since they can’t control public opinion on the internet, they are attempting to have it terminated internally by posting personal attacks at random chatroom members. Very Nazi-esque.

Note to subscribers: if you come across postings that do not agree with the Internet etiquette requirements listed in the service agreement, then you have found your East Texan saboteur trying to shut the public site down completely. It is the Cherokee County old wives club given the charge of shutting these Free Speech sites down. For solidarity’s sake they often attack one another under pseudonyms to create diversions of the ongoing criminal activity in Cherokee County, Texas. Their weapon of choice is venomous vitriolic personal attacks to mask the stench of corruption. Don’t be fooled. A quick check of their ISP address will give them away. Try this free online service from Geobytes, Inc.: http://www.geobytes.com/IpLocator.htm

In more intelligent circles, the Tyler/Smith County League of Women Voters will be hosting a panel of judicial experts Tuesday September 25, 2007.
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The topic will be “The Texas Judiciary: Is Justice for Sale?” Specific examples should include Cherokee County’s district court employees backing of law enforcement guilty of rape, murder and drug dealing.

And for the unsullied and idealistic district court interns, fresh faced and out of law school : it will look better to have Church’s Chicken on your resume’ than Cherokee County.


The East Texas child porn epidemic:
Why the constant barrage of reports of child pornography coming from the Bible Belt in greater East Texas, eg. the Nacogdoches county jailers, Rusk school teachers, Rusk County deputies etc. ? This is highlighted in a Lufkin News article dated August 31, 2007 “Rusk County deputy pled guilty to having child porn.”

Henderson, TX cop Kenneth Martin, age 36, fired in April after a fellow officer found the images on Martin’s police cruiser computer. US District Judge Michael Schneider sentenced the former deputy to 78 months in federal prison on Tuesday September 18, 2007. Why is child porn the choice for so many East Texas law enforcement personnel? Is it a dangerous combination of boredom and the need to break the law?

Certainly the majority of these law enforcement officials and educators are not pedophiles. The answer: they are gathering a library of the most illegal thing they can find, including stockpiling illicit drugs in order to plant on and/or frame their colleagues when the time arises. Sexual blackmail has been the mainstay of Cherokee County politics for decades.  Some of the dumber ones are getting caught. They aren’t doing it for their own gratification—they are being instructed to. And sometimes they are probably successful in framing each other. Others collect the sordid images because they enjoy violating the law, plain and simple. The thrill of breaking the law is too tempting and easy to do for the caliber of people hired in law enforcement in these areas. The rest of them are child predators and rapists that need castration, chemical or otherwise. This criminal activity will continue in Cherokee County Texas because the established elected officials will continue theirs. Cherokee County police officers like Larry Pugh certainly saw his bosses illegally tape record suspect’s phone conversations and had the district court back him during his brutal actions during the Tomato Bowl riot of 2004. Even saw his bosses put a man on trial for “interfering” and “resisting” while Pugh kicked his teeth in. So he felt emboldened to go out and rape and dispose of his complainants.

Constable Randy Thompson saw innocent poor people get framed and their property seized, so he decided to crank up a meth lab to get more locals addicted. Chester Kennedy Police Chief of Troup, TX had the best of both worlds being on the dividing line of Cherokee and Smith County. He could steal evidence from both counties and never report it. Hell, the Dogwood Trails Narcotic Task Force got away with it for years.

If you can’t make a phone call to revoke the bail of a violent drug addict locked up in the Rusk State Hospital, a la’ Michael Harris in 2003, before he signs out and murders his wife, then there is no telling what you can get away with. Because the economy is so rotten in Cherokee County, a government job is one of the most coveted, and these good Christian souls will say and do anything to keep their mortgage payments. They will even resort to investing in child pornography, in order to extort each other. The Cherokeean front page article for Sept. 26, 2007 titled “TDCJ overtime boosts economy” tells the story why the economy is so poor for Cherokee County. The only viable source of income for the region is the Skyview and Hodges Unit and the article brags on the pittance (of less than $29,000 annually) a jailer makes. If correctional officers are the largest source of revenue for the area, it is easy to understand why these people resort to blackmail via drugs and pornography. The target is the majority of well intentioned law enforcement that uphold the letter of law and don’t deal in drugs. Other targets are unsuspecting citizens caught up in an irate and egomaniacal officer’s debauchery or boredom. The usual suspects are the ones who seek out the most attention with the most mundane and mediocre “drug busts” or acts of unsubstantiated heroism. With so much time on their hands, making barely enough salary to feed themselves, they begin delving into criminal acts to ease their boredom and frustration, i.e. tapping phones, child porn, doing drugs, cheating on their spouses, etc. etc.

Or in the case of Jacksonville, TX patrolman Larry Pugh, they resort to targeting and raping defenseless women to sate their small town power trips.

Footnote: Larry Pugh pled guilty to falsifying his guilty plea, tacking on a few more years to his 12 federal years for rape and retaliation.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
federal prisoner and ex-Jacksonville, TX police officer Larry Pugh

Even though local media outlets do not immediately report the overtly corrupt behavior of the Cherokee County criminal justice system, some other not so distant newspapers will.
For instance, the report of local retired Lufkin detective Allen Lee “Stinger” Wallace, age 50, being gunned down in a “suicide”[sic] “altercation.” Wallace was shot in the head Monday September 17, 2007 over his mother grave in a cemetery on CR 2218 outside Rusk, TX. Cherokee County sheriff deputies were called to the secluded graveyard, the article begins:

Wallace drew his weapon at the cemetery, and according to Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell, shots were fired. Allen Wallace, a 23 year veteran of the Lufkin Police Department was killed at the scene by Campbell’s deputies. Sheriff Campbell comments he doesn’t know “who fired first,” and has called the Texas Rangers to “investigate.” Cherokee County doesn’t know “who fired first” but they do know the retired ex-detective was “suicidal.”
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Maybe the gentleman was just having an emotion visit to his family’s cemetery plots. Nonetheless, this article didn’t make it to local Cherokee County media outlets the day it occurred, even though it happened on their doorsteps. If it looks bad, then don’t print it.

The Lukin Daily News reported the killing on September 18, 2007:
This article mistakenly repeats the nonsense of issuing an “autopsy” on Wallace to determine “who fired first.” That would be an issue for forensics to solve during the inquest; nonexistent forensics and no witnesses.With talking points freshly honed for public consumption, the Daily Progress reports on the shooting in their September 19, 2007 issue —minus the proper day the incident took place. The article begins the Sheriff Department’s “welfare concern” [sic] “began at approximately 1:50 PM…” Forget the fact the killing took place on Monday Sept. 17, not Wed Sept. 19. Apparently there are no courses in suicide prevention offered to Cherokee County, Texas recruits. The Cherokeean Herald online reports the failed intervention after the Wallace family supposedly called Cherokee County in fear Allen Wallace was going to kill himself.

Local Cherokee County media outlets never mentioned another police brutality claim that occurred in October 2006, the alleged excessive force of former Cherokee County Deputy Keith Gayle. Deputy Gayle arrested Kevin Yates in November 2004 for public intoxication and resisting arrest; Yates claimed he was roughed up unneccessarily during the domestic dispute call. Yates filed a civil rights lawsuit that was heard in Tyler’s US Magistrate district, naming Cherokee County, Deputy Gayle and Deputy Sargeant Jamie Beene as co-Defendants.
Mr. Yates lost his federal suit of $200,000 in damages and is serving a 3 year prison term on a failure to appear sentence before Cherokee County’s charges for the dispute incident were dismissed. Deputy Sgt. J. Beene had been a co-Defendant in the recent beating of Alto, TX resident John Brown, and too won his excessive force civil trial after a brutality “investigation”
by the Texas Rangers.

NACOGDOCHES, TX- Nacogdoches County, Texas correctional officer Hector Navejar, 24 was arrested Wednesday September 26, 2007 for helping 3 Hispanic inmates escape via an unlocked and/or malfunction door back in July. The escaping trio had led authorities on an extensive manhunt and to date 2 of the escapees have been caught leading to the arrest of 3 others in San Antonio who facilated their run from the law. One of the escapee’s sister, Laquisha Monque Tyler, 18, of Alto, TX was picked up by Cherokee County deputies for her part in helping her brother Marcuese avoid authorities.
“Authorities believe that Tyler provided her brother with transportation from Nacogdoches to Alto the morning of the escape and concealed his location from law enforcement officials.”
Efforts to locate her brother Marcuese Tyler had been ongoing throughout the state. Tyler may have escaped 9 hours earlier than authorities originally believed, traveled to Alto then Jacksonville, TX, and may be in the DFW area. Marcuese Tyler was a 2002 Alto High School graduate. He was apprehended in Houston County.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Correctional Officer for the Nacogdoches County jail, Mr. Hector Navejar age 24 now faces 2nd degree felony charges and has been arraigned.

The case of the escapees is non-eventful other than the fact it sheds the light on a common Texas practice of recording all inmates calls from the pay phones in the jail. A practice Cherokee County officials deny tooth and nail, because their phone tapping goes beyond the jailhouse and out into the city streets and rural backroads. Cherokee County has also denied that it records incoming 911 calls established by DETCOG in the 1990’s. A lie that has been repeated for decades, even in local newspapers.

The Nacogdoches jailer was caught because the inmates used the jailhouse phone to call Navejar and promised him illegal drugs for his cooperation in their escape. According to Officer Navejar’s arrest affidavit located at:
“Jail phone recordings implicate the defendant [jailer Hector Navejar] by name and phone number. Jail phone conversation indicated the defendant was being paid off with illegal drugs. The cell phone mentioned in the call was confirmed by employee records.”

Apparently the Nacogdoches Sheriff Department has no problem admitting it intercepts and records phone calls in the Nacogdoches County Jail.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
click above pic for larger view

Page 1 of defendant Hector Navejar’s arrest affivadivt :
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Now that’s reporting the news accurately. It may look bad to Nacogdoches County, but the sheriff is openly trying to solve the problems in the jailhouse. He isn’t covering them up with lies, misdirection and fictitious “concerned citizens.” The bad apples are weeded out instead of promoted.

Cherokee County’s Sheriff James Campbell in a 1995 Cherokeean article, stated “The law prohibits my deputies to listen in (on phone conversations)” on the jailhouse pay phone. Even if one is allegedly making harassing collect calls out their cell blocks. But in 2007 it’s OK for the Nacogdoches County jail to record the inmates’ conversations?

Cherokee County’s version:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
From the Rusk, TX Cherokeean June 1, 1995 p. 1

Click above picture for full story.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Did Joe Evans, the former Nacogdoches County sheriff and current Cherokee County District Attorney’s Investigator monitor the jailhouse pay phones under his tenure in Nacogdoches, Texas? You bet. But the neighboring Cherokee County sheriff and his deputies would not listen in on anybody’s personal or business calls, even his own inmate’s they’re charged with monitoring? Must be that dang ol’ Patriot Act, retroactively. Apparently East Texas Sheriff Departments do listen in and record all incoming and outgoing calls from their jails. Why the misdirection in Cherokee County, Texas?

Is it supposed to be a secret that phone calls between defendants in Cherokee County jail and their respective attorney/client conference calls are recorded? Then sent over to the District Attorney’s office for further scrutiny? Countless county jails around the country admit to recording inmates phone calls and use the calls to prosecute contraband traffickers. Cherokee County Texas’ private conversation recording obviously goes beyond the jailhouse and out into the neighborhood. And they get a kick out of publishing fictitious “concerned citizen” stories when they are smoke screening the illegal activity of their law enforcement.

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Now let’s look retrospectively at more recent ARTICLES OF DIS-INFORMATION:

from the Jacksonville Daily Progress January 6, 2006, regarding the “resignation” of Cherokee County Constable and bailiff Randall Thompson during his Federal indictment for selling meth to an undercover US agent. Ostensibly Thompson was feeling the pressure to resign for not showing up to work for over a month – he was sitting in a federal holding block not able to make his bail. The misdirection is that bailiff Randall Thompson was not participating in his district court duties prior to his indictment. Thompson was an officer of the 369th District court, though several accounts contend he did not serve as bailiff since June 23, 2005

http://www.jacksonvilleprogress.com/archivesearch/local_story_007151417.html (article dated January 7, 2006).
369th District Court documents tell another story; Thompson was an active participant in courthouse security and coordination. He disappeared for 6 weeks after being arrested by the Dept. of Justice. Another misleading article dated January 11, 2007 again states Thompson was shirking his constable and bailiff duties http://www.jacksonvilleprogress.com/archivesearch/local_story_011111403.html
It is unlikely the Cherokee County district court was unaware of Randall Thompson’s incarceration and indictment from the US DOJ press release dated January 12, 2006: http://www.usdoj.gov/usao/txe/news_release/news/thompson_moore.pdf

It appears ignorance was being feigned about Thompson’s whereabouts AND the fact that he was an active participant in 369th District Court activities and only abandoned his duties after his arrest. Thompson was sentenced to 10 years federal prison for possession and distribution of a controlled substance. His initial arrest was not reported by Cherokee County media outlets.

The fact is Randall Thompson was not a drug addict. Thompson job was to make crystal meth for sale and distribution by Cherokee County law enforcement in order to inflate the county’s drug arrest rate.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

A’ la the now defunct Dogwood Narcotics Trail Psuedo- Task Force in Palestine, TX, also part of the 369th District Court. This in turn would guarantee more federal funding to Cherokee County, TX. Last year’s articles were designed to make the public believe that Constable Thompson was not working for the district court since June of 2005.

More recently, the East Texas media has tried to put a pretty bow on and close the door on the Larry Pugh rape and retaliation case. They are aware that several of Pugh’s federal witnesses have disappeared and one key witnesses’ decomposed body was discovered in the Angelina Forest after ex-officer Pugh’s 12 year sentencing. Even the Tyler Paper paints a unsympathetic picture of Pugh’s rape victims as homeless drug addicts, wandering the alleyways and cemeteries of Jacksonville, TX.  http://www.tylerpaper.com/article/20070910/NEWS01/709090330

The article goes on to cite the investigation of Pugh by the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office, but never asks “Why wasn’t Larry Pugh arrested by Cherokee County?” if all these allegations Joe Evans states he investigated were pouring in? Joe Evans states he checked into 30 other complaints in the county. Then he decided to contact the FBI when he had a grand epiphany?

No sir, Larry Pugh’s last victim -the recipient of a $300,000 settlement against Larry Pugh (in care of the city of Jacksonville, TX), she is the one who contacted the FBI after her complaints fell on deaf ears. After it all, Cherokee County District Attorney Elmer Beckworth gathered his 12 loyal grand jurors, indicted Pugh and offered him 12 years concurrent state time for screwing an “inmate.” No mention or investigation required for the multiple late night traffic stops and sexual assaults Larry Pugh conducted for Cherokee County’s ‘Driving While Female ‘ crackdown. After Larry Pugh was indicted and sentenced, then Pugh’s drug arrests were dismissed. Cherokee County continued to prosecute Larry Pugh’s arrests during the time he was out on federal bond and continuing to stalk his complainants.

And of course the Jacksonville and Rusk newspaper would never divulge the county resident’s name: Evelyn Lewis. Because of female resident Cherokee County woman with a home, a job and a stable household might impact decortated patrolman Larry Pugh’s reputation. As Elmer Beckworth later told the Tyler Paper “the possibility of planting drugs was higher (with Pugh) than any other officer, ” he said.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

To win the trust of the Cherokee County, Texas taxpayer, they are to believe that a Constable did not show up for work for months for his bailiff duties and was terminated the day before he was indicted on federal drug charges. Of course Constable Randy Thompson still got his paycheck for the Rusk, TX Skyview Unit where he also worked as a correctional officer; he had a perfect attendance record up at Skyview. But he never coordinated any case loads in the 369th District Court;no absolutely not…he was nowhere to be found?

Meanwhile, Jacksonville, TX police officer Larry Pugh was pulling women over and raping them on the side of the road. Women whose complaints were not followed up on after reporting them to the local Rape Crisis Center and district attorney’s office. Not until the FBI got involved and made them ‘investigate’ Larry Pugh. But these women were just homeless drug addicts that wandered off into the Angelina Forest and never were seen again, according to local newspapers.

And that is going to win your trust back?

Jacksonville, Texas police officer sentenced to 12 years for RAPE and RETALIATION; Victim put on trial by County Attorney, Other Awarded $300,000

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Jacksonville, Texas, the economic center and largest city in Cherokee County, faces several lawsuits from the actions of convicted rapist and former police officer Larry Pugh. Not only did the rogue officer sexually assault several of his traffic stops during the course of working for the city of Jacksonville, he beat and tasered a black gentleman and his pregnant wife during the 2004 “Tomato Bowl Brawl.” Pugh was recently sentenced to 12 years in federal prison for sexual assault while in uniform and retaliating against a witness after the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department alerted him to the federal complaints. Despite nine (9) of his alleged rapes being ignored by the city of Jacksonville, Texas and the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department, the city will not be held liable by Pugh’s last victim who barely survived being attacked a second time by the predator cop.

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Decorated patrol officer Larry Pugh, Cherokee County
(Jacksonville, TX exemplary policeman; months later convicted rapist and linked to missing Athens, TX woman’s corpse.)

The retaliation charge comes from Officer Pugh being notified about his last victim’s plea to the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office. DA Investigator Joe Evans comments at Pugh’s civil trial that the rogue officer was “one of the coldest interviewees in Evans’ 40 years of law enforcement.” Articles suggest Pugh had over 30 women throughout East Texas file RAPE charges against him; the first investigation began with the Department of Justice. No investigation required by Cherokee County; the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office waited for Larry Pugh until his federal indictment a la’ Bailiff Randall Thompson (sentenced to 10 + years for making meth for distribution).

According to the May 24, 2007 issue of the Jacksonville Daily Progress, U.S. District Judge Michael Schneider saved the city by blocking a civil suit brought by Pugh’s last victim (a total of 8 women claimed rape in the lawsuit). The case against the City of Jacksonville and the chief of police was stopped by Summary Judgment. Investigator Joe Evans began to “interview” the other 8 victims (Evans later testified he interviewed over 30 of Pugh’s victims). And victim statements were created after Larry Pugh’s racially motivated beating of Mr. Larry Hinton of Jacksonville and Hinton was exonerated after being put on trial by Joe Evan’s bosses in the Cherokee County court. Despite Pugh’s federal indictments, Cherokee County brought charges and tried one of Pugh’s victims.

The Tyler Morning Telegraph reports on June 20, 2007 that Officer Larry Pugh had  been linked to the skeletal remains of a missing Athens, TX woman who moved to Cherokee County and disappeared in May 2006. The article cites that another missing woman that encountered Pugh has yet to be found.

 Nacogdoches, TX:
The Daily Sentinel
confirms that remains found in the Angelina National Forest are in fact those of one of Jacksonville Texas patrolman Larry Pugh’s victims who was slated to testify against the rapist Cherokee County officer, while Pugh was out on federal bond (pending his federal rape and retaliation trial). No reports on the woman’s remains by local Rusk or Jacksonville, TX newspaper or media outlets. Last year, the new Jacksonville, TX police chief Daniel Reese defended Larry Pugh to the Jacksonville Daily Progress, saying the victims that “disappeared under suspicious circumstances” was “speculation” on the part of out of region media. The fact is Larry Pugh probably did not act alone in his disposal of federal witnesses.
Additional civil suits are still pending against the city, however due to former Jacksonville police officer Larry Pugh’s illegal activities. You have to do intricate internet research to find out a federal trial actually took place in the federal courts and that the jury voted in favor of the victim in U.S. District Judge Schneider’s trial. The jury would have also voted to hold the city of Jacksonville, Texas and Cherokee County liable had the judge allowed it. The Wednesday June 13, 2007 issue of the Tyler News reports that former JPD officer Larry Pugh’s last rape victim was awarded $300,000 in punitive damages. Hard to collect from a convicted ex-officer.  Cherokee County District Attorney Investigator Joe Evans testified at the federal trial about “investigating” Officer Pugh’s other rape victims. Obviously the Rusk, TX Cherokeean Herald will not mention the victim’s victory in court in the June 13, 2007 issue keeping the simple norm of NOT reporting anything negative about the Cherokee County District Attorney office’s failure to render aid to victims of violent crime.

Despite Pugh’s past, he was employed by the city of Jacksonville, TX as a peace officer. Despite over 35 complaints of sexual assault throughout Pugh’s law enforcement career, Cherokee County law enforcement produced DA Investigator Joe Evans at Pugh’s sentencing. Officer Pugh was said to had used the Freedom of Information Act to locate the majority of his complainants, several he had arrested on drug charges in the past after he raped them. Evans testified that he had “interviewed” the majority of Pugh’s victims, however it took the federal government to actually stop Pugh’s apetitite for destruction. Remember, Cherokee County does not arrest its own officers for anything; Pugh was therefore assisted by local law enforcement in locating those who had filed police reports or visited the Rape Crisis Center in Jacksonville, Texas.
 Larry Pugh would not have been also been charged with RETALIATION had he not been personally informed about the multiple victims’ complaints to the Jacksonville Texas police department and the FBI. Pugh’s police brutality sanctioned by Cherokee County, Texas does not just include raping homeless drug addicts living on the streets; those are easy prey. Pugh focused his attention on less prominent black residents in the community, where he could start a violent incident at random when finding his victims in a public place, knowing the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department would back his every move.

 The “Tomato Bowl Brawl” was a race riot that occurred at the Jacksonville, TX high school football stadium and homecoming in Octomber 2004. What began as juvenille rough housing, turned into a full blown race riot, complete with tasers, pepper spray and billy clubs. Fellow officer Larry Pugh beat several black attendees in the parking lot. A gentleman named Larry Hinton escorted his pregnant wife to their car, when the fighting broke out. He was by attacked and tasered by JPD Officer Pugh, his front teeth knocked out and his pregnant wife maced. Mr. Hinton was later charged with “interfering” with a police round-up. Mr. Hinton was actually put on trial by the Cherokee County attorney Craig Caldwell. Mr. Hinton and others filed a federal lawsuit and excessive force suits against the city of Jacksonville. Jacksonville recently “settled” the lawsuits pending from Larry Pugh’s actions during the Tomato Bowl Brawl, after the exoneration of Mr. Hinton and other black citizens filed class action police brutality suits. The Cherokee County media reported on Larry Hinton’s “public misconduct” trial after concerned citizens took to the Rusk, TX courthouse steps in protest. During the same time Cherokee County District Attorney’s office was “interviewing the 25-30 witnesses, including women who claimed they had been raped by Pugh and people they had told, including ministers and police officers, which substantiated their claims.”

The bogus Larry Hinton criminal trial took place AFTER Officer Larry Pugh was arrested and incarcerated for sexual assaulting women while in uniform. Mr. Hinton was later acquitted, as was a 13 year old girl, the center of the altercation. Cherokee County officers had “arrested” and kicked the junior high girl, when fellow citizens jumped into the fray created by Cherokee County officers. Mr. Hinton had simply refused Officer Pugh’s request that he lay down while his front teeth got kicked out. Hinton’s wife was punched and knocked down during the melee. Supporters for Mr. Larry Hinton took to the steps of the Cherokee County courthouse to demonstrate the community’s zero tolerance for police brutality.
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Cherokee County Attorney Craig Caldwell, who tried Larry Hinton, stated to the media that the Jacksonville Police Department “got control of the situation” and “they did a good job for the city that night.” Caldwell’s statements come after Hinton’s acquittal and officer Pugh’s federal indictments for rape.

Craig Caldwell’s statements come after Mr. Hinton’s testimony on how his jaw was broken that night in October 2004.

These statements on what a “good job” the Cherokee County peace officers did that night inciting a race riot. A riot the taxpayers of the city Jacksonville, Texas will be paying for years to come. Very little mention of the fact that Officer Larry Pugh pleaded guilty to one count of retaliation and two counts of civil rights violations in the local media. Those following the case will have to go to the Department of Justice’s website and press releases to find out that Larry Pugh was sentenced to 12 years confinement in federal prison. The case was prosecuted by the US Attorney’s office. One complaint by a white woman whom Pugh threatened to kill after having forced sex with her, apparently got the attention of the US Attorney’s office; several excessive force complaints were ignored, including his actions during the October 2004 homecoming beatings.

The good news is that city of Jacksonville, TX and the family of Larry Hinton “settled” the civil rights class action suit for an undisclosed amount and Larry Pugh is settling in good at the federal prison where he can continue to “do a good job” for Cherokee County. And Pugh’s last rape victim, though unable to collect a settlement from a convicted rapist, was awarded $300,000 for pain and suffering. After being raped and then almost murdered after Pugh was notified and totally cognizant about her complaints to the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office. Pugh actually testified that the rape victim “had a bad reputation.”As a footnote, the Palestine Herald-Press almost gets to reporting about Larry Pugh’s federal civil rights violations in neighboring Cherokee County and indictment in 2006.

The Tyler News also reports that entire incident from both the victim’s perspective and Larry Pugh’s arrogant denial of the charges. He states he took the federal plea to spend 12 years in prison “to protect” his family, while denying the fact that other federal witnesses (including Cherokee County DA investigator Joe Evans) testified about being raped.
Read at URL: http://www.tylerpaper.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2007706130312
The Jacksonville Daily Progress was recently awarded three (3) AMPE prizes for its coverage of rogue elements within the Jacksonville  Texas Police Department.
Good going Daily Progress, the light is beginning to shine.
The National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH) has established a hotline and a secure website for victims of teen dating violence, for situations like those ongoing in Cherokee County. The Helpline is available 24 hrs at 1-866-331-9474 (TTY 866-331-8453) and at http://www.loveisrespect.org/

It took the US Attorney’s office and the FBI to stop Jacksonville, Texas police officer Larry Pugh for continuing his sexual assaults on women driving through Cherokee County. According to the National Census of Domestic Violence Services (NCDVS) Survey show the counties of Anderson and Cherokee have miserable ratings based on the number of victims’ service requests.

 As a footnote, The Jacksonville Daily Progress reports in its May 24, 2007 issue that
Larry Pugh’s rape victim cannot proceed with her federal civil suit against the city of Jacksonville, TX.

Veteran Troup, TX Police Chief sentenced to 10 years

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Troup, Texas:

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60 year old Chester Kennedy, police chief of Troup, TX has been sentenced to 10 years prison time for stealing a gun and evidence tampering. Sgt. Samuel “Mark” Turner was sentenced to 3 years in prison for helping himself to seized marijuana in the evidence locker.
In an article running in the Seattle Times, the Smith County prosecutor states:
“In rural East Texas, methamphetamine labs can operate unnoticed. Misdemeanor drug charges in Smith County, about 100 miles southeast of Dallas, are as common as drunken-driving arrests, District Attorney Matt Bingham said. But in the past six years, the Troup police force sent just 11 drug cases to the district attorney’s office.”
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According to the AP wire on the December 2006 conviction, the Troup police department “commonly accepted money and drugs as bribes.” Troup has sent only 2 drug evidence samples to the Texas DPS crime lab since the year 2000!

Chester Kennedy had been acquitted in 1993 for indecency with a child charges in neighboring Wood County, while working as a Wood County Sheriff”s deputy, according to the Denton Record-Chronicle. The same article cites the time Chief Kennedy’s son violated parole, went into hiding and was caught at Kennedy’s home.

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Footnote: the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department patrols the city of Troup.
Don’t let the cover up continue by local media sound bites that CCSD “now” after the Kennedy conviction “now CCSD patrols the southern part of Troup.” Chester Kennedy’s jurisdiction included Cherokee County.

Smith and Rusk Counties have attempted to clean up their law enforcement, with the help of local media outlets actually willing to report the FACTS.
Rusk County’s Sheriff Department personnel have had ongoing sexual harassment problems with its female staff. The latest has resulted in a federal lawsuit. It takes a Longview attorney to hold a press conference and “break the silence” of the
civil rights violations happening in the Rusk County jail. Similarly, the police chief of Tatum, TX was fired after 9 years of on the job, by a city council vote of no-confidence.

Cherokee County would have reacted to the previous situations with blatantly false media reports and press releases from the Sheriff’s Department to distract attention away from the sexual harassment. Perhaps a fictitious character would emerge to praise a rapist cop or drug dealing constable—but when they’re caught tell the media that they hadn’t shown up for duty in over a year, a la’ Larry Pugh and Randall Thompson. Great stuff ain’t it?

Cherokee County Texas Deputy beats handcuffed black man; Cleared of excessive force

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Cherokee County’s
Sheriff Department had another lawsuit in their midst
for one of their officers breaking the ankle of former Alto high school football player John Brown.
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Brown lives in the small town of Alto, and unfortunately was born black in East Texas.
With nothing better to do on a quiet Spring night in the piney woods, Officer Jamie Beene spotlighted the property of John Brown’s grandfather, ostenstibly viewing an ongoing drug deal on the side of the road.

Even Sheriff James Campbell stands by his deputy’s strange story, that John Brown was evading arrest, even though he was knocked down, handcuffed and bound, then his ankle shattered (requiring 3 plates and 16 pins).
Cherokee County’s rising star Officer James Q. “Jamie” Beene, then patrolling the pocket change drug dealers in a rural area south of Alto, TX called the “Dope Tree.” No mention of the fact that officer Beene was trespasing on private property. I guess the drug dealers went inside for a snack. Cherokee County District Attorney Elmer Beckworth offered to charge John Brown with something, like interfering with an “official investigation” according to the aforementioned news article. Sheriff Campbell repeated the story that Brown somehow “attacked” his deputy, even though Brown was hogtied at gunpoint. Elmer Beckworth offers no comment, and no real investigation, a’ la his handling of Jennifer Hester being run down in her apartment complex.

Officer Jamie Beene traveled out of his jurisdiction to the home of John Brown about 2 km south of Alto, TX. After seeing trespassers on his property in the middle of the night, John Brown goes out to check on his dogs. He was then jumped, handcuffed and beaten by officer Jamie Beene, along with members of Alto P.D. about 2 km out of Alto, TX jurisdiction, according to the news articles. John Brown’s ankle was broken in the process. Why? What was the motive for this obvious racially motivated attack? Was it that his adjudicated probation was winding down?

Officer Jamie Beene has since been promoted to Deputy Sargeant, in Cherokee County Sheriff’s so-called Narcotics Division. As of June 11, 2007 James Q. Beene is a Reserve Cherokee County Deputy by Commissioner Court approval. The Texas Rangers were called to “investigate” the beating of John Brown.
Instead of a reprimand, Officer Beene can pursue a fine career in Cherokee County. Officer Beene and the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department are facing civil rights violation suits filed in Marshall, TX by the Brown family (at the time of writing). Local Cherokee County media refuses to publish the contents of the suit. Instead the Jacksonville Daily Progress promoted the narco-wonder cops by publishing the seizure of 4 “blunts” and 1 oz. of marijuana. Still waiting to be impressed? They also have the glorious pastime of monitoring the dank rooms at the Trade Winds Motel in Jacksonville, TX.

The brutal beating of John Brown by Alto P.D. was also reported by The BrownWatch: News for people of color. Ice Cube gets his fact skewed in this expose but the gist is the same. Beat a black guy up, break his legs while he’s hogtied, then charge him for evading arrest. That is the heart and soul of Cherokee County, read it for yourselves.


As a footnote, the Tyler Paper reports on March 29, 2007 that Sgt. Beene has been cleared of the brutality claims.

Read the article carefully:
“(Sgt.) Beene was on the property searching for a suspect unrelated to their case and arrested (John) Brown on a charge of interfering with a police investigation. During the arrest, Brown said, his ankle was broken and he was beaten. Several witnesses’ statements matched Brown’s.”
Same article Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell says:
Officer “Beene was at a high drug trafficking area enforcing the law when Mr. Brown came onto the scene and interfered with his (Sgt. Beene’s) job…”

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So, according to the federal jury in Marshall, TX and Sheriff James Campbell, if get your ankle broke after being hogtied, because you have the audacity to confront a trespassing Cherokee County deputy, you deserve it. And the best thing to do is stay in your house like a frightened country Negro when you see the spotlights going across your property. Especially if you are black and you own property near a suspected drug drop. And expect to have every single phone call to and from your house to be tape recorded illegally forever.


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